Will They Build It? KFC & Krispy Kreme (Luther Double Down)


With all the KFC Double Down hype recently (from the Double Double Down to the Quad Down and more) we knew we had to one-up all the madness that is this meat monster of a sandwich. What to do? Well the choice is obvious. Take the infamous Double Down and the fabled Luther Burger and make the KFC & Krispy Kreme Fried Chicken Luther Double Down Sandwich.

So what you’ve got here is one tasty mother of a sandwich that starts with a half Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut, extra Colonel’s Sauce (gotta get in those added calories where you can), fried chicken breast, Colonel’s Sauce, cheese slice, bacon, cheese slice, fried chicken breast and other half doughtnut.

What you end up with is over 900 calories of tongue flipping delight. This thing will not only supply you with enough calories, sodium, sugar and fat for a good part of your day it will keep you up and running for a bit. The inevitable afternoon crash was not the best though…as there is now a brick in the belly. I do highly recommend you give this a shot though. I know it sounds far fetched but it’s actually quite delicious.

Step 1: Hit up the the KFC and Krispy Kreme conveniently located in the same parking lot

Step 2: Purchase KFC Double Down and Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnut through the drive-thru (no need burning calories when you’ll be consuming so many)

Step 3: Speed home in delight with your treasures

Step 4: Slice glazed doughnut in half and invert

Step 5: Remove Double Down and place on bottom “bun”

Step 6: Add extra Colonel’s Sauce and add top “bun”

Step 7: Consume the wonder that is the Luther Double

Step 8: Have a mouth-gasm!

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