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Heesa Phadie

The Making of the Perfect Hamburger (Infograph)

Posted By: on January 8, 2010

The burger aficionados over at A Hamburger Today have been doing weekly polls on what eaters want in a burger. Here are some them so far:

What’s your favorite side dish to go with a burger?
What’s your favorite patty thickness?
How do you like your buns done?
What’s your favorite burger bun?
What’s your favorite burger-cooking method?
What type of mustard is best on a burger?
What’s your favorite burger size?
What drink goes best with a burger?
What cheese do you like most on your burger?
What condiments do you like on your burger?
How do you like your burgers cooked?

We’ve taken the data (with their permission of course, thanks guys!), crunched the numbers and have come up with the perfect burger…and also what would presumably be the least appetizing burger. Not sure how you’re going to accomplish that deep-fried 1 1/2 inch thick rare burger but I know I wouldn’t want to try it. What makes the perfect burger and meal to you?

[click the image to view full size]


One Response to “The Making of the Perfect Hamburger (Infograph)”

  1. Byron says:

    I LOVE how you created the worst burger. it sound so unappetizing… hahahaha

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