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Ryan Deal

The Longer You Look… The Weirder It Gets

Posted By: on August 6, 2009

There really isn’t much to say on this one… Looks shopped, but if not, what a creepy effing cat. Enjoy!

Oh, and please enjoy the sexy side of football.

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261 Responses to “The Longer You Look… The Weirder It Gets”

  1. setbot says:

    i named my cat AT-ST…

  2. Psilo says:


  3. jamesyb0i says:


  4. Dun dun duuun says:

    Digg waz here.

  5. stupiduser says:

    of course its shopped, i can tell by the pixels

  6. buddy says:

    a basic understanding of biology will confirm why the image is shopped.. which removes it's 'freak value' really. perhaps if there were more blood.

  7. I know that cat, he comes around her on Tuesdays. Doesn't say much, keeps mostly to himself.

  8. TL Winslow says:

    The real abominable snowman is 6 in. tall?

  9. Barack Obama says:

    This is obviously photoshopped.

  10. J.Ro says:

    looks like the cat born with out the front legs. .. :(

  11. Scooter says:

    I'd say Shopped.

  12. robert says:

    Considering that the torso is completely absent, yeah, it's a photoshoped pic.

    Totally creepy too.

    (You biology majors can probably find a correct term for a creature whose neck connects to it's pelvis.)

    (other than deceased that is…)

  13. Who gives a shit? says:

    Looks like a cat with his feet behind him(to his left) – other than that, it's a normal cat.

  14. seven says:

    It's shopped, because where the legs would be the pavement is burred. Not really the best job imo.

  15. OldGirl says:

    That is some seriously creepy looking photo editing.

  16. Tristan says:


  17. igor says:

    of course it's photoshopped.

  18. jim says:

    complete waste of time…

  19. bob says:

    are you kidding me? of course its shopped you jackass, unless this cat manages to live without a stomach, intestines, or a heart.

  20. Mike says:

    Looks like a U-turn.

  21. GBEHELPNU says:

    I've seen North Korea do better photoshop

  22. jeff says:

    is this photoshopped?

  23. You can see the smoothed out parts of the body, so why bother looking at a fake when you can see some real mutants at your local river.

  24. Aarfy J says:


  25. cjm5 says:

    does look shopped, but it could be just a freak angle of a 3 legged cat. ive seen a few in my life

  26. Mark says:


  27. Yup says:

    Yeah, of course it's shopped. Either that or it's a stuffed cat, because it sure as hell wouldn't be alive in that condition.

  28. really? says:

    "..but if not.."

    Really? You think it's possible that there is a 2 legged cat out there?

  29. Thomas says:

    It's not shopped.. It's freaking out like cats do. Walking siteways. The front part if it's body is scovering up the back part.

    Also seems like it's jumping with it's backlegs somehow?

  30. great... says:

    'if not'? do you know anything about anatomy or biology at all?

  31. Billy says:

    This is a photoshopped image. I'm a part time professor and I teach Photoshop, and one of my final assignments is creating a composition of something that isn't real and making it look like a photograph. This picture is a very nice photoshop job, but you can notice 3 circles behind the cat along the brick wall and the detail is a bit blurred along the crack of the brick wall meeting the pavement. Also, there is an oval shaped spot behind the cat that has a blurry smear to it. Although it was a very nice execution, it's still possible to detect the photo alteration.

  32. Homespun says:

    Definitely photoshopped. They erased the back half of the cat, notice the odd shaped shadow underneath the cat and how it just stops.

  33. John Cruz says:

    Miniature cat yeti, anyone?

  34. EverythingIsTerrible says:

    OMG! Going to have nightmares now! I think I have suddenly developed a fear of cats.

  35. MarkL says:

    I think I'm going to go home and masturbate to this… it's so hot. If it had leather socks on, a smoking pipe and a monicle then I would definantly be jizzing right now.

  36. Jelle says:

    The cat probably jumped from the ledge above, and decided to quickly turn around.

    But it is still a weird picture.

  37. none says:

    it's a cat turning. not sure what the big deal is…

  38. haps says:

    definitely shopped.

  39. rtr says:

    w – t – f

  40. bryan says:

    this was probably taken on an iphone, the camera scans from left to right so it has a weird effect on moving objects

  41. Carrie says:

    Image is broken

  42. kateweb says:

    well the 2 legged dogs are real , could be photoshoped but who know with today's geeks

  43. Bob says:

    Yeah, it isn't photoshopped because it says so in the description – honest!

  44. Trogoth says:

    Uhm…I…I just don't understand?

  45. TRogoth says:


    The "thing" on the very left of the cat is it's arm! he is like hissing and has both from arms up.

  46. Anon says:


  47. test says:

    ignore me

  48. I says:

    "looks shopped" he says.

  49. helloz says:

    0_o whoa.

  50. notspam@notspam.spam says:

    really, you think it looks shopped.

    thanks for this, i really appreciate it.

  51. notspam@notspam.spam says:

    also, you stole the image from b3ta, and have not credited it.

    poor form.

  52. Not shopped says:

    It's not shopped

  53. lamont90 says:

    lol that pic is so funny

  54. Casey says:

    Regardless of whether it was shopped or not that cat has his pimp walk down for sure. He doesn't give a damn about being a Gimp.

  55. dfose says:

    You can tell by the way it uses it's walk that its a womans cat – no time to talk.


  56. Chris says:

    Looks like another one of those eerily creepy Google map street view pics!

  57. convex says:

    This looks shopped. I can tell by the pixels and having seen a few shops in my time.

  58. poop says:

    doesn't anyone notice the friggin' lack of ears?

  59. Origosis says:

    It's probably not shopped, this is a common problem with many digital cameras. the camera began to take the picture from the right and as it went to the left the cat was moving fast enough that as it scanned the 2nd 1/2 of the image the cat was further forward… I use to see it very often with older and cheap digital cameras.

  60. Keyboard Cat says:

    Duh nah nah nah nah nah nah duh nah nah nah nah nah nah nah duh nah nah nah duh nah nah nah duh nah nah nah nah duh nah nah.

  61. bront says:

    its obvious, it a hand banana, look it up.

  62. Gurble says:

    Ahh, "Hand Banana", the Cat Version!

  63. balls says:

    i'm eating a cupcake

  64. Someguy says:

    This is no necessarily shopped, it could just be the way the cat was in a frame of footage (accounting for the poor quality). It could be that the other legs of the cat are hidden behind it's body, and the ear's could be flat or near flat on the cats head and due to poor quality this isn't visible. Just because something doesn't look right doesn't mean you can call it a 'shop' and then try to validate that with a reason that may or may not be valid. Anyway that was just my input, it could be shopped, but it could also not be.

  65. Skeet says:

    You people are all idiots. Everyone above the functionally retarded level knows its edited. Soooo shut the hell up and stop repeating a very over stated fact.

  66. Shadab says:

    Theres nothing shopped here…..Look at the Tail n the second leg….they are actually the Rear legs…..and….the front most leg is actually both the front legs side by side…..nothing shopped but just an amusing moment.

    Well guesses are more or less…welcomed!!

  67. Reddit says:

    Digg is for LOSERS

  68. baerwb says:

    Did it die?

  69. Megan says:

    OMG, That looks sooo freaky…

    I suppose it may look like a cat walking… but with out any ears and 2 legs and a reeeally short body…


    Its been edited on Photo shop, definitley.

    Its just a cat walking, they've cut the middle bit of the body off, only leaving the back leg and tail and front leg and head.

    Lol wierd but not true!

  70. bundyxc says:

    "Looks shopped, but if not"

    …it's shooped. The "but if not" part is completely ridiculous…

  71. tRoLlEr#33!!!!!!1!!1 says:

    dAs sO ShOpPeD bIzNaTcHeS!!!!!!11111!!!1!1!1!!!!!11!1!!!!

  72. Gary says:

    There's clearly not enough room left in that "cat" for the basics needed for life (let alone taking a stroll)!

  73. Scarlet says:

    Yeah, it looks weird, but it is so obviously shopped.

    If it looked genuine, it would be way cooler.

    The caption should be, "The Longer You Look… The Faker It Gets".

    (and yes, I know that "faker" as a superlative is not a word)

  74. Onebuto says:

    i'm not a part time professor, i did not study biology, i know nothing of photoshop or photography so for me this is a real living creature caught on camera. cool!

  75. fer says:

    Is it a snow owl searching for its wings?

  76. leadbelly says:

    its clearly a close up of a yeti against a giant stone castle a 1 legged arm swingin yeti

  77. adam says:

    obviously fake. you can see the blurry parts from a poor cloning job

  78. death2lois says:

    If your wondering or debating on the reality of this photo, your probably to young to be on the internet alone.

  79. adragon says:

    I looked at it in photoshop.Inverted, posterize, threshold…increased pixels….etc. Its a great jop if its shopped.

    However, considering this.. .http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34450488/ns/health-pet_health/
    I think its entirely possible, it could be real!

  80. dknypg83 says:

    what the… What the… WHAT THE!!! okay, happy now… it's getting weirder already!! lol… :p

  81. Teh Hoffenstein says:

    I love how you all feel the need to tell us that this is photoshopped. any dipshit can figure that out.

  82. Cal says:

    haha, so cute

  83. dawson says:

    If a cat was born alive with that deformity, it wouldn't be alive long. Kinda looks like something inspired by the game Spore :)

  84. Tigrexel says:

    Zerg rush! :O

  85. Haha says:

    lol noone notices its lack of ears XD i find that hilarious, i find many of these comments hilarious XD i was roflmao XD XD

  86. lol says:

    lol epic fail

  87. @n!nh@ says:

    it isn'tt scary, poor … seems as effective as a whole cat … hehehe…

  88. Lanny says:

    A cat like that wouldn't be ab;e to live. Where are it's intestines ?

  89. Dana says:

    This is obviously altered… Anyone with even a basic sense of biology would know that it would be impossible for a cat to exist if all that has developed was a head, half a torso, one set of legs. How would the cat's respiratory and digestive systems both fit in such a small body? If something like this were real, the feline would be in a hospital hooked up to dozens of machines, eating and relieving itself through a tube.

    So fake…

  90. lexii says:

    it's photoshopped. you can tell by the pixelation.

  91. DOnT kNoW says:

    I can't believe that in 2010, people still try and pass fake stuff around the net such as this .. whoever did, big fucking idiot you are

  92. Blackjaguarkat says:

    This is sooooo Photoshoped!!!

  93. cutter says:


  94. catperson says:

    Wattya meen "looks" shopped? O just a little…

  95. Joel says:

    of course it's photoshopped, it doesnt have ears!

  96. Frank says:

    I wud lyk 2 rape dis cat innda ass!

  97. Frank says:

    I wud lyk 2 fuk dat cat innda ass!

  98. Pedro Iñaki says:

    Yes, it's photoshopped.

    Look at the square part of the wall just over the cat.

    All the down-left quarter is a copy-paste of the rectangle of the left.

  99. Definitely photoshopped, looks like my mother.

  100. maja says:

    hehe przeciesz to nie mozliwe ;;p

  101. SG says:

    OMG you stupid people:P This is SUPPOSED TO BE SHOPPED, the point is to look and realize that it isn't just the two legs that are retarded about this photo… hence: THE MORE YOU LOOK THE WIERDER!!! IT GETS

  102. Alii says:

    Totally shopped. If you look right near the farther back paw, you can see where the person used a smudge tool.

  103. Matt says:

    pixels guys, look at the pixels…

  104. doohuh? says:

    my question is WHERE ARE ITS EARS

  105. Samus says:

    Well, that kind of dody design could help with speed and agility

  106. spectaterM12 says:

    so photoshoped

  107. smexy sasori says:

    wow! :( poor thing T_T life must be hard for him… or her… :(

  108. Morpheus says:

    There is no spoon.

  109. Abhi says:

    Nice photoshop use

  110. dview says:

    It's shopped… so what? It's creepy and wierd and i like it!

  111. < )~~~~~~ says:

    omg ths is bull crap its shoped al right but it is still funny lol

  112. blargh says:

    @buddy: a basic understanding of physics does the trick, too.

  113. adLee says:

    what is that?….

  114. Kassi says:

    WHAT DA HELL!?? O_o

    dats one freaky cat *shutters* i can't even tell if it's photoshoped or real..

  115. haha says:

    You must be so proud of yourself getting so many comments over your masterpiece..Other than that, this pic is just a haha.

  116. Kristina says:

    What the eff?? What is wrong with this cat… ???

  117. Ralph Wiggum says:

    my cats breath smells like cat food.

  118. MacBacon says:

    It has no ears! :O

  119. Conte says:

    Looks like a Google Streetview glitch someone found.

  120. GEORGE says:

    did u realize it has no ears?

  121. Ioanna says:

    It's photoshop – see the lowest left brick? The darkest part of it is repeated on the next brick on its right. Whoever did it of course altered it a tiny bit not to be too obvious, but it's still there.

  122. bob says:

    the stupid part is that the back legs are that of a dog, it hase no ears, there is NO WAY the cat0thing could balence long enough to walk, and this is so obviously photoshopped. also the tail is to short to be a cats tail.


  123. WAT says:


  124. Persephone says:

    To understand that physical artibutes that make a cat up, including that long spinal cord, no collar bone, flexiable ribs, one would understand completly that a cat would not be able to be born like that, and if it had, it sadly would not have survived more then a couple of minutes.

  125. peregrin says:

    Anyone notice the face left side of the brick above the cat's head ?

  126. That1Guy says:

    This is sooooo very obviously shopped. Lets name the reasons:

    1) A cat couldn't balance on two feet like that. Maybe if Earth's gravity was cut by 85%, it'd be possible for it to run, then fall over, otherwise, cats just aren't built for that.

    2) There is not enough body to contain the organs needed to survive. That is an adult cat. Perhaps if it were a kitten, it'd survive for an hour or two.

    3) The cat has no ears. Even if it were real (and its not) It would have been hit by a car or snatched up by somebody.

    4) Notice the curve of the cat's head to is shoulders, then it dramatically changed angle at the base of the tail.

    5) The shadow becomes darker towards the cat's tail, meaning there was a body there and some one poorly tried to edit it out. Also, there would be a small, but identifiable , shadow of the cat's tail.

    All in all I cant believe ANYONE could fall for this. It just goes to show how stupid people really are. Especially you, Ryan Deal, for posting this and even questioning its authenticity.

    Copy this pic, blow it up in photoshop (if you have a good one) and you'll see the editing marks around the cat and its shadow.

  127. Catlover4eva!!! says:


  128. hahha says:

    its a cat version of hand banana.

  129. AKdoc says:

    thank you for finding my 'kat',.. been looking everywhere for her for years now…the problem as you can see is the she has no 'ears' so she can't hear me when I call…the only way I have been able to find her in the past is when she falls over cause she can't get back up (which incidentally is why she had to give up drinking).

  130. Adza says:

    setbit – That is some funny shit (AT-ST) after a few beers

  131. Dano15022 says:

    Looks like the Numbs from Silent Hill 3 game. Pretty cool looking.

  132. smailovich says:

    obviously photoshoped just behold the blured ground all over its foot

  133. Toast says:

    Biped cat is in ur streetz, walkin without earz

  134. Jdof says:

    definitely shopped

  135. cool says:

    short-cat is short.

  136. photographer says:

    it is fake, take a deep look a the cat's tail, then look at the cat's tail's edges… you can see it is smudged abit.

  137. rodi says:


  138. Lance says:

    What's so fantastic about a white cat with the back half photoshoped away?

  139. YOURADUMBASS says:


  140. Lesina says:



  141. laura says:

    its a tooth or something

  142. DoDo says:

    Yeah, this is too creepy. I mean where the hells its ears?

  143. Definitely shopped…whoever did a good job!

  144. Rowland says:

    Next time, shoot a movie.

  145. Wookiepooky says:

    I am agreeing with stupiduser – It is much shopped. Ze peekzels do not lie – as far as their original placement, etc. Still, it is one weird contrived image. Maybe you have seen the weird two legged horse video on YT. It is much the same, only different. I hope to be able to do as well some day. Just adding a sixth finger is pretty tough if you want to make it look good. Hey, see my weird stuff at the website.

  146. Davidov says:

    Super fake xD

  147. Stu says:

    Looks shopped? Good guess. Cats have internal organs.

  148. Zoe says:

    Why the hell did they photoshop his ears out!?

  149. Taadow says:

    i have seen teenage mutant 2 legged cats before, but never any without ears like this one.

    kudos to the photographer!

    and i'm surprised that you managed to catch one in broad daylight.

    they have become emboldened due to humans encroaching on their natural habitat.

    tell me, did you manage to follow it back to it's nest?

  150. Doug Orchard says:

    Cool Picture, thanks for sharing

  151. man says:

    this reminds me of lord of the rings…………… precious

  152. sunoob says:

    just a cat mid turn captured with a poor quality camera but yeah looks cool, you can just make out the ear and i believe that the first leg is its right front leg coming across its left front leg, and what looks like its tail is actually its rear left leg, its right rear leg and tail are obscured by its shoulder due to the angle of the photo

  153. Val says:

    its shopped u can tell by the shadow it gives nd how there are differences between the cat and the ground

  154. micah says:

    this is wat happens when wen teens have nothing to do they make and create crapy pphoto work if u notice the pavement were the cats body wud have ben is nice clean were the rest is dirty if ur goin to photo shop do it right plz or dont do ir at all

  155. nika says:

    if its shopped its still wierd. but if i saw this in person i wuud wanna kick it but i woudn't

  156. less retarded than y says:

    I can't tell who's less idiotic, the people giving explanations as to how you can tell this is photoshopped or the people who are simply saying it's photoshopped as though it really needs to be said.

  157. Tim says:

    What am I even looking at!

  158. Lisette says:

    it is nog real right??

  159. Joe says:

    It looks photoshopped? Gee, really? Dumbass.

  160. LaToya says:

    looks like hand banana from athf.

  161. smokeweed. says:


  162. BI kitty keeper says:

    who cares u don't have to feed IT or change the litter box …….I do

  163. mussa says:

    whats this ? a hand like cat

    or something from space…

    not scary but weird

  164. MM says:

    If I saw such a thing in real life, I would just kill myself like that. That's all that was to be said.

  165. ezelippay says:

    ahh re loco!

  166. Twilight the Dragon says:

    if it wasnt shopped, how would that be possible?

  167. erin says:

    I want one!

  168. cannon says:

    lmao it doesnt have ears XD

  169. Persephone says:

    someone has a link posted which i will post below


    and it shows a dog without its frong legs, the only problem with that. is has back legs, and a normal length torso. that cat is the equlivant to giving a human only 1 foot of torso space for all organs. wouldnt work.

  170. TWed50 says:

    I wonder if that cat is half the fun of a whole cat?

  171. Alice says:

    It's not photoshopped, the cat is just turning at such a tight angle that you can't see it's back end. If you look carefully where it's "tail" is connecting, you can see that it's not actually connected that way but is instead a leg. It's other leg is probably tucked up behind it where you can't see it, as is it's real tail. I'm going to guess that it's ears are tucked up against it's skull.

  172. Captain Obvious says:

    Of course it's photoshopped, you idiots. Where the fuck is the other half of that cats abdominal organs? That cat would be dead!

  173. Jay says:

    Hmmm interesting.

  174. Ed says:


    nothing is possible for god hun..and it might be fake and it might be real…but god can make anything and creat anything…thats the power of Allah…nice photo anyway :)

  175. Posters says:

    Here kitty, kitty, kitty….. WTF!

  176. xander says:

    It's photoshopped. Look at the shadow of the cat…then look at the shadow of the bars on that stone bridge. they are going opposite directions.

  177. No footprints. Doctored.

  178. beowolf says:


  179. ScumbagJack says:

    Look, its a Jayraff!!, No, It's a Gyraff!

  180. Emiesha says:

    this is obviously photoshoped, all they did was get rid of the cats ears and back end, then they just attached the tail to what was left

  181. Jay :] says:

    hey thats my cat! ;)


    Lolz wtf Itz like a cat spliced w/ an owl O_o

  183. mc54 says:

    The other half of this cat was in front of my house the other day. Way creepier than this half.

  184. the truth says:

    look closely it's a cat turning not photoshopped well it's half photoshopped (they removed one leg) the thing you think is the tail is another leg it's tail is that puff..if not take a second to think then look again.

  185. Spleh says:

    I don't get all the comments…? It looks totally normal to me



  186. Klatu says:

    I fail to see what's so strange about the photo. Almost every household has at least one here on Beta Reticulae III.

  187. Bob Bobson says:

    You can see where the other two limbs were removed in a photo-editing software. There are two purple-greenish circles, one at the base of the “front leg”, and the other at the top-left of the body (ie the “back”). They look smoother and a little blurred, and if you look close, you can see a bit of a pattern; a classic artifact of the cloning/patch tool.

    Someone pointed out that you can see “circles” in the pavement as well (ie parts of the photo that have been blurred due to editing). One such circle is right beside its left eye (where the whiskers are), and another is right behind its left/back foot.

    It’s not clear just how much was edited (the cat may have been in an awkward position at the moment of the photo, or it may have just been walking normally). The overall job is decent, but there are the normal tell-tale signs.

  188. bill says:


  189. MpA says:

    Its 2 legs short from being a (c)AT-(c)AT. okay that was a shitty joke.

  190. Kym Berli says:

    it isn't shopped, the cat is twisting after it was thrown. the picture was taken and it was a lucky shot!

  191. ♔נαм&alpha says:

    Freaky looking cat alright.. and if it is photo shopped, how did they figure out to erase the ears?!

  192. pietje says:

    if you're really a dummy you think this is real!!

  193. pietje says:

    if your a dummy you think this is real!!

  194. etienne says:

    i still dont understand how you can tell if an image is photoshpped but i would say this is pretty impossible since tyhe cat head is on his butt and as far as I know you can have no legs but you cant have no torso.

  195. Rob plankey says:

    yeah its photo shopped. you can tell by the brick that should be covered up by the cat. the stone textured has been reversed and flipped to change the way the stone looks. it looks very good how whoever photoshopped this they did a really good job but when determining if its real or not you have to think about that if you had photo shop something like this how would you go about doing it and then that would be the most logical answer and first thing to look for.

  196. steve says:


  197. Aila says:

    Though probably shopped, it looks like it's got 2 leg: one BACK and one FRONT and is just turned at an odd angle. Which IS possible, since it would have it's full torso and organs and whatnot.

    INCREDIBLY freaky looking whether an illusion or shop. O_O

  198. yups says:

    LaToya is right…. this is based on the handbanana thing from Aqua teen hunger force – and NO SHIT IT IS PHOTOSHOPPED. idiots

  199. Emily says:

    Yeah… this photo was definitely photoshopped… I've been taking photoshop lessons – and that, is one photoshopped picture.

  200. Lisa says:

    Honestly, is kinda scares the crap out of me that there's even a discussion about whether or not it's photoshopped.

  201. Viper says:

    Angry cat… Walking with his hands in his pockets.

  202. derp says:

    you can tell it's shopped because of the pixels?

    how about because of the fucking cat?

  203. Maple says:

    Course it's shopped, it's the upper body of the cat yet it has the tail. They had a cheetah just like it not too long ago. Don't get me wrong, cats have amazing balance but I don't see one living long without its intestinse.

  204. Viper says:


  205. Viper says:

    The cat, or the little picture above it……

  206. Stephen Patrick Cahi says:

    They are sold at Wal Mart as stocking stuffers and are eco friendly just use a empty chichen pot pie pan as litter box

  207. Persephone says:

    sunoob says:

    July 1, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    just a cat mid turn captured with a poor quality camera but yeah looks cool, you can just make out the ear and i believe that the first leg is its right front leg coming across its left front leg, and what looks like its tail is actually its rear left leg, its right rear leg and tail are obscured by its shoulder due to the angle of the photo


    are you an idiot, i work for a photo shot company and major in photography and photshop, and thats photo shopped,

    here are several photos of a cat turning:


    tell me if those un-photoshopped pictures look like that photoshopped bullshit.

  208. luke says:

    Viper…that's the funniest thing that I have heard all week….that made my day. GUYS….I THINK I JUST GAGGED…HOOK – LINE – SINKER….DONE!

  209. Ciel says:

    Wow, this is so trashy it's good.

  210. Anon says:

    This is obviously shopped. if you increase the size of the picture, you can see obvious pixel blur and where there are inconsistencies in the pixels.

  211. Another Anon says:

    It's probably a Google street view image stitched from two sequential images while the cat was walking down the sidewalk. Google for "Google street view bloopers" for other examples.

  212. firemarshall bill says:

    @BUDDY " a basic understanding of biology will confirm why the image is shopped.. "…….well thanks for that attempt at making yourself sound semi-intelligent , you're obviously a Walmart greeter.

  213. ART says:

    This is Totally shopped!!!

    Look at Square block!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  214. MN says:

    I think it’s kinda cute…

  215. Leetta says:

    is that for real? I am new to the internet and never seen some of the things i seen today. but is that cat real? could it be

  216. Dan2themaX says:

    Awww its a Wookiepanub!

  217. jijjy says:

    A web pic of a partially blurred cat with no ears, two legs, and a short tail? No way that's not real

  218. Rob Birrell says:

    Not sure if it is photoshopped or not. I think I can just about see how it could be an undoctered photo.

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  222. nigger mc nuggets says:

    if i had that kat id feel like a badass

  223. Anonymous says:

    This is just hillarious! I love this web site.

  224. Naters90 says:

    Impossible. No vital organs. Without question a fake image. The cat can't evacuate waste, if it had any, there is not stomach or intestine. Sorry to ruin it for everyone.

  225. notthatdumb says:

    The cat doesn't have ears, either xD

  226. Coolness says:

    AT-ST…damn that was fuunnnyy…. I got a really good laugh out of that one!

  227. Micha says:

    shopped for sure! and not even properly! just take a closer look at the area below the cat's tail.

  228. CatLover says:

    You can tell it's shopped by where the cats weight it. The body weight is centered between the two legs but the front is just being stepped down on and is not holding much weight and the back paw is being picked up. A cat with two legs would not be in this position.

  229. suppose it could be a quick step

  230. Nem says:

    You can see the blurring filter behind the rear paw.

  231. bilorn says:

    I know it's fake, but if something makes me laugh that hard it must be considered a good thing!

  232. Mmm says:

    I love how people are saying that the front legs are missing…umm the back legs were removed you idiots! Why would you remove th head and delete the front when it's easier to cut off the back and add a tail?

  233. Risingmoon says:

    hi i dont get it…. is it real?????????????????????????????? if it is OMG

  234. Risingmoon says:

    I just realized a flaw….. the leg is blurred…… How damn funny!

  235. Risingmoon says:


  236. Talon says:

    OH! the cat's body is turned, and the leg is out making it look like that! But it does look photoshoped…

  237. Gabriel says:

    Believe me, this is not photo-shopped but a plain camera angle and perspective trick. The innocent cat just landed from the low fence in the background and taking a left turn almost simultaneously thus the abdomen, buttocks and the hind legs are hidden behind the chest. Come to think of it, this kind of habitus is not compatible with life as the animal (as shown) will have no space for either the gut or the lungs. Pay a close attention to the tail. It's not really attached to the head or the back of the chest, on the contrary, it look as if it's coming from an hidden distant part. The to legs that you can see are the front ones and it will surely be impossible for this animal to balance (not to talk of running) with this kind of disability.

    Note also that the shadow just below the left leg is denser. This was apparently casted by the hidden tommy and the hind legs.

    If anyone wants to prove otherwise let him provide other pictures of the same catty.

  238. avery kucan says:

    i saw the video. it is 1 frame taken out of a twirling cat. his body is behind his front, whth his legs pointing straight back, and the tail to its right (our left) it is an illusion

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  241. Pinky212 says:


    I knew I'd seen this some place else. Must be the "thing" going around. LOL

  242. davo says:

    It's just a white cat, with it's ears down and at a weird angle to the camera, you can't see it's tail or one of it's back legs and most of it's rear from the camera angel. Likely the left rear foot touching the ground was shopped out. Cat reacting to a dog or other cat.

  243. malerie says:

    its shopped , yu can see the blur .

  244. Big Boi Swag says:

    Yeah its shopped there is a slight blur right behind the cats tail , , , still weird as hell !

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