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Scotty Trigg

You Will Never Party This Hard

Posted By: on July 4, 2010

No matter how hard you try, I find it hard to believe that you’ll ever be able to out party this guy. First off, he’s somewhere abroad…let’s just say Guam for shit-and-giggles, he’s obviously wasted (although that’s an assumption, it’s a reasonable one) so he’s already had a good time prior to this.

Next, he’s shooting off a massive rocket launcher at lord knows what (I’m sure some old van or something and will shortly see that explode to pieces)…and to top everything off, he’s got his pants in the dirt and his cock swaying in the wind. I would love to meet this guy and shake his hand. To me he’s more man than Chuck Norris, the Dois Equis Guy, and the Old Spice Guy all combined.

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