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Dutch Mechanic

20 Homemade Things That Shouldn’t Be Home-Made

Posted By: on May 12, 2010

Sure we’ve all in that moment of unclarity felt like we could handle the problem ourselves using our MacGyver like skills but there are certain instances where it’s just better to lay down the money and call in the professional. Here are some examples of when things should not be “home-made”.

…speaking of things that shouldn’t be homemade.

Circular Saw


Hot Tubs





Playground Equipment

Motorcycle Headlights

Golf Clubs



Electrical Poles

Bicycle Child Seats

Central Heating

Cell Phone Batteries

Automobile Aerodynamics


Diving Boards

Circuit Breakers


13 Responses to “20 Homemade Things That Shouldn’t Be Home-Made”

  1. My friend would love the homemade toilet.

  2. Hoomer Dean says:

    Wow that is just too cool dude.


  3. my friend would love the toilet

  4. Fellipe Navarro says:


  5. Jack says:

    I hate to say it but, a few of these are fairly well constructed.

    Good ol' American (or broke-ass) engineering at it's best.

  6. The hottub idea was actually pretty clever.

  7. That is a classic list of pics!! Chuckled myself to sleep on this one … :)

  8. Game Critic says:

    WTF! That diving board is off the hook…literally

  9. grumula says:

    most of these are win!

  10. Cyclonus says:

    Man talk about REDNECKS.

  11. Rolando says:

    all ideas start somewhere

  12. Jack says:

    Haha, that flamethrower is awesome. Great use of old bike handles. Now only if I can find a way to reuse the leftover parts of an old bike. :D

  13. I must have your layout tell me where you got it PLEEEAAAASSSEE!!

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