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What Should I Eat? Candy Edition (Flowchart)

Posted By: on December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays to everyone out there. I hope you enjoy it with family and friends. What better thing to have during those endless parties and gatherings but a delicious piece of candy. The only problem is standing in the candy aisle with all those options staring right back at you. Ever since you first set eyes on the row after row of delectable treats as a child you’ve had this problem. Well we here at Eating The Road have taken the hard work out of it for you. Follow this handy flowchart to sweet bliss. The only thing you’ll have to decide now is whether or not it’s okay to flirt with your hot cousin that’s coming over for the family Christmas Eve dinner.

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(click picture to enlarge)What Should I Eat - Candy

2 Responses to “What Should I Eat? Candy Edition (Flowchart)”

  1. Steve says:

    My favorite part is how it is impossible to reach "candy" corn and circus peanuts. Neither of which should be classified as candy, and both of which are gross.

  2. Stimme schon zu, na müsste man sich plausibel wissen einholen bis man zu derartigen Aussagen kommt ..

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