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Wearable Cell Phone Concept: Creepy or Genius?

Posted By: on December 12, 2012

Wearable Cell Phone Concept

Smartphones or cell phones are items most of us possess and often list as one we could not live without. Our mobile devices have literally become attached to our hips and are what we use to stay connected to family and friends no matter the place or time. Although we have become addicted to these mobile gadgets, there has been some concern about the health risks they produce, which is why many of us use Bluetooth or hands-free accessories, but what if your phone was no longer a device at all, but instead, an extension of your body.

The Wearable Cell Phone Concept is a phone you wear on your hand. Similar to the way we wear watches, this concept displays your phone on your body for easy access, rather than hiding it in your pocket or purse. By placing strings, that is attached to a touchscreen, around your fingers and by adding two small red fingertip bands that are the speaker and microphone, your hand transforms into being your phone.

Hand Cell Phone Concept

This Cell Phone Concept literally makes you “hands-free” and still able to use a pen to write or cup to drink all using the same hand as your phone. You can easily feel your phone when it’s on vibrate and hear much easier due to shaping your fingers to your head, unlike that of the mobile devices offered today.

Wearing your cell phone on your hand may seem a little strange and possibly creepy to some, while others may find it to be the way of the future and a genius idea. It is definitely a new and unique concept that most of us have not been exposed to up until now.

Therefore, would you want your mobile device to look and be more like this Wearable Cell Phone Concept, or would you have to keep your hands free of this one?

[Photos via: Tuvie]

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