Most Helpful Websites for College Students 


Older people have one annoying habit – they are convinced that everything was harder in their youth, and the modern generation doesn’t have the right to complain. However, it is far from the truth since every decade has its peculiarities. The fact that all the required information is at their fingertips doesn’t mean that they can do their assignments at light speed. Let’s look at the situation from within – most professors belong to the older generation and have this annoying habit, so they bombard their students with numerous tasks. The digital era and access to the Internet have brought changes as well. Thus, even an ordinary curriculum requires new ways of thinking and approaches. Young people are more rivals than friendly fellow students because everyone wants to succeed and take their place in the sun. That’s why students strive to improve their productivity and time-management skills to keep up with studying, and the following websites can become great helpers in this matter.


Sometimes it can be hard to learn new information and get ready for exams. You are working on books for hours without any visible results. It is when Quizlet can come to the rescue since it provides you with different learning tools that will simplify the studying process. Thus, flashcards will help you structure the necessary information and activate various brain areas so that you will memorize everything much faster. And if you are an admirer of interactive games, you should try this app and move your studying to a completely new level. Of course, I cannot do my assignment online using this app, but I can learn the required material and get ready for tests.


Even if you are good at the subject and know everything almost perfectly, you will hardly get your A-grade papers if they are full of grammar and spelling errors. Your teacher will hardly turn a blind eye to them, so you should find someone who will gladly help you meet this challenge. Fortunately, Grammarly can cope with your illiteracy and correct all the errors. You can download this widget or upload your text right on the website for checking.

Wolfram Alpha

If you are not very good at calculations, and such assignments make you feel depressed every time you get them, you should try this website. It will help you cope with various types of calculations, whether math, engineering, or counting calories. This website is a tremendous data source, so you will not have any difficulties with your tasks.


Student life is a big test by itself since many students leave their parents and ordinary lifestyle and learn to do everything on their own. It is when you face numerous challenges every day and should look for the answers. Well, the chances are high that you don’t want to call your mom to ask how to do this or that thing since you are a grownup. But what to do if you don’t know how to do laundry or cook a healthy breakfast? This website will provide you with all the required information and have your back. Nonetheless, when I don’t know how to write an essay, or it is better to say when I don’t want to waste my time on that, I am looking for special services that will write essay for me online, and I get my papers done without any problems.


Your curriculum changes every year in one way or another, so you have to spend a pretty penny on purchasing textbooks. Well, this website will help you save your money since you will be able to rent or buy used books in mint condition at a reasonable price. Besides, the very process of “shopping” will become more pleasant and easier, so you will not have to spend much time on it.


When students get into college and try “independent” life, they forget about the schedule and the necessity to have useful habits. However, it will not lead to anything good, and their health issues may force them to get back to a healthy lifestyle. This app will become your great helper and a “guide” to a more efficient and successful future. You will be able to deal with various issues and get back on track in a fun way. It will track your progress and even grand rewards for your achievements.


Many students start showing interest in their future careers before the very moment of graduation. If you are interested in your perspectives or looking for a part-time job to get enough experience right away, it is worth paying attention to this website. It is not limited to one industry, so it doesn’t matter what specialty you have. You will be able to upload your CV, search for similar jobs, and get a new job posting notifications.

TED talks

To keep up with studying, you should stay motivated enough. However, unfortunately, the lack of motivation becomes a weak spot for many students. They give up after the first failure and don’t see the reason to continue their studies. It is a wrong position since every stage of development lies through the crisis. And if you are looking for inspiration and motivation, pay attention to TED Talks that will help you look at a problem from a new angle.

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