All types of earrings + Tips


Earrings are among the most common jewelry all over the world. Their popularity is often associated with a wide variety of earrings. Worn by both men and women, the jewelry connotes different meanings to people who adore them. A given type of earring will have a sentimental meaning to a group of people that may differ from the meaning amongst another group. Also, the diverse type of earrings usually bears different meanings. However, there are some agreeable tips that guide the use of certain types of earrings. Some of the types of earrings and some sentimental tips to observe when wearing them are discussed below.

Types of Earrings


The stud earrings are the most common and simplistic type of earring. The general shape of the earring is a stone, or a ball, with a bar. The back of the stud usually hides behind the ear lobe. This shape makes the earring to appear “floating” on the ear. Before getting stud earring, it is crucial to consider the size and price of the earring. A big and bulky earring will not be ideal for everyday use. However, the shape of your face can help you decide on the best size of the stud to buy. Also, the shape of the stud matters, just as much as the color. A fancy yellow-gold diamond stud like this one here can make your ear look amazing.

Hoop Earrings

The hoop earrings are also typical and fashionable among earring lovers. The hoop combines sophistication and daring appeal that can be used to make a statement. Some people prefer the hoops that have a different length, thickness, or even adornments. Variations in the hoop earrings take diverse shapes such as squares, ovals, heart shapes, and even triangles. Lovers of hoops can wear a given shape to connote a given bold statement such as love.

Drop and Dangle Earrings

The drop earrings are a modification of the stud earrings in that they can offer flexibility in design, jewelry, and shape. Instead of resting against the ear, the drop will hang down an inch below the ear. They can take diverse shapes, just as the studs, and at times, they can take the shape of a hoop. Conversely, the Dangle is a modification of the drop, in that it hangs freely from the ear. Dangles can swing back and forth, depending on the length allowed from the ear. The free swing on the ear connotes freedom and detachment. The earring’s shape and length from the ear can bear a particular message.

Clip-on Earrings

People who are allergic to metal can opt for these earrings. The clip-on can suit both kids and adults. However, some people will wear the non-piercing earrings as a sign of resistance. Either way, there are luxurious models of the clip-on earrings that are both modern and fashionable. There is a variety of clip-on earrings that can suit those interested in studs, hoops, and even children’s earrings.

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