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Will They Build It? Taco Bell (Nacho Cheesy Blackjack Volcano Gordita Crunch)

Posted By: on November 27, 2009


Where: Taco Bell
What: A Cheesy Gordita using a Blackjack or Volcano hard tortilla shell with Blackjack sauce, nacho sauce & Lava sauce
Cost: $1.90
Success: No

Here at Top Cultured we’ve got a new feature called Will They Build It? We will attempt to have the workers at various fast food establishments build whatever concoctions we can come up with in our sick twisted minds (we’re also open to any suggestions readers might have). There are not any steadfast rules but it must be “off the menu”, price is not a consideration (we know in some cases they may be extremely ridiculous) and going into the restaurant we must have the item in mind and not try to tweak it at the counter. We really want to see if they can and will make strange item requests.

The first foray was to Taco Bell for the Nacho Cheesy Blackjack Volcano Gordita Crunch. The new Cheesy Gordita Crunch is a hard taco layered with melted cheese and a soft Gordita. It is a very reasonable $.89 but it needs a little boast. In step the Blackjack and Volcano tacos. The Volcano taco is your standard taco but with a red shell and Lava sauce. The Blackjack taco is a standard taco with a black shell and Blackjack sauce (which apparently is just Baja sauce but I’ve also been told it’s a Pepperjack sauce depending on which Taco Bell you’re at).

I placed my order and the cashier stared blankly at me for a second and paused. She put up her index finger, told me to “Wait a sec,” walked back to her co-worker and said, I’m not joking, “We’ve got a creator here.” They talked it over a bit and figured they would try their best.

Unfortunately they no longer had either of the red or black taco shells. What the end product came out as was a Gordita tortilla, melted cheddar, a regular hard taco shell, beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, pepperjack cheese, Lava Sauce, nacho cheese and Baja sauce.

It was quite close but not what we had in mind. We have failed in our first attempt at Will They Build It? Price-wise it was extremely cheap considering. She only charged me for one addition and it rang in at under $2 for quite a hefty item. With a little Fire sauce as well it actually wasn’t too bad, although I bet it clocks in at around 600 calories.


Nacho Cheesy Blackjack Volcano Gordita Crunch

Cheesy Gordita

Nacho Cheesy Blackjack Volcano Gordita Crunch


5 Responses to “Will They Build It? Taco Bell (Nacho Cheesy Blackjack Volcano Gordita Crunch)”

  1. NINpigNIN says:

    Don't feel too bad about the fail on this one, most Taco Bell employees fail at making regular menu items correctly.

  2. Jack Vermicelli says:

    You call the Cheesy Gordita Crunch new, but they've been around for years. They were even on the menu like five or ten years ago. Also, you mention tomatoes on what you got, but they seem to be absent from teh picture.

  3. Buttfuk says:

    Just so you know, baja and pepperjack sauce are the same thing.

  4. FrankTheTank- says:

    I routinely make the Tanquerito at Taco Bell, a Fresco Bean Burrito and a Chicken Burrito rolled up together, is the base model. Sometimes I add a Chicken Soft Taco and a Cheese Roll Up right in the middle for a Cheesy Tanquerito. I was concerned there would be too much tortilla, but there isn't. I have not asked for them to make it for me.

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