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Top 10 General Larry Platt “Pants on the Ground” Remixes

Posted By: on January 15, 2010

pantsIf you haven’t heard of General Larry Platt by now odds are you aren’t actually reading this post because anyone with any internet connection whatsoever whether it be dial-up, via phone or even a Peek Twitter has heard about his American Idol audition. He is taking the online world by storm and leaving a trail in his wake. As evidence he will be on The View Monday January 18th at 10AM.

He wooed the judges in Atlanta with his self written song “Pants on the Ground” this last Wednesday night. It turns out that General Larry is actually quite a bad ass. Here is a little information about him:

  • He is 62 years old
  • September 4, 2001 was deemed Larry Platt Day in Atlanta by The Georgia General Assembly.
  • He gathered to march with the Civil Rights Veterans Movement in 1963 with Reverend Hosea Williams and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • He helped organize sit-ins with both the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
  • He caught a beat down during the Bloody Sunday March in 1965.
  • His nickname “General” was bestowed upon him by Rev. Hosea Williams due to his work with the civil-rights movement.

Not since William Hung (here are the best Hung remixes) has there been a more beloved American Idol try-out that has not been sent through to LA. As any true meme he has already spawned the requisite domain names, ring tones, Facebook Fan pages, t-shirts, graphs and of course YouTube remixes. Here are the top of the bunch for your enjoyment.

C-ENes Club Remix

The “Official” Pants on the Ground Remix

Obie Trice “Got Some Teeth” Remix

Fabolous – Can’t Deny It Remix

DJ Monopoly T-Pain (Auto-tune) Remix

Nostalgia Remix

XAttacx Remix

Mr. Ponies Remix

Acoustic Remix

Here’s is one of the best remixes but it is available via download only. Download: Double-0 – Pants on The Ground (Remix)

4 Responses to “Top 10 General Larry Platt “Pants on the Ground” Remixes”

  1. Joe DiMaggio says:


    By far the best remix, C-ENes. Read in the comments for the downloaded improved one.

    Best by far.

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