Were Celebrities High-Performing Students in College?


Many people are used to celebrities being style icons and trendsetters. Some actors, musicians, or just public people try to set an example of correct behavior and seem to be impeccable. But were celebrities high-performing students in college? You will be surprised to know more about the learning process of many celebrities. Check this out.

Lisa Kudrow

It is difficult to find a person who has not seen the Friends series. This is a true media phenomenon that has remained relevant for decades. Lisa Kudrow is one of the key stars of this sitcom and is still very popular today. The actress looks naive and a little eccentric as Phoebe Buffay. Besides, her on-screen character is far from studying and craving for knowledge. But how are things in reality?

Lisa received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology. Moreover, she did a great job in college and even wanted to become a scientist like her father. But things did not go according to plan when a girl’s friend persuaded her to attend acting school. Thanks to this act, Lisa presented the whole world with a bright and unforgettable character, familiar to every fan of the Friends series.

Meryl Streep

This actress has captivated millions of viewers around the world with her unique talent. Meryl Streep knows how to transform into diametrically opposite characters and does it very naturally. In the 70s, she studied at Vassar College. Initially, the actress decided to make music but changed her mind in time. Meryl’s relatives advised her to try her acting talents. That’s why she changed music major to drama.

It is worth noting that the actress has always studied perfectly and was one of the best college students. Many people chose Vassar precisely because Meryl studied there. By the way, if you feel a craving for acting, then you can change your major. You can buy argumentative essay online now or find someone to help you with all the paperwork. Then you will have more time to think about acting.

Zach Braff

Zach Braff was a very diligent student. One of the brightest stars of the Scrubs series studied at Northwestern. He chose a Communications major and paid so much attention to papers that he did not even have time to communicate with friends. Many years later, the actor admitted that he was very sorry that he studied too selflessly.

According to Zach, college is the place where you can see the most interesting and intelligent people. The actor believes that he should have devoted more time to social contacts. This is very good advice for modern students. If you feel that you are not ready to write all the papers, then you can choose a writing service like Proessays to order an essay or other assignment.

Eva Longoria

Eva studied at Texas A&M and wanted to become an Applied Kinesiology Specialist. But studying was not her main passion. In an interview in 2010, Eva Longoria admitted that education was not the meaning of her life. The actress participated in college plays and attended acting classes. Her lucky ticket to the world of movies and TV shows was one audition in Los Angeles. After that, the actress still completed her studies but never aspired to scientific achievements. However, Eva’s choice made her famous, and the world saw her brilliant acting in many films and TV series.

Denzel Washington

This is a famous actor who is known all over the world. Many people became his fans after watching the Training Day movie. Denzel originally wanted to become a biologist and even studied diligently. His life has changed due to an amazing combination of events. What do you think was the root cause? He chose acting class as the easiest elective for fulfilling his academic requirements.

This is what allowed him to get acquainted with famous directors and actors to start his own career. The actor often says that he wanted to become a scientist and would never have chosen an acting career if it were not for random circumstances. Denzel even set up his own talented actor scholarship program.

Mark Zuckerberg

The founder of Facebook is far from the kind of person to blame for poor college performance. Mark was one of the most talented students. He really wanted to study at Harvard but decided to finish his studies halfway. However, according to Forbes, this did not prevent him from becoming one of the richest people in the world.

Zuckerberg always claims that he would have finished his studies if he had not seen the prospects for creating his own social network. However, thanks to his decision, everyone worldwide can communicate with friends and relatives without borders. By the way, Mark helps many students and has established a scholarship fund.

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