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5 Ways to Make Relocation Easier on Your Kids

Posted By: on December 26, 2013

When times are tough, employers often tweak operations and shuffle assets in an effort to remain profitable, and flexibility becomes an important attribute for any employee who wants to remain essential to business. In the most extreme situations, flexibility can mean relocation.

Considering a move is a big deal for any family, especially for those with children, it’s important to make the transition painless and fun. Here are five tips to assuring that your kids will benefit from your family’s relocation just as much as your employer will.

1. Ensure that quality education won’t be compromised

Quality education isn’t just about stats or rankings. It also requires a safe, harmonious environment, a location conducive to learning, teachers who encourage both success and a positive approach to failure, and a curriculum that is well rounded by arts, activity, music and exploration.

While switching schools is often the most dreaded aspect (both for parents and children) of any move, relocation can actually provide a rare opportunity and result in improved education and prospects for your children. So, carefully researching, visiting, and interviewing faculty at any prospective new school should be an imperative.

2. Reach out to other families

Children will tell you that the worst part about moving is leaving their friends behind. Don’t devalue or dismiss these concerns, because they reflect a very important step in the development of your child’s healthy social- elf. Forming bonds with peers and identifying with a social group are important steps on the way to a well-adjusted adulthood.

So, if you have a fairly young, elementary-aged child, ask your company to put you in touch with other employees from your new town who are parents of similarly aged children. Before your family moves, encourage your child(ren) to develop pen-pal based friendships with a few children in their new town. This will help alleviate feelings of loneliness and alienation your child might otherwise suffer.

3. Carefully shop neighborhoods

Keeping your children in mind when you shop neighborhoods is essential. How close will you be to parks, forests, lakes, streams and other areas kids can freely explore? Are there plentiful sidewalks? How close is the school? Is there a backyard with trees and grass? Do other children live nearby? Are there problems present, such as vicious dogs, active train tracks, factories, highways, or untrustworthy neighbors?

Considering your future home from the perspective of your child is an important step in any family relocation.

4. Sign up for sports

Transfer your child’s current activities in advance of your move. Do they take an art class at the community college each summer? Sign them up for something equivalent in your new town. The same applies for sports, private and group lessons like piano, guitar, or dance, and hobbies such as reading, collecting insects or riding horses.

If they have something they love to do, get them excited about doing it in your new town. Involve them in investigating their new possibilities, and let them participate in choosing where they’ll sign up or what they want to explore most when they arrive. Kids who are stimulated and active are happier and less anxious, as well as immune from the ennui of boredom.

5. Plan ways to stay connected

Children tend to think that goodbye is forever, unless you help them see that leaving is a natural part of life. Instead of breaking them apart from their friendships, favorite places and memories, allow time to naturally soften the blow. In the interim, devise ways to nurture their feelings about the past.

If they have a summer camp they love to attend, let them continue going to it after you move, even if it requires a longer trip. Encourage regular communication via Internet, phone, and snail mail with close friends from your old home. Plan an annual trip back that involves visiting favorite spots with friends. These steps will encourage your child to develop a confident attitude toward change, and that’s a priceless lesson.

When all is said and done

No matter how hard you try or what steps you take, change is hard for children. Heck, it’s even hard for adults. Ensuring that your relocation is in your best interest is the only way to guarantee that it will benefit your entire family. So think ahead, carefully plan, and work with your employer to candidly discuss all aspects of your move, and your children will do just fine.

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4 New SEO Strategies for the New Year: How to Thrive in 2014

Posted By: on December 26, 2013

As we draw the curtain on 2013, the approaching holiday means it’s time to plan our SEO strategies for the coming year. Staying ahead of the ever-changing calendar is crucial during transitional periods, and looking to the future with an innovative eye will keep you ranked ahead of the competition.

Here are a few New Year’s strategies that will help you hold on to your place on page one:

1. Focus on content marketing

As essential as content marketing already is to successful SEO, Google will be taking steps to make it even more significant in the coming year. So get into the spirit of the season, because those who give will be well primed to receive.

Content that aims to educate, illuminate, and otherwise aid Web users is content Google wants to encourage, so the search engine will reward the selfless and punish the greedy more than ever in the coming years. As a way to ensure you have Google’s good graces on your side, avoid publishing site content that only serves to self-promote. Google wants you to scratch your industry’s back, not that hard-to-reach itch on your own.

2. Give in to Google+

Google+ is a lot like that joke your uncle tells after each Christmas dinner – the embarrassing one about your aunt that makes her mad and makes everyone else uncomfortable. The joke that no one has laughed at, ever.

Well, just like your uncle (and let’s admit, Google shares a lot of strange qualities with your uncle, especially when he’s had a few) Google just can’t give up Google+. In fact, though Google+ might be Google’s biggest embarrassment, Google is strapped to its success–the whole situation is quite Sisyphean.

This year is no different. In fact, it’s worse. Google wants someone to laugh at that joke. So instead of resisting, be the one who laughs first. Be regularly active, use Google authorship as best you can, and amp up your Google+ presence. Google will show you its benevolent and grateful side in the form of improved rankings.

3. Improve your social life

The extent to which social media bolsters SEO has yet to be fully discovered. This year, we learned a good deal about how essential social sharing can be (especially on Twitter and Facebook), and the trend will continue next year.

Make sure you’re using social media outlets for more than self aggrandizement or advertisement (remember tip #1). This will actually improve your standing amongst users who really prefer to be marketed to in a less overt fashion and please Google. Share links, images, infographics, and ideas that enhance the online experience. This kind of content generates more shares, and Google sees shares as indications you’ve provided useful and quality content. Share as though your company’s reputation were at stake–because essentially, it is.

4. Optimize for mobile

Last but certainly not least, mobile optimization is going to play a huge role in 2014, with regard to both rankings and business success. Even if you achieve permanent page-one ranking, your business will be hampered if you don’t go mobile. As phones improve–and they’re improving virtually overnight–mobile users will expect site compatibility.

Remember when your business decided a Web page was essential to maintain relevance? The step-up to mobile is equally important. So, while you’re making a list of navigation and usability improvements for the Web for the new year, don’t overlook this crucial step. Especially since Google is making strides in mobile search development and will be using mobile compatibility to assess your page rank.

Have a happy New Year!

2014 is going to be a great year for SEO, and staying ahead of the game will ensure it’s also great for your company. Just remember to avoid wasting your time with tactics known in the SEO underground as black hat, and focus instead on quality content, back links, and social sharing.

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pivot Your Television

Posted By: on July 29, 2013

Meet a new television station, pivot, that seeks to shake up the status quo with new and original programming. Programming will range from documentaries to variety shows to unique takes on existing genres. For example, Read On »

A Couple Funny Easter Photos

Posted By: on April 4, 2010

One Ring To Rule Them All

Posted By: on October 25, 2010

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Neck, Back and Headache Relief From Chiropractic Care

Posted By: on December 23, 2013

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding chiropractic care is the notionthat it’s a glorified massage treatment. While chiropractic care does include the many of the same health benefits, it’s not a trip to the day spa.

Those who utilize the benefits of chiropractic care do so for various reasons, including spine health. Spine health is a major concern for those who live with back pain. The care of a chiropractor can help patients experience pain relief and improved health.

Chiropractic care targets the spine

Nearly 35 percent of Americans who visit chiropractors each year do so for reasons that include back pain. Chiropractors work to relieve back pain caused by a number of factors by manipulating the alignment of the spine so that it heals itself.

After a patient’s medical history is studied and his or her level of pain and symptoms are diagnosed and examined, a course of treatment is created. For some, only one or two alignments are needed to relieve pain caused by stress to the spine. For others, many additional treatments are needed.

Benefits of chiropractic care

There are many factors associated with back pain, and most have to do with the spine. Moving heavy objects, being involved in an accident or experiencing an injury can cause the spine to become misaligned. Even sitting at your desk all day can cause headaches and neck pain due to misalignment.

The benefit of chiropractic care for these issues is significant. While most acute pain of this nature does alleviate on its own, it can take as many as six weeks to do so. With the help of a chiropractor, patients will experience immediate relief from back and neck pain, as well as headaches.

Self-treating vs. chiropractic care

Many people believe they can cure their back and neck pain without the medical help of a chiropractor. This causes them to actually cause more injury and increase pain by cracking their backs in an effort to relieve pain.

There alignment you think you’re receiving from cracking your back is not like the alignment your chiropractor provides. For this reason, chiropractors do not recommend do-it-yourself pain relief.


When in pain, the best form of relief comes from a professional trained in spinal alignment. The benefits are significant and the risks are virtually nonexistent.

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The Amount of Time People Spend Online and Watching Television Is Higher Than Ever

Posted By: on December 21, 2013

Americans spend a good chunk of their time entertaining themselves. Even at work, most people spend at least part of their day browsing the Internet, playing with smart phones or sneaking in a little online shopping on iPads and other tablets.

More people spend time these days texting, emailing and using social media because their personal electronics make it easy to do. Add to that the number of people who talk on the phone and watch television each day and it’s amazing that people in this country manage to get anything done.

How much television people really watch

You might not think you spend too much time in front of the television – you don’t have time for that – but the average amount of time Americans spend watching television is almost four-and-a-half hours per day.

What people are watching is less important than how much of it they are watching, though more people prefer to watch entertainment such as sports, comedies and drama than they do the news and educational programs.

Time online

What’s even more astounding is how much time people spend on the Internet. The average American spends a shade more than five hours with digital media each day. They’re doing everything from chatting up friends on social media to uploading photos to shopping to playing games.

Bundling your television and Internet packages

When you add up the amount of time you spend online and watching television, it’s more than nine hours of your day. Since most people sleep a few hours per night, that’s a chunk of the waking day on both productivity and entertainment.

However, if you’re not being productive, at least you can save money while you’re being social. When you bundle your cable and Internet packages, you can spend significantly less money each month than what you would by paying separately. Additionally, you’ll receive faster, more reliable broadband Internet service, which makes your time online go by a lot faster.


Perhaps the amount of time people are spending online includes work and school-related research and it’s jumping the gun to assume they’re all trying to make it to the next level of Candy Crush. Regardless what you like to do with your time, at least do it with a few extra dollars in your pocket.

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New York Lotto’s Holiday Spirit

Posted By: on December 20, 2013


The New York Lottery wants to get residents of New York into the holiday spirit. This year they’re hosting a holiday themed photo contest. Visit the Facebook page for more information. The winners will be voted on and selected by December 23rd, so don’t waste any time. Winners will receive up to $500 in scratch off tickets and NY Lottery prizes.

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6 Ways Businesses Can Welcome the Older Generation

Posted By: on December 18, 2013

As we age, we may find it much more difficult to enjoy leaving the home. Our bodies grow tired and we are just not as mobile as we used to be. Reaching has become more difficult and so has understanding some aspects of life today. What we need is a more senior friendly type of world. The whole world might not be willing to change for the elderly, but there are some establishments that are cater to the older generation.

Sometimes, though, the changes are easy and inexpensive. Here are ways that six types of businesses have changed their strategies to attract seniors.


When it comes to necessary medications, seniors need to be able to read even the smallest prints. Pharmacies are helping seniors with this challenge. Many drug stores have have increased lighting and asked companies to increase font size on their packages.

2. Banks

Many banks are investing in doors that are lighter and easier to open. Many of the elderly generation have a very difficult time opening heavy doors and can even be injured in the process.

3. Hotels

Hotels are replacing chairs and couches with higher firmer versions for the senior citizen who can struggled with low seating and overly plump cushions. These simple changes have helped some hotels attract older clientele.

4. Retail stores

Chains such as Walgreens have noticed the problem with reaching and bending for products. Senior citizens sometimes even decide against certain products if they have to stretch to far to attain them. Stores are lowering shelves and rearranging product to make them more accessible.

5. Apparel

Many clothing stores are taking notes on how the older generation of today is dressing. Seniors are now living longer and remaining healthy. Their clothing styles are also changing. Stores are now marketing a younger style in sizes made to fit an older generation.

6. Restaurant styles

Most senior citizens of the past chose home-cooked meals over eating out. That’s changed, and today’s older generation is enjoying all sorts of food in local restaurants. Many restaurants market to seniors with techniques such as menus featuring comfort food.

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Today’s Smart, Multitasking Refrigerators Work Just As Hard As You Do

Posted By: on December 18, 2013

Used to be, the hardest part about picking a refrigerator was deciding whether the door should open to the left or right or choosing between basic white or a trendy color such as the popular 1950s shades of Petal Pink, Turquoise Green, Cadet Blue, Canary Yellow and the like.

Picking out a refrigerator is much more complex these days. They have evolved over time and now offer smart features that the 50s housewife would not have even pictured in her wildest dreams. Here’s what’s chillin’ in the world of refrigerators today.

What to look for

One feature you may want to keep in mind is whether the refrigerator is cabinet-depth. This means that the unit will line up with the edge of your existing cabinet, so that has a custom-built look. It doesn’t give you any more storage space than any other refrigerator, but you will have to pay more to be fashionable.

The French door refrigerator is one of the most popular models today. It has a streamlined appearance that appeals to modern consumers. One feature that is particularly attractive is the double freezer section. You can place items you use most often in the top section to avoid bending and stooping.

Multitasking for busy consumers

Some refrigerator models can dispense a precise amount of water on demand or automatically detect when your bottle or pot is full. Other models will dispense hot water, which is perfect when you want to make a bowl of soup or a cup of tea.

Newer models have blast chiller compartments that can chill a can of soda in about five minutes. With the built-in deodorizer compartments available now, there is no longer any need to put a box of baking soda into the fridge to keep it sweet-smelling.

Smart features available

You can find units that let you access items that you use often through a “door within a door” compartment, allowing you to bypass opening the main door and saving some money on your energy bill. Other refrigerators can send you a text message to let you know when the power is out or the water filter should be replaced.

If you really want to consider a stepped-up smart refrigerator, you can look at one that comes with an interface that will help you to identify a problem and offer troubleshooting tips. The smartest ones will help you with meal planning if you tell it what you have on hand by keying in the items one by one, using a drag and drop interface on a touchscreen.

How smart do would you like your refrigerator to be? Keep in mind that the more features you add, the higher the cost. Weigh the convenience against price, and you’ll be able to decide whether a smart fridge is a smart choice.

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Give A Little And Win

Posted By: on December 17, 2013

Give A Little and Win

California Lottery reminds you this holiday season that it’s the thought that counts. For those who do the most, shouldn’t you give them the chance to be worry free? Give the gift of California Lottery Holiday Scratchers and make those you care about remember this holiday season forever. Personalize your gift with a video message at

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Bacardi Is Untamable

Posted By: on December 16, 2013
Fires, earthquakes, revolutions are just a few of the insane obstacles that faced the Bacardi family over the years. Yet they continued on. Bacardi created a rum that embodies the fiery passions that have driven them for nearly two centuries. Learn more about the Bacardi family and their rum at

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4 Ways Any Business Can Boost Its Web Views

Posted By: on December 15, 2013

Whether your company exists solely online or is an actual bricks-and-mortar store, you probably have a website associated with your business. These days, an actual website, not just a social media presence, is an absolute must.

But how do you make your website stand out from the crowd, and reach the audience you want to reach? If your website isn’t helping your business, it might as well not exist.

It doesn’t matter if you built your site yourself or hired professionals; at the end of the day, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your site is targeting the appropriate potential customers.

You don’t need to be an expert webmaster to increase your page views, however. Here are three simple concepts anyone can implement to reach their target audiences better.

1. Localize

Your town, state, or other geographical location is a keyword you’ll want to use in your site. This is important because search engines will use this information when it comes to search results. They often take geography automatically into account when a person searches for a product or service.

If your business exists in a physical location such as a store, it’s easy to incorporate that location naturally into the text. “We’re North Carolina’s Number One Source for Widgets” and other common phrases can unobtrusively let readers and search engines know where you’re located.

While it’s pretty obvious why you want people to know where you are if you run a storefront, promoting your location is often overlooked by companies with online-only business.

But it shouldn’t be. Having a physical address for your business, even if customers don’t actually go there, promotes trustworthiness and confidence among your potential customers. People who live nearby may feel an automatic kinship.

2. Discuss your industry

Not every page on your site needs to be dedicated to your business. You can boost your page ranking if you include pages on your site that discuss your industry in general.

The dental industry mostly does this. A dentist will devote pages to introducing himself and his practice, but will also devote several pages to explanations of common dental procedures. Why? It creates pages people will find when they search for those common terms.

For instance, with the dental practice example, a site will dedicate a page to “Tooth Whitening.” That page will discuss the various techniques a dentist can employ to whiten your teeth, information on what to expect, and other general discussion of that topic.

The conclusion might include a line or two about how the specific doctor behind the website is a good choice for tooth whitening, but in general these information pages aren’t very “sales-y.”

3. Adapt to changing SEO techniques

Search Engine Optimization is the use of specific keywords in your content to position your site well in the search engines. Basically, it involves figuring out which words people are using when they search for your type of business, then using those words effectively so your business shows up near the top of the search results.

Major search engines have rules for how these keywords need to appear in the text, and those rules change over time in order to prevent abuse. It’s vital to stay up to date with the latest information on search engine optimization.

While you probably devote most of your time to running your business, it’s a good idea to take time to focus on your website now and then, too. The results can be well worth the effort.

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