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10 of the Longest Prison Sentences on Earth

Posted By: on January 2, 2010

longest life sentence

You think a life sentence is long? Try 28 life sentences, or, how about a whole millenia…

384,912 YEARS

In 1972, twenty year old Palma de Mallorca was demanded to three hundred eighty four thousand nine hundred and twelve years of sentence for having failed to deliver letters. His crime of not delivering over four thousand letters resulted in such a huge punishment by the Spanish judiciary. This remains the longest sentence demanded so far in history.

10,000 YEARS

For having brutally killed his wife, Dudley Wayne Kyzer was sentenced to imprisonment for 10,000 years in 1981. This remains the longest sentence given in the US till date. For having killed his mother in law and a college student, he was also given life sentences for each of the crimes in addition to the 10,000 years. The judge justified his verdict in the name of the brutality of the murders.


Bobbie Joe Long, Florida is a serial killer. He was sentenced to 28 life sentences, 99 years sentence and 1 death sentence. He had raped more than 50 women and killed about half the number. In most cases they were raped before murder. Bobbie Joe was born with an extra x chromosome which resulted in him growing breasts after puberty. With this, the added trauma of the dysfunctional relation he had with his mother as an adolescent is often remarked as the reason for his crimes.


Juan Corona, California murdered 25 farm workers who worked for him. In a short span of 1 year, he had killed 25 migrant workers who worked for him and had their remains buried. For this act that questioned human nature, he got sentenced for 25 consecutive life imprisonments-as an answer to the 25 lives he took.

7,109 YEARS

In 1969 two Iranians were sentenced to 7,109 years of imprisonment each. The number of years was proportional to the amount of their transgressions. This sentence further confirmed the fact that justice is swift and decisive in the Middle East.


With a crime history ranging from rape to robbery, this man Darron Bennalford Anderson of Oklahoma got the jurisdiction to two thousand two hundred years of imprisonment. When he appealed for this, he got further sentenced for a few more thousand years for each of his crime. Later in 1997 when he appealed again, he had some success and got the parole date as in the year twelve thousand seven hundred and forty four.


In 2000, Shalom Weiss received a sentence for 2000 years for his part in the collapse of the National Heritage Life Insurance Corporation of New York. He robbed hundreds of pensioners of their life savings and was featured in the FBI most wanted list. Though he appealed to make his sentence less severe, he was disappointed as the judge said that was impossible.


Mr. Schmidt promised attractive rates to hundreds of investors and robbed them of millions of dollars. He used this money to cover personal expenses and to lead a life of luxury instead of investing as he promised. For this crime of fraud and money laundering, he was sentenced to more than three hundred years in prison by the US District Judge Denny Chin. As of now, his chance of getting a parole is slim.


The longest sentence in the history of Georgia was given in 1996 when Ryan Brandt and Jeffrey Kollie were sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences and 265 years each. What is more interesting is that, this long sentence was not given for committing murder or rape but for armed robbery. Ironically, the two of them had turned down a plea that would have given them just 40 years in prison.


Keith O Wood from Pittsburg was sentenced to 160 years in prison for rapping 5 women in the short period of 1 year that extended from 2000 to 2001. The convict would enter the house through unlocked windows and threaten them to be killed and then rape them. What is ironic is that even when the DNA evidence proved him guilty in all the five cases he appealed of not being guilty. However the court judged against him taking fact that the chance of someone else matching the DNA is one in a billion, billion.

3 Responses to “10 of the Longest Prison Sentences on Earth”

  1. Scott says:

    Name of the first one is Gabriel March Grandos, at Palma de Mallorca, Spain – 22 not 20.

  2. bruce stratton says:

    the author of this article should be sentenced to fifty years in an english glass; one that stresses grammar, spelling, and using good sense in writing. a dictionary wouldn't hurt, either.

  3. Wayne says:

    A woman in France named Jouanna Thiec served the longest prison sentence in human history. She was sent to prison in 1685 at age 16 and was released in 1758 at age 89 after serving 73 years in prison

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