The CBD Oil Hype: These celebs love it


Whatever celebrities do, the media and the public pick up and become totally engrossed in them. One of them is the use of CBD oil, like the products made available at cibdol.com. Though there is still a lot of debate going on about CBD oil, these celebrities use it and swear by it. Know why these celebs take products like Cibdol. 


Michael J. Fox 

Popular TV and movie actor Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 29. He is now in semi-retirement because of this disease. He founded the Michael J. Fox Foundation in 2000, which funds Parkinson’s drug and research development. It has looked into studies regarding the use of CBD oil for Parkinson’s, of which Fox has been using to manage and treat the debilitating effects of the disease. 


Morgan Freeman 

Academy award-winner Morgan Freeman figured in a horrific vehicular accident in 2008 that required extensive surgery on his left shoulder, arm, and elbow. In 2012, Freeman shared that he suffered from fibromyalgia. It led him to try out CBD oil to manage the pain and he swears by its efficacy. He has said that “the only thing that offers relief is marijuana.” 


Kristen Bell 

Actress-director-singer Kristen Bell has made a name for herself for her work on TV, movies, and theater. In 2016, she publicly announced her bout with anxiety and depression and that she is receiving treatment for it. She also suffers from severe back pain. Part of her treatment regimen is the use of CBD oil. Coupled with snacking on carbs, CBD oil has worked wonders in managing her anxiety attacks. 


Whoopi Goldberg 

Comedienne extraordinaire Whoopi Goldberg has long suffered from menstrual cramps. And she had long discovered how marijuana alleviates her symptoms. Goldberg is such an advocate of it that she founded Whoopi and Maya, a company that sells CBD oil to alleviate symptoms of menstrual cramps. Goldberg said of Whoopi and Maya, ”Our goal was to make you feel better, not get you high. There are plenty of products out there that will get you high, but we want to make sure you are feeling OK.” 


Alessandra Ambrosio 

Supermodel Alessandro Ambrosio is quite well known as a Victoria Secret Angel. In many interviews, she has shared the preparation, the work, and the stress she goes through before a fashion show. One of the biggest health issues for her is battling insomnia. As a treatment, she uses CBD oil to help her sleep and soothe her tired muscles. 

Jennifer Aniston 

Award-winning actress Jennifer Aniston confessed that she is not immune to the effects of pain, stress, and anxiety. Especially now as a golden girl, she is more susceptible to the physical pain they bring. To help her, she uses CBD oil. She says, “CBD helps with the pain, stress, and anxiety. It has all the benefits of marijuana without the high.” She is not one to deny the positive physical, as well as mental effects of CBD products. 

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