works microsoft Low conversations murmured around us, teasing and casual. I realized that he sounded suddenly older than me — like a parent or a teacher.
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Best Job in the World… Yoga Instructor!

Posted By: on August 19, 2009

Speaking of being lucky… which one of these two do you think is the luckiest?

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187 Responses to “Best Job in the World… Yoga Instructor!”

  1. b says:

    sweeeeeet baby jesus!

  2. benT says:

    I'D DO IT!

  3. robin yates says:

    the possibilities for fun seem endless in this job

  4. Diu Thaker says:

    The best. No other word

  5. Alexsi says:

    OOOH YES BABY :)))

  6. Irfan Khan says:

    Hi Every One

  7. mark says:

    any vacancy? i'm good at this job!

  8. Esem says:

    Crazy people, in this Funny world

  9. allow me says:

    was it for real?

  10. zealer says:

    I'm sure he is missing one finger in each hand. Oh wait…

  11. reza says:

    oh my god

  12. lisa says:

    i'd be so wet if i was one of those girls. that's highly inappropriate. …. ;)

  13. abner says:

    wow awesome is that legal ^_^

  14. Susti says:

    I am job less pls give me this job

  15. kurt says:

    wow, sweet, the best one

  16. really its the best job in the world as it highly sensitive and full with adventure and dangers.

  17. Mary says:

    Ha! They're all men retards!

  18. Speaktome says:

    I was reading what all of you write here…I will try to be polite….are you sick…? If you are a woman..lets say you are..what make you wet of his touch..? His hundred years old…why you stay only to comments if that make you horny..go..and make money didn't understand what I mean…selling your body baby to mathousalas will enjoy it…And the..if you are a man…how stupid you can be except of one of didn't realize that they are all hungry…and starving you are for sex..really..when was your last time you have it..except of your hand..thats not count don't see it..A! Ok..may be you like a man touch. What else can I say….good luck ..go….then you see….and as you said you will enjoy it..all of You!

  19. Listentome says:

    Bet Speaktome is ugly, huge and stupid

  20. Markus says:

    they are Not all guys, no guy in his right mind would war a sports top/bra like the girl on the right "blond"

  21. aadi says:


    i also wanna do this as a part time

    its seems so yamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  22. cem says:

    Crazy people, in that Funny world

  23. gstraat says:

    hahaha, yeah rightt..

  24. girlfriday says:

    It seems so sick that he would touch women inappropriately like that. If it was a younger Yoga instructor I would let him feel me up in his office..working out makes me wet and horny..but that old fucker just wants a cheap thrill. I would have kicked him in the nuts if he try to finger fuck me through my spandex..fucking pervert!

    Oh, I did let my dog lick my happy place one time when I was insanely horny one night..ok..and I let hi shoot some sperm on my vag..does that make me a bad person? Yes, I really did it…and I still finger myself sometimes thinking about it..but it's actually disgusting…eeewwwww!

  25. alex says:

    you're crazy gurl :|

  26. bahman says:

    I Like fucking yoga

  27. salman says:

    lol that's amazing touching girl's bumms while training

  28. 囧歌 says:

    oh yeah!!! -_-!!

  29. oded says:

    the guys probably get no love whatsoever! i'd still take the class.

  30. Dickman says:

    Ah ffs who stole my push bike, I'm sure I left it here!

  31. jj says:

    is this a bowling alley??? guy is obviously checking for the right drillings!

  32. bahman says:


  33. sjon says:

    been there, done that.

    Well, not exactly but similar enough. Good job but not as exciting as that. It aren't all gorgeous women you got to help. The stiff, old and fat need more help and eat your time. Dudes too.

  34. InternetCooking says:

    Speaktome is right guys. After all, having naughty thoughts is a sin. We'll all burn to hell

  35. darkblu says:

    lol, imagine if it was YOUR girlfriend being fingered by that fat old bastard

  36. Uros Lates says:

    I want to be a Yoga guru!!! :D

  37. sic says:

    f idiot pervert old fart

    i wish he s dead now

  38. Nicole says:

    Oh, ha, look at all the comments, notice, it's all men who want this job. xD

    Ehh, at least we know they aren't gay. :D

  39. Hitzilla says:

    LOL.. He must be a virgin and trying a cheap sexual relief..

    LOL @ Speaktome … It is a just a funny photo. I feel bad if you are a virgin too.. LOL …

  40. pressviews says:

    oh wao, its really good job .. :)

  41. Mookan says:

    Supeeeeeeeerb job!

  42. Ibbo says:

    What a dude!!!! hahahahahahahaha I'd like a job like this!!!!! hahahahaha

  43. Go Dahab In holiday says:

    really amazing wrok ;)D

  44. omg says:

    c-mon guys, this is fake, it's photoshopped. the guy is leaning forward.

  45. botwa says:

    Retarded people have rights too!

  46. al7anoon88 says:

    wooooooooooooow can i be your assestant please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. ryan says:

    wow that is the best job in the world. good thing i am qualified in that field. as a fitness,pilates and yoga instructor. haha that gona be me hahahahahahahahahahaha suckers!!!!

  48. bheki says:

    thats the job!!

  49. Sören says:

    Older people are crazy :)

  50. ruthy da don says:

    checking who got the fattest cooch

  51. ruthy da don says:

    hes a virgin not worrie

  52. ASDFASFASDF says:


  53. Katrina says:

    stupid grl but like your pu@#$ mUuuuuuuuahhhhhhhh

  54. where to aply for this nice job?

  55. Zerotolerance says:

    After have there poo guy badly stinky fingers LOOOL

  56. truth says:

    Speaktome-obviously a prude and not from this continent, his sentences sound like count draculas or something,

    and Zerotolerance just sounds drunk…lol.. at work….

    Not OBVIOUSLY photoshoped, and not even obvious these two are men. Funny to read the comments, you can tell who are the men. hahaha,

    Zealer: LMAO, Lisa: Wanna meet cha! Sic: you need to take your chill meds

    If they were women, "gross DOM get your hands off my box", If they are men, "gross DOM, get your hands off my balls"

    Either way the DOM knows they can't fight back as they are stuck in the Reverse pretzel.

    and finally if the are men or women and he has actually got his hands on their junk, then I guess……good for the Dirty Old Man.

    hilarious replies people…cheers!

  57. brixxx says:


  58. Cgrusta says:

    Isn't this yoga teacher creative! – How funny! Thank you for posting this.

    A friend has sent me to this page. Thanks to both for making me laugh.

  59. indigo airlines says:

    very funny

  60. Kevin says:

    LOL. Lucky instructor =). Wish I will be him ! Thanks for this funny pic

  61. Dear sir, I am Yoga teacher havin,,g degree Yoga from Indian university.I would like to as Yogatherapyst.Looking for the sanmw job thanks

  62. raaidh says:

    hey you need to fuck all tooo when there letting you touch

  63. Bia says:

    Muito safado,esse instrutor…

  64. Zirus says:

    This would be the world greatest job….till a guy decides to sign up for the class …. :(

  65. qwerty says:

    lol no body of them are man

  66. Idiotbox says:

    I wish i was that instructor…it’s not hard to imagine why it’s a best job in the world…. :-)

  67. maxa says:

    barefeet :o)

  68. neha oberoi says:

    shitt those bitches r allowing him to touch there….its better to die than yogaa…son of a bitches n daughters of a bitch…..

  69. Lim says:

    He can't say that he has ten finger.

  70. pdf search says:

    lol ^o_O^ … great! :D

  71. a says:

    8's a best profession……, where can i go to apply 4 dis job?

  72. Astang B. Lata says:

    Yeah! Definitely the best job out there…

  73. Loykens says:

    I really love to apply this job:)

  74. girish says:

    ahhhhh what a soft feel !!!!!!!! wish i would had been in there !

  75. binge birger says:

    Jeg vil have mine penge Troels Olivero cpr. 170658-1029. NU!

    Og jeg skal nok få dem, tro mig, bagefter fixer vi den del af din lille latterlige side som jeg ikke kan lide.. This is going to be fun :)

    En anden dag kan vi jo lave et citat af landsretsdommeren om den kære modparts advokat, Carl-Erik Nielsen, jeg er ganske sikker på at vi kan få meget morskab ud af nogle specielle citater, en 20 minutter lang monolog foretaget af landsretsdommeren der skriger af den gode advokat Carl-Erik Nielsen.. Carl-Erik, vil du selv have lov til at komme med GULDCIATATET en dommer NOGENSINDE kan sige om en advokat og hans evner indenfor faget?

  76. lolatthispost says:

    i'm pretty sure that guy would have a few lawsuits against him

  77. BASHIR says:

    This is not yoga boss simply fun how to fuck girls in different way . and i better know thisjob plzzzzzz give me one chance i will fucking hard all of them plzzzzz boss.

  78. das says:

    worst part would be the guys

  79. milan says:

    guyz will love this job;)

  80. willy g says:

    i'm the best man for this job. . .

  81. farzan says:

    i can"t see This page bec fillter

  82. Raj says:

    any vacancies

  83. bob says:

    I like where his hands are at.

  84. Lex says:

    At first glance, it looks like the guy is enjoying this (chances are he may be a genuine fag), and the women are too-busy-with-work-attention-whores that don't have sex often, and too dumb to notice that the guy simply invents reasons so he can jam his fingers in their holes for cavity-checks. Because i can't explain why the f**k does he need to do that? I mean they have their legs behind their necks and he needs to check their pussies for what?! That's why women are named in many ways. Because they are so fukin gullible and this guys is taking advantage of that playing them at his will. Good job Sir! I'm not a misoginist btw. I love pusseh!


    Me, I'd be like Charles Bronson in The Great escape with these coochies, diggin tunnels that is. ;s "See me after class at private tutoring ladies!"

    Sign me up!

  85. kade says:

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  86. wow nice job and i wish i would be an instructor lovely enjoyable job. heheheh

  87. sickcheapo says:

    sri k i guess was a perv

    i wonder how many girls got their vag's fingered by the old creep. im sorry but pushing doesnt help you get deeper into the pose.

  88. jesus says:

    I'll do it whitout a salary

  89. girish says:


  90. Kaiman says:

    This yoga position is called 'The Bowling Ball.'

  91. kailashaa says:

    i only think that these girls are very stupid, they are not thinking that what they are doing. it's worst but that's why girls are called girls??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  92. Rahull says:

    U all sucks….. These bitches hired tht bald man.. For sexoyoga!!

  93. Rahull says:

    Neha obrai to celebrity hai….!!

  94. APoC says:

    funny!… touching girls bumms was a part of yoga training? hahaha.. now thats interesting muahaha!

  95. Babani says:

    I'm willing to work for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  96. Arvind nahray says:

    Hmmm I am planning to change my job …….

  97. sosi says:

    moooomy wher y

  98. DEEPAK SHARMA says:

    M also a yoga expert but not getting enough avenues for opening my own school here in India….wish i could be so…m young,athletic and cool too….but this bald man steals the show….

  99. DEEPAK SHARMA says:


  100. That's a yoga instructor?

  101. vivek says:

    fantastic and will not ask for retirement in this job.

  102. Name says:

    Nigga desgraçado

  103. jayasimha says:

    Dear all,

    This guy can not be a yoga instructor, c his tummy.

    this sims to be a created pic for fun.

    or else if it is true, then next moment those female may have kicked the bastard nicely.

  104. Metarzuchee says:

    Call me old-fashioned if you may…but why the touching of the butts?

  105. Brian says:

    No comments on girl'sfriend's comment (11895)? She had her dog eat her out! That's sick…this photo is just funny.

  106. khan says:

    ok, where in the world do yoga instructors touch you?

    and even if he has to , its certainly not this spot!

    the old fart just sees the opportunity, seeing all the ppl tied up !

    the poor ppl dont even know who fingered them,

    by the time they straighten up, he'll be gone….

  107. Oriana says:

    I'd break his dick off

  108. kanaano says:

    realy its good and best job!

  109. AssMan says:

    I'll work for FREE!

  110. moran says:

    it's the best job i can do it

  111. Snrrph says:

    Two Hands , Ten Fingers, Hundreds of Bums,..wooooooooooooohoooooooooooooo

    Sweet Spot on the Volcano

  112. smsgalore says:

    super job i love to do……

  113. pctime says:

    Wow, it's really lucky.

  114. Wow that was indeed the best job I've ever seen, however that is normal to them as it is part of their job..

  115. shipu says:

    i am suteablly for this kind jobs

  116. Nexus biorobotic says:

    i will sell house, parents, drop mu job FOR THIS ONE!!! LUCKY BASTARD!!!

  117. Hot Trend says:

    funny really wkwkwkwkkwk this a really best of the best job

  118. gudipudi says:

    oh my god……h ah aha its so funny

  119. John says:

    How come he dont get a slap by the women or their guys!!!

  120. Anonymous says:


    good lock

  121. Farooq says:

    it's very hard and awesome

  122. Satz says:

    Is there a vacancy?

  123. abdulnizar says:

    thank you photo copan very

  124. ltnripley says:

    i wonder if he sniffed his fingers after that?

    I WOULD!

  125. sinema izle says:

    wow, sweet, the best one

  126. my dady says:

    ¡¡oooooops my finger go thru ,, mmmm is all wet sorry

  127. Rogerio says:

    Este instrutor de yoga e um sacana

  128. sam says:

    good that he is not using his male sexual part to puch the ladies, haha.

  129. Karthik says:

    forget the pay check will work for free

  130. rider says:

    what a fine job he is doin every man wish to grab tht job hihihihi

  131. Sayan says:

    This is damn best job in the word…plz give me this job…

  132. cookie says:

    it would be funny if gas came out, serves him right

  133. Santa's assista says:

    Not really the best. The best job in the world is Santa Clause's job. Why? Coz only Santa Clause know addresses of all naughty girls in the world!

  134. lark says:

    I would of kick his balls!!!! he's disgusting!!!!!

  135. Bett Cheru says:

    You r OWSOME! Your stuff just great great great….

  136. ninja monkey says:

    Some jobs are their owm reward!

  137. Kamal says:

    That improves the girls' concentration to one central point perhaps :P

  138. Trumpcard says:

    yess… these two here look about the hottest let me touch their asses…

  139. minchio says:

    Yeah, but that's his daughter and wife, so no biggy…

  140. zara says:

    this guy knows what he is doing…he is ghross and he should be arrested

  141. PDDY says:

    I don't think that is real!

  142. wareez lawal says:

    9ice 1 i wish to be employed in such a job

  143. David says:

    as much as this looks like something you would do to your wife or girlfriend this guy is just creepy.

  144. youssef says:

    Does he do the same for men lol

  145. didine says:


  146. CESAR says:


  147. stan says:

    Holy shit, these are the dumbest comments I've ever heard in my fucking life.

  148. StopTheInsanity says:

    He's a yoga instructor????

    Maybe they should strive to follow the example of someone who at least looks like he works out?

    I bet he can't do the 'downward dog' or any other yoga position…

    The women should kick their legs up and at his face for touching them there.

    But yeah… nice job….

  149. ujang says:

    Eta Meni Cabul = "satanic fill in my hand"

  150. Zakaria says:

    hellllllllllllllllllllllllllo every one how can i do

  151. master says:

    ooooh , its very good job

  152. person8c says:

    Ew. I would stay away from instructors like that. It's way too inappropriate.

  153. m0t0rid3r says:

    It's obviously edited, if you'll zoom in on the hand its a bit deformed, probably it was repositioned so it might look like the old guy is touching the middle part.

  154. Rafa says:

    Are the fingers supposed to be almost in the girls?

  155. prince irfan says:

    i love it

  156. Sayantan Chatterjee says:

    is there any will fit with me

  157. pene says:

    ese entrenador se pagea en la cara de las alumnas

  158. Sidi says:

    Báh! Quero um emprego destes pra mim. E elas gostam.

  159. Miniie says:

    Hey Dumbos..

    zoom the picture and see.. it is photoshopped..

    see how many fingers on the right hand.. and all out of shape.. and looks like draculas' hand..!

    how can a old fat man teach yoga, and what is he doing in there..

  160. tito says:

    i can do it for free!!!!!!!!

  161. CrazyBoo says:

    mmmmm finger lickin' goooood. Finger that kitty ;)

  162. koroosh says:

    wao its realy best job

  163. jeza says:

    Theirs a lot of perv's out there

  164. jeza says:

    welllll the bait is there and Lucky can lead you to jail, …. perv's lol

  165. gbalkrishna says:

    If atall I open "Yoga school" and the Fello beg job at my Yoga school I will ask him to detach both hands then apply for YOGA instructer.

  166. SandSniper556 says:

    I think one of those is a dude..

    look at the meaty arms on the one on the far left.

  167. rono says:

    i think he has no dick. so he got dis job.

  168. dr Shaden N says:

    it depends on women smells

  169. #2 says:

    good lord… is that legal at all? (wonder if I need another job)

  170. Vince says:

    Well, it's hands on experience man. The girls aren't complaining are they??

  171. styop says:

    Wow! All I have to say is that I would be working with a hard on all day if that was me. lol

  172. sssss says:

    extracting jusssice frm pusssy

  173. stylo says:

    Its really ridiculous, do you have more pics plzz share

  174. hotdog says:

    …jajay nice job

  175. Patrizier 4 says:

    Hello! That is a gr8 edu blog. I think edu stands for quality posts (=

  176. gigi says:

    Hi everybody, I admit the picture is very funny, but it's also obvious is photoshopped, you don't need to be a genius to recognize it…

    And just for information of all those people who said this fat man can't be a yoga teacher, well you should know the bold man is Sri K.P.Jois and is one of the greatest yoga teacher of modern time, responsible for a large part of yoga you can now find in western countries, teacher of thousands of people betwen which very famous people like Madonna, Sting, Gwyneth Paltrow and many others.

    He died just last year and in this picture he was over 90 years old and still teaching with devotion. Is full all over the planet of his students and every single one of them could tell you which wonderful soul he was, for sure not capable even to think about doing something so wicked like in this picture.

    By the way I find this picture hilarious, but I can't say the same for some comments, please pay respect for this special man who gave so much to humanity.

  177. nomnomnom says:


    Try to speak English.

  178. Awesome. I bet you a lot of those girls get off on that kind of stuff because their husbands don’t know what to do… Its ok ladies, you don’t have to admit it, just silently acknowledge it.

  179. Free ppt says:

    I really love to apply this job..

  180. برنامج says:

    Crazy people, in this Funny world

  181. celebs says:

    ohh wao that very good job even you get paid for this? lol ..:)

  182. Fotograf in Osnabrück is the best job!

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