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When Fans Get Custom Jerseys

Posted By: on September 30, 2009

When your last name is Sanchez, you’re due a fair bit of teasing… at least as a kid. But when you play for the Jets, creative fans with custom jerseys will pick up the torch and continue the mockery no matter how old you are.


9 Responses to “When Fans Get Custom Jerseys”

  1. Marsh Hawk says:

    Did any one else notice the 666 ?

  2. dork says:

    Helps if you photoshop the letters in a block sans font. nice try though …FAKE

  3. dirty says:

    it was his knickname at USC too…

  4. Don says:

    I don't understand, why would having the last name of Sanchez mean your due a fair bit of teasing? Sanchez is a very common Hispanic last name. In case you didn't realize, Hispanics are very common all over most of the world, especially in New York and every other major city in America. Discriminate much?

  5. blahh says:

    its not photoshopped, the sanchez jersey is authentic whereas the Dirty was just printed from some kiosk in the mall that probably didnt have the same font. as far as don with his misunderstanding of dirty sanchez….. google it

  6. Joe says:

    OMG it's 6,6,6!

  7. Jay says:

    Don you idumbass, it's not a racial slur.

    Google "dirty sanchez"

  8. Urban Dic Tionary says:

    Pretty sure the term Dirty Sanchez has NOT been around long enough for kids of any age to make fun of….unless they're 2 year olds harassing each other about this sort of thing.

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