10 Affordable and Unique Steampunk Must-Have Items


What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction, alternate history, and speculative fiction that gained notoriety during the 1980’s and early 1990’s. The name is derived from “cyberpunk” in the 1980’s regarding science fiction and coined by the science fiction author, J.W. Jeter, who was trying to describe various Victorian science-fiction works, having the term used in a number of entertaining trends, such as stories, video games and fashion.

In the Art/Fashion world, Steampunk is a pseudo-Victorian mechanical style using materials such as polished brass, iron, wood, and leather with artistry and essentials coinciding with the Victorian era. They are eccentric pieces of art that expanded popularity within Goth, punks, cybergoths, industrial music fans and gaming communities, that is a continuous movement towards instituting Steampunk as a culture and lifestyle.

Today, the Steampunk style is gaining popularity with the online culture.

We have found 10 interesting pieces you may want to add to your wardrobe or Steampunk collection.

1. Steampunk Wizard of Oz Tinman Necklace

Steampunk Wizard of Oz Tinman Necklace

(Via freeheart1)


2. Steampunk Jewelry Ring Vintage Watch Movement

Steampunk Jewelry Ring Vintage Watch Movement

(Via SteamDesigns)


3. Steampunk Fascinator

Steampunk Fascinator

(Via RedsRibbons)


4. The Mechanical Insect (Watch Part) Necklace

(Via sweetheartsinner)


5. Steampunk Industrial Cocktail Ring

(Via qacreate)


6. Steampunk Goggles

(Via HAMBOT5000)


7. Steampunk Nerf Gun

(Via HAMBOT5000)


8. Steampunk Bracelet

(Via edmdesigns)


9. Men’s Steampunk Hat

(Via OnceUponABustle)


10. Steamlight Desk Lamp

(Via lightexture)


Steampunk is making “old” new again.

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