Proof That Anything Can Be Deep Fried


What’s better than bacon? Deep fried bacon, that’s what! But why would someone deep fry bacon? Why not. Here’s a whole bunch of other foods people deep fried that you’d think wouldn’t ever be deep fried.

Next thing I’m frying is these guys.

1. Deep Fried Poptart

deep fried poptart

2. Deep Fried Asparagus

deep fried asparagus

3. Deep Fried Bacon

deep fried bacon

4. Deep Fried Bananas

deep fried bananas

5. Deep Fried Cheesecake

deep fried cheesecake

6. Deep Fried Corn

deep fried corn

7. Deep Fried Cupcakes

deep fried cupcakes

8. Deep Fried Hamburger

deep fried hamburger

9. Deep Fried Jelly Bellys

deep fried jelly bellys

10. Deep Fried Mac and Cheese

deep fried macaroni

11. Deep Fried Oreos

deep fried oreos

12. Deep Fried Pickles

deep fried pickles

13. Deep Fried Pizza

deep fried pizza

14. Deep Fried Soda

deep fried soda

15. Deep Fried Strawberries

deep fried strawberries

16. Deep Fried Waffles

deep fried waffles

17. Deep Fried Ham Sandwich

fried ham and cheese sandwich

18. Deep Fried Kit Kats

fried kit kat

19. Deep Fried Mars Bar

fried mars bar

20. Deep Fried Snickers

fried snickers bar

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