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Worker Talks Robber Out Of Robbing With Jesus

Posted By: on August 4, 2010

This is just an amazing story. A worker, Ms. Goncalves (20), talked a would be robber from stealing from the MetroPCS store that he works at in Pompano Beach, FL. The robber asked her to had over merchandise and money from the register and she stopped him, saying that she’d like to talk to him about Jesus, and that he has better plans for him.

The man admits that he is a Christian too. She continues to speak to him about praying to God and how she can help him find a job. The man explains that he needs $300 and that he’s spent the last three days trying to get the money. Veda Coleman-Wright, of Broward Country sheriff’s office said she has never seen anything like this before in her 14 years on the job. The man is wanted for attempted armed robbery.

“It touched me. I could never be able to think I could talk or preach to someone with a gun. I just felt like hugging him and saying please don’t do this.” – Goncalves

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