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Where Are They Now? ALF

Posted By: on May 22, 2010

The wondrously fantastic show ALF was a late 80s classic. TVs favorite Alien Life Form (ALF) ran for 4 seasons with a total of 101 episodes. All of which have been released on DVD and can be purchased right now (I highly suggest you go get them). You can also catch all episodes on Hulu.

The masterpiece of the talented yet zany Paul Fusco (the man behind the puppet and voice) has warmed many a child’s heart. Mr. Fusco has been trying to reacquire the rights to the show from Hallmark and is also working on a movie that would highlight how exactly ALF ended up on earth. He is also attempting to revive the talk show. I would love to see anything and everything ALF but from the sounds of some Paul is difficult to work with.

This show brought us the Melmacian who lived with the Tanner family and has a taste for feline critters. There have been various articles about life on set but whatever happened to this lovable cast?

Willie Tanner – Max Wright

Since ALF, the 66 year old, has continued to act. He has been in various TV shows including Murder She Wrote, Quantum Leap, Murphy Brown, Friends, Mad About You, The Drew Carey Show and The Norm Show. He also did a little film work including Grumpier Old Men, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Snow Falling On Cedars. He did some acting with the Jewish Ensemble Theatre in Detroit, Michigan in 2007. He was nominated for Broadway’s 1998 Tony Award as Best Actor for his role as Lebedev in  Ivanov.

In 1995 he was diagnosed with lymphoma and has been in remission since. He was arrested for drunk driving in 2000 in Los Angeles, California. He received probation for this offense. He subsequently got another DUI in 2003 in New York resulting in suspension of his driving privileges for 6 months. He was visiting his daughter and ended up running into some mailboxes and a traffic sign. There were no injuries in either case and he plead guilty to both.

He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Linda. He has two children with her, Ben and Daisy.

Kate Tanner – Anne Schedeen

After the show the 61 year old didn’t do much more acting. She was on a few episodes of Perry Mason, Praying Mantis, Heaven’s Prisoners and Judging Amy.

She once gave acting classes in Los Angeles but no longer offers them. She is currently living there as an antiquer and decorator. She is married to Christopher Barrett. She has a daughter, Taylor (20 years old).

Lynn Tanner – Andrea Elson

After the the show, the 40 year old did a small amount of acting appearing on Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Married With Children, Mad About You, Step By Step and Men Behaving Badly.

She currently lives in Los Angeles with husband TV Producer Scott Hopper, whom she met while on ALF. They have a daughter Claire (22 years old). She suffered from bulimia towards the end of the show but says that her pregnancy was what led to her to really come to grips with it and get healthy.

Brian Tanner – Benji Gregory/Benjamin Gregory Hertzberg

After the show the 31 year old did a small amount of acting and voice work including Murphy Brown, Never Forget, Lady Against the Odds and Once Upon a Forest. His last credited role was in 1993. He moved to San Francisco and attended the Academy of Arts College and has not acted since.

He married his wife Sarah in 2006.

Trevor Ochmonek – John LaMotta

After the the show the 71 year old continued to act doing a lot of TV work including Who’s the Boss?, Growing Pains, Northern Exposure, ER, The Nanny, Weird Science, Fraiser and Caroline in the City. He was in a few movies including In This Corner, The Scout, Fatal Choice, Pet Shop, Motel Blue, The Godson and Five Aces.

He has been a boxer from a young age and in 1990 was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

He has three children with his ex-wife Vicki. At one point he owned and operated a night-club on Miami Beach called Jake Lamotta’s with his nephew (and fellow boxer) by the same name.

Raquel Ochmonek – Liz Sheridan

The 80 year old has done a lot of acting since the show, most notably Jerry Seinfeld’s mother Helen on Seinfeld. She also did further TV work on Murder She Wrote, Melrose Place, Empty Nest, Blossom, Life With Louie and Numb3rs. She had a voice role in American Dad. She was in several movies as recently as 2008’s Play the Game as well as Only You, Wishman, Wedding Bell Blues, Closing the Deal and Escape.

She was married to jazz trumpeter William Dale Wales since 1985, until his death in 2003 from lung cancer. He left $80,000 in credit card debt forcing her to file for bankruptcy. She has one daughter.

The the 1950s she was engaged to James Dean and wrote a book about that time period with him titled Dizzy & Jimmy: My Life with James Dean: A Love Story released in 2000.

Jake Ochmonek – Josh Blake/Joshua Buxbaum

After the show the 35 year old did some further TV acting on Married With Children, Full House, The Wonder Years, Home Improvement, Becker, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Spyder Games and JAG. He also did voice work on Tony Hawk’s video game American Wasteland.

At one point he lived in New York City. He graduated from George Washington University. He was also the singer in a band called Float but the band is no longer together.

He currently lives in Los Angeles where he is a real estate agent for a division of Keller Williams that specializes in downtown lofts.

ALF – Gordon Shumway

After the show the 253 year old Melmacian went on to a number of various projects. He had a two season animated series which chronicled his life on his home planet. In total there were 26 episodes. He was also featured in a Marvel comic series with a total of 50 issues. In 1996 there was a TV movie Project ALF which tied up the loose ends from the show. The movie answered the question of whether or not he was successfully held by the US government, which he was not, he was able to escape.

Mr. Shumway also had a talk-show for a few years in the mid 2000’s by the name of ALF’s Hit Talk Show. Some of his guests were Drew Carey, Tom Green and Merv Griffin. He has been on various different shows including many appearances on Hollywood Squares, Matlock, Blossom and The Love Boat: The Next Wave.

He can currently been found on Twitter as @Verified_ALF.

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    No way dude that is totally insane.


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    Actually Max Wright had a bit more interesting post Alf life…

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  3. Jeff says:

    I saw Max Wright in the stage production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night as Sir Andrew–he was brilliant! It was a perfect part for him.

  4. Capn says:

    How do you fail to mention Max Wright became a crackhead with an affinity for having sex with homeless men?

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    Trevor Ochmonek – John LaMotta LOL

    Google image search fail!

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    "John LaMotta has recently gotten younger."

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