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Your Baby Can Be An Environmentalist

Posted By: on June 6, 2012

Stuffed Animal

Your baby can be an environmentalist! They just won’t know it. We all know the go green trend that’s picked up considerable steam in the past few years. Everything is going green. Green cars, green toilet paper, even green toys. It makes sense; if everything is going green, why shouldn’t kids toys? Lead-based paint in children’s toys is so yesterday. The new trend in the toy scene is organic.

So what exactly are organic toys? Well, they’re made from natural materials, and don’t use any unhealthy dyes. Sites like Ecomom explain that stuffed animal toys should be made out of cotton and colored using plants and minerals. A far cry from synthetic dyes and environmentally unfriendly stuffing materials. We all know that whatever you give a young child it’s most likely going to end up in their mouth, so many parents have made to the choice to buy organic toys.

It’s definitely a positive that toys are heading into the green direction, but what does this mean for the big toy makers? Obviously no one wants to buy a toy made out of lead, but a lot of the toys out on the market these days aren’t exactly 100% environmentally friendly. With everything green gaining popularity, I foresee a major shift in the way the big toy makers manufacture their products, moving into the organic market and promoting a more earth friendly image.

Next time you’re looking for a fluffy stuffed animal for your little guy or girl, check the details. It may not be made out of the most healthy and environmentally friendly materials. It doesn’t matter if you’re gung ho for green or just looking for a safer, more natural product. If it says 100% cotton, you’re off to a good start. Babies these days are so fashion forward with their organic cotton stuffed animals. It won’t be long until the big toy makers catch on and devote more resources into getting into the organic toy market.

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