5x essentials for your first apartment


Congratulations! You’ve found your very first apartment. Whether you’ll be living alone, with roommates or with a romantic partner: you’ll of course need to decorate the place. But what are the furniture essentials for your first home? And where can you buy these for a good price? Here we’ll tell you all about it! Of course it depends on the size of the apartment and how many rooms you have, but take the tips that apply to your situation and make the best of it!

Dining area

Every house needs a place to eat at, whether it’s a dinner table with eight chairs or a small breakfast bar attached to the kitchen. When looking for places to buy dining sets, try to visit both more expensive and cheaper stores, to see what the stores are offering. Places like Pinterest and Instagram can also be used to look for inspiration on how to decorate your place and maximize the available space. There are dining sets available for every possible space, in every size, colour and material. You can choose for a round table to take in less space, or a rectangular table when you need space for more than four people. A bar against the kitchen or the wall is a good idea for when you have little space available.

Lounge area

The lounge area is a very important part of your home. It’s a place to relax, watch TV, have a cup of tea or a glass of wine and snuggle up under a blanket when it’s cold. A comfortable couch and a coffee table are the most important pieces of furniture in this space. Nowadays, a glass coffee table is very trendy. You can find these at many different stores, especially vintage- and thrift stores can store some real gems! So definitely check those out.


In the bedroom, basically all you really need is a bed. Of course it depends on the space you have, but you can add some nightstands on both sides of your bed for some extra storage space. Your bedroom can also act as an office or study-space when you add a desk.


The bathroom is the place where you take showers and baths, do your hair and makeup and use the restroom. You’ll need some space you store your towels, beauty products and soaps and laundry products, so an extra cupboard could be useful. You can buy a cupboard with drawers or a rack cabinet with baskets in it. This way you can put away all your items in a neat way, and make your bathroom a calm and cozy space.


The hallway is the first room people see when they come into your house. Make sure you have a place to hang your coats and put your shoes, so that the living areas won’t get messy. Now that the winter is coming, the temperatures are dropping and the thick wool coats can be taken out of their storage again. A coat hanger and a shoe cabinet can be the solutions for this!

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