How Companies Can Stay Competitive

Posted By: on July 6, 2012

Staying competitive in the online business world is top priority for many companies. Round Rock Ford is learning how the competition engages customers and which online tools they use the most can give your business a leg-up in achieving potential buyers. Online marketing has evolved to include such tools as social media and mobile devices, has your business integrated these tools into its marketing strategies yet?

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Technology Takeover: Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind

Posted By: on July 6, 2012

Technology Takeover: Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind
Waiting for the latest gadgets to be released to then stand in long line-ups is something we have all done at one time or another and usually it’s worth it. These awesome tech gadgets shown in the graphic below are no different for most of us will be standing in line for these puppies.

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TopCultured Legends

BBQ Pitmasters Episode 3 Decatur Riverfest Cook Off

Posted By: on December 19, 2009

The third episode of BBQ Pitmasters is another KCBS, the Alabama state championship at the Decatur Jaycees Riverfest. There are a total of 59 competitors competing in chicken, ribs, pork and brisket for a grand Read On »

A Couple $100 Reasons To Hate Celebrities

Posted By: on March 10, 2010

If I had the wherewithal I’d be makin’ it rain like the monsoon season in China all the time so I guess I really shouldn’t be too upset with the below displays of excess but Read On »

Your Coffee Venn Diagram

Posted By: on September 15, 2010

Kung Fu Soccer Kick! [That Video Site] Hitler Hates The New Digg [Knuckles United] 6 Famous Unsolved Mysteries (That Have Totally Been Solved) [Cracked] Guy Can Perform a Perfect Electric Guitar Solo…With His Mouth [Uncoached] Read On »

The Back Story Of Instagram

Posted By: on July 5, 2012

Photo SharingInstagram is a photo-sharing social site that has been rapidly growing since it first launched in 2010. Over the years, Instagram has gained a lot of users, as well as, been bought by Facebook.

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Get To Know the Facts about Email

Posted By: on July 5, 2012

Facts About Email

Everyone has used or at least heard of the popular expression, “You’ve Got Mail!” In 1998, a movie was even titled using those exact words. Needless to say, email has been a huge part of how we communicate with one another over the years, but how did it all begin?

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Increase Monthly Visitors Using Popular Social Networks

Posted By: on July 3, 2012

Web Traffic

Over the years we have been introduced to several new social networking sites. More recently, Google+ and Pinterest have become the hottest social media attractions for a great many of us. When wanting to share relevant and creative content it can sometimes be difficult to gain visitors with just a blog or website alone. Sharing information with followers on several different social sites can certainly help with spreading the word, but which social sites are the best in receiving the attention needed?

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Getting Started On Pinterest

Posted By: on July 3, 2012

Pin Board
Understanding how-to use any social platform can be hard to do, but trying to grasp a new one, like Pinterest, takes some time. Reading articles on the internet of how to use Pinterest correctly is one way to learn best practices, as well as, watching how others are behaving on the site.

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At What Age Should We Start To Worry About Financial Stability?

Posted By: on July 3, 2012

Financial Stability

Some of us may be saving up for a rainy day, basically expecting the unexpected, but most of us don’t really know when exactly that day will be. Making sure that money is set aside in a “do not touch” location is important, however, when is the right age to start worrying about financial stability?

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Should Instagram Be a Part of Your Internet Marketing Strategy? Yes, and Here’s Why

Posted By: on July 3, 2012

Currently there are several web-based photo sharing sites, like Flickr, Picasa, Pinterest, Tiny Review, and yes, you can upload images to Facebook and Twitter via your smartphone. Yet, there is nothing quite like the latest mobile service, Instagram.

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History Of Ads On YouTube

Posted By: on June 23, 2012

youtube logo

YouTube is huge! There have been many other video sharing sites like it, but none of them have come close to pulling off the kind of Ad revenue it has been able to accomplish. Here is a fun infographic that gives the history of what YouTube has been able to achieve over the years.

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How the Internet has Changed the Way We Do Summer

Posted By: on June 23, 2012


If you traveled a decade or two ago and have traveled in recent years as well, you probably had completely different experiences. The online and mobile app tools that are available to us today make it possible to do many of the things that required maps, notebooks, and phone calls and handle everything from our computers or even our mobile devices.

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