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Heesa Phadie

What Should I Eat? Produce Aisle Edition (Flowchart)

Posted By: on December 28, 2009

You may have seen Eating the Road’s previous flowcharts:
Fast Food
Chain Restaurant
Freezer Aisle

Well Eating the Road is now going to be posting as Heesa Phadie over here at Top Cultured. You’ll find the same great content just at this new home. This week we bring you the New Years apropos healthy Produce Aisle Flowchart. We get you to the food leaving you only to decide whether or not that cantaloupe is ripe or those avocados are too squishy. Eat away my friends, eat away. Oh…and be sure to add me on Twitter @HeesaPhadie!

[click the flowchart below to enlarge]

What Should I Eat - Produce Aisle

6 Responses to “What Should I Eat? Produce Aisle Edition (Flowchart)”

  1. Heesa – this is outstanding! As a marketer in the fresh produce industry, your chart makes me jump for joy. Choosing produce on a daily basis should be this simple. As a consumer who chooses fresh, this is great resource!

    Thank you! Dan'l

  2. dangdawg says:

    what is the fruit to the left of the pineapple?

  3. dangdawg says:

    nvm guava just remember

  4. john says:

    cant agree more on the figs without a doubt the best

    nice chart

  5. This might be the best What Should I Eat yet … although the cereal diagram is also a classic.

    I'll be checking out the rest of Top Cultured to get to know your new home here. Congrats on the move.

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