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Scotty Trigg

Art of the Accidental Penis

Posted By: on May 3, 2010

Though many things can be phallic, and at times some of us are more prone to see cock in things that don’t necessarily look like wang, these below images leave little doubt of what they resemble. Short, long, wide, skinny, shriveled…these members here can be appreciated by all.

…and speaking of penises, Apple probably has the biggest one ever right now. Don’t worry, it’s safe for work. Also, if you ever have a problem with seeing penis in the Men’s room, maybe you’re not following this “handy” guide.

44 Responses to “Art of the Accidental Penis”

  1. Rockstar Sid says:

    WTF… very unique collection!

  2. Dirk says:

    Funny stuff – check out the collection at

  3. Christine says:

    Rolling on the floor! Thaks for the dose of laughs:-)

  4. Charlie says:

    My goodness that's a lot of accidental penises. It just keeps going and going. Who knew there could be so many dongs just out there for everyone to see. It's mind-boggling.

  5. Grad says:

    If you want to find some quality friends you have to wade through all the dicks first.

  6. Trok says:

    Anything that is a structure or something that is drawn and planned and worked on in any way can't be an accident. Bread, sure; trees, sure; cacti, sure; wheels, cartoons, bannisters, I doubt it.

  7. Brett says:

    Dude, that is my picture of Upper Crust Pizza in Downtown Sacramento. Did you get that from Fail Blog?

    I posted that shit months ago.

  8. Dr. Perv says:

    Possibly the biggest penis in this Universe is Arp 199: <a href="http://ne” target=”_blank”>http://ne <a href="…” target=”_blank”>

  9. timbult says:

    kewl dix.

  10. last one made me crack up

  11. Thanks for the laugh. I really needed that. :)

    I'm having trouble believing that some of those weren't intentional, though. The first wheel looks like it was designed to have a circle of wangs on it, for instance.

  12. David says:

    The 'baguette magique' in pic 4 is intentional for sure. They sell them in a bakery in the Marais, the gay district of Paris.

  13. sp says:

    Wassup with that very curvy arrow on the ad at the very top?

  14. Hey Scott, thanks for the post. Great stuff. But please next time at least give us a little shout out or a link or something.


    Accidental Dong

    • Heesa Phadie says:

      Good sir….while your site is hilarious…and should be known to readers… any relation to this post was coincidental.

  15. Farrell says:

    I'd like to add this….a cactus that exists on my block in Los Angeles. Taken last week!

  16. I've never laughed so hard in my life at a blog post!!!!

    Absolutely classic pics! The light switch is too too funny…

    Patrick Hitches

  17. Marilyn.Dixon says:

    How terribly rude!

  18. Eru says:

    LOL…hilarious collection. I liked 2nd and 8th the best.

  19. chibi says:

    wow…. just wow… this made my day

  20. cockmeister says:

    we draw a new cock everyday – nsfw if you dont mind unique drawn penises

  21. Vimax says:

    I always like your are so creative

  22. sex says:

    wow I think I could suck on those you know i drink cum and i go to a website called stupid naked people mofos you porn and por =n i want you to shove your penis up my pussy/vagina

  23. tiara says:

    I would like to add this fine structure at Teufelsberg in Berlin

    I know buildings can be construed as phallic but the architects of this must have realised something was wierd

  24. Jonny says:

    Is it possible that women in modern societies do never leave teaanage attitudes?

  25. Sollybell says:

    Really, really well done :D maybe the funniest piece of art i've seen ^^

  26. pratap says:

    Classic collection. Gr8.

  27. sai says:

    i love it !

    Very funny.

  28. Fake says:

    One word: "PHOTOSHOP". Some of these are badly done. A trained eye can actually see exactly where the picture was manipulated. And, btw, not funny. Stuff for mentally challenged people.

  29. Ahmet says:

    Can you also add this, its from Carnegie Museum, nice shaped Calcite: :)

  30. L says:

    You've gotta add the last picture from this "Cake Wrecks" post —

  31. dave says:

    that one on the beach is fake…. thats on koh pi pi in thailand and doesnt exist.

    Must be some other photoshopped efforts in there too

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  33. Haioase says:

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  34. Louvren says:

    Paris is a fantastic city to visit in the autumn. Its not to warm or to cold, its just beautiful. I like visiting the Eiffel tower.

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  36. kostas says:

    the one with the shadow of the soap is more like Darth Vader than like a penis

  37. humor says:

    hahaah LOL…. that doesn't look like accidental to me…may be it is the work of a hot women :P

  38. what a funny picture, I'm gonna put it as my wallpaper

    Rian Thinning Hair Women

  39. khabarkhan says:

    Dear Madam , sir

    Pls. send me news about sex , penis, etc …


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