Jill Rhodes Wiki: Facts about the wife of Sean Hannity


Born in Alabama in 1962, Jill Rhodes was always active in school and in the community. She later attended Alabama University and earned her degree in journalism. She went on to establish a career for herself as a reporter. She also landed herself a job at Fox News. But she gave all that up and has focused on supporting her husband Sean Hannity’s career. They work together to establish his image and brand as a TV personality. Sean, for his part, has always attributed his success to the loving support of Jill.

Jill and Sean started working together in 1991. Because Jill worked as a journalist that time, she fed Sean Hannity, then a political commentator for the conservatives, story ideas for his talk show. After working together for a year, they had their first face-to-face meeting. They started dating soon after. One thing led to another, and after a year, they tied the knot. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Jill and Sean have been married for several years and have two children. They all live in New York City, close to Sean’s work. Sean has his own TV show at Fox News called The Hannity Show. Jill is also onboard as his editor.

In terms of his career, Sean is known as a staunch Trump supporter. He fully supports Trump’s politics and decisions. He also stands behind Roy Moore despite the sexual harassment issue he is embroiled in. He argues that he is innocent until proven guilty. He has also expressed his views on sexual harassment publicly in view of recent issues surrounding entertainers and politicians’ involvement in such.

Sean has established his career as a conservative political commentator. Born and raised in New York to Irish parents, he went to New York University to get his degree. But the lure of pursuing a career in journalism early made him abandon his studies. He landed a temporary job as a radio talk show host. When it ended, he made an advertisement to get his next gig. It was fruitful as he got himself a job WVNN as a radio talk show host. He eventually got his break in 1996 when he scored a permanent job with Fox News. In 2001, he was given his own syndicated TV talk show, The Sean Hannity Show. Nothing could stop his star from rising as he proceeded to land several book deals. Jill and Sean have a combined net worth of USD 55 million.

Jill and Sean call New York City their home. Their NYC home has a net worth of USD 3.8 million. Plus, they keep a family vacation house in Naples, Florida.

Here are some fast facts about Jill Rhodes:
Jill is actually quite secretive about their personal life and rarely shares anything that happens in her family. She does share some family pictures on social media though.
Jill and Sean cannot wait for their children to graduate high school and move out of New York City.
Jill is a supporter of Michelle Bachmann.
Bill dedicated his first book to Jill.
Jill and Sean go to Haiti and the Dominican Republic to do charity work.

To partner with a man like Sean Hannity, one must be a strong, independent woman. Such is Jill Rhodes. She is confident, has strong convictions, and a mind of her own. As Sean seeks more public support, the spotlight will sway towards Jill, how she is the wind beneath his wings. They are a great example of strong individuals coming together and making it work.

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