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Wanna Make Money To Party?

Posted By: on May 18, 2010

Think you’re the ultimate partier? You’ve got nothing until you’ve done 100 parties in 100 days! Well the peeps who produce a new drink called Function: Urban Detox are awarding $10,000 to one lucky individual if they can pull it off. If your college tuition is going to payoff this might be the easiest way to prove it. I mean, that is one thing you learned in college right? To party hearty?

Basically your job will be to party like a rockstar from Memorial Day to Labor Day, shaking hands, kissing babies, hoping into group photos, flirting with the wildebeests…you know livin’ it up. To help you get though your 100 day stretch of non-stop action they’ll supply you with loads of their new drink to help aid the daily healing process.

If you believe you’ve got what it takes, head over to their page and submit your entry form.

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