How To Design Your Home Using a Palette Of Blue And Green


Most people opt for complementary shades when decorating their homes. For example, incredibly popular color combinations are that of green and purple, gold and blue, and turquoise and cream.

However, if you would like your home to stand out, you should consider changing things up a bit when it comes to painting your feature walls. Here we will take a look at how to design your home using shades of blue and green.

A Cool Palette Of Blues And Greens

Many people believe that blue and green simply do not work well together. In the same way, with pink and red and navy and black, the two colors are traditionally frowned upon when it comes to decorating.

With that being said, if you opt for a stylish and more subtle approach, blue and green can actually give your home a refreshing new look.


Since both colors are quite dark, it is very important that enough natural light is present. If your room does not feature too many windows, you could also fill the space with additional ceiling lights or lamps. Ensure that they are spread out so that the entire room becomes illuminated.

Choosing The Feature Walls

Choosing which walls you are going to be painting is a crucial step in the decorating process.

It is highly recommended that you do not paint two adjacent walls blue and green. This can create a very strong contrast that simply does not look very appealing.

Instead, spread the two colors out around the room. If you are decorating more than one room in the house, you could paint the feature wall of one room blue and the feature wall in an attached room green. This ensures that both colors are still seen while not dominating the space to the point where it becomes overwhelming.

Your Furniture And Decor

Since blue and green are such strong colors, it is very important that you balance the room out with some subtle furniture and decor.

For example, you could fill the space with a stylish coffee table that breaks up the color. Alternatively, a TV stand, cabinet, or shelving of some sort could be placed in front of the feature wall.

Final Thoughts

If done subtly, blue and green can add a refreshing look to your home. However, it is essential that you find ways in which to break up the colors.

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