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Ellen Pompeo became a household name, thanks to Grey’s Anatomy. She was born in Massachusetts in 1969. Chris Ivery, also a native of Massachusetts, was born in 1967, and is a music producer. He is a Harvard University alumni.

Chris is more of an introvert and has kept from the limelight. But here are some details about him.

They met at a grocery store

Before they both made a name for themselves, they met in 2003 in Los Angeles at a grocery store of all places. They did not immediately date until after 6 months. Since then, he has never let go of her. Their relationship entered into a new season on November 9, 2007 when they tied the knot. Their witness was none other than Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City. They had a simple ceremony at the Manhattan City Hall.

Their joy as husband and wife became sweeter with the arrival of their first child. Stella Luna was born in 2009. Chris was a hands-on dad and took care of Stella’s wardrobe, designing them himself. They were later blessed with more children, one more daughter and a son.

Chris’ Net Worth is estimated at 10 million

While Ellen commanded a USD 350,000 salary per episode of Grey’s Anatomy and has an estimated net worth of USD 11.5 million, Chris is no pauper either. Into song production, his estimated net worth is at USD 10 million. He also has a USD 6.5 million Malibu mansion. Not too shabby for a music producer. And he does not show any signs of slowing down.

Despite many rumors about Chris’ wandering eye and many whispering divorce in Ellen’s ear, the two honor their commitment to one another on their wedding day. As it seems, their relationship is much stronger and better as years go by. There are no signs of them allowing rumors and gossip get in the way of their marriage.

They have three children

Chris and Ellen have Stella Luna, Sienna May, and Eli Christopher.

In 2014, Sienna May was born via a surrogate. The surrogate’s identity has been protected is not known until now. Chris is a doting father and most of his social media posts are about his children.

In a nutshell…

To say that Chris Ivery lives a charmed life is an understatement. He is married to a beautiful and talented woman, father to three adorable children, a great provider for his family, and has an established and fulfilling career. Many could only wish for one or two of what he has.

He and Ellen have faced and overcome many rumors and have decided to stay together. Chris has avoided the limelight, which he left all for his woman to bask in. It would be wise for many men, Hollywood A-listers included, to take a cue from this man.

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