Fast Facts about Nancy Kerrigan’s husband, Jerry Solomon: Wiki & Net Worth


Nancy Kerrigan is renowned as a world-class figure skater. She married her former manager, Jerry Solomon. Jerry is also a sports agent and is Nancy’s number one fan.

Solomon has a career in managing athletes

Jerry Solomon only pursued one career: managing athletes. While the marketing president of ProServ, he personally managed Nancy’s career. During Nancy’s heydays in ice-skating, Jerry scored a sweet deal of Nancy in advertising contracts worth USD 3 million.

Jerry was no small-time player. He played with the big boys. He has his own sports management, marketing, and entertainment company called Stargames LLC where he serves as President and CEO. He has had tennis champion Ivan Lendl, volleyball Olympic gold medalist Karch Kiraly, athletic Olympic medalist Shannon Miller, and Nancy, of course, in his stable.

Under his company, Jerry has organized several sports events like beach volleyball and tennis invitational games with the participation of well-known athletes. He also did some for his wife in the area of ice skating and golf. Jerry also has gotten into television production, of course focusing on sporting events that featured Ivan Lendl and his wife, Nancy.

Because of his expertise, which is well-respected in the industry, he got a book deal for himself on managing sporting events. He was also sought to act as an executive in different sporting events. Not to mention his part-time professor position at the University of New Hampshire and UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Jerry earned his bachelor’s degree from UCLA and finished his master’s in International Business at Columbia University.

Nancy is Jerry Solomon’s third wife

Nancy is Jerry’s third wife. Jerry’s second wife, Kathy, was a tournament manager for ProServe at one time. It was rumored that Nancy was the reason why Jerry and Kathy’s marriage fell apart. They supposedly got together while the two were still married. Nancy’s mother defended her daughter and denied allegations that Nancy dated Jerry while still married to Kathy. Jerry and Nancy married in 1995; Jerry was 41 and Nancy was 25. They have three children together. Matthew was born in 1997, Brian in 2005, and Nicole in 2008. Jerry has a son with Kathy named Clay.

Little much is known about Nancy and Jerry’s personal lives. Not many know that Nancy had six miscarriages before they had children. Nancy was beside herself because of this.

Three children

Their three children performed with Nancy on Muscleman’s Apple Sauce Family Skating Tribute. Actually, Brian and Nicole take after Nancy’s talent. They are athletes in their own right and compete in gymnastics and sports competitions. Brian dreams of competing in the Olympics someday. Nicole studies dance (tap, ballet, and jazz).

Jerry, to this very day, still feel bitter about Tonya Harding’s attack on Nancy in 1990. He said that, although people know Nancy’s talent and her Olympic medals, the attack is still the first thing people remember about Nancy. There is still a feeling of frustration because of this.

Net Worth

With Jerry’s expertise, Nancy’s net worth grew to USD 8 million at the height of her career. However, Jerry’s own net worth is unknown.

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