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Will They Build It? Burger King (Double Bacon Rodeo State Fair Cheeseburger)

Posted By: on January 6, 2010


Where: Burger King
What: 2 Rodeo Cheeseburgers with 9 Funnel Cake Sticks
Cost: $4.11
Success: Yes!

UPDATE: This creation was mentioned by Conan O’Brien on the January 8th episode of The Tonight Show.

Another successful attempt in our Will They Build It? series, where we venture to find out whether or not we can get fast food joints to make our dreams come true. The first was a failure at Taco Bell, but we did have a success at McDonald’s.

At just over 1,500 calories this is the only meal you’ll need practically all day. It will take you roughly 4 hours of shoveling snow to burn those calories off…but with some of the nation’s recent snowfall you may just be doing just that. Here’s the best (and cheapest) way to get the energy. Witness the amazingly delicious Burger King Double Bacon Rodeo State Fair Cheeseburger!

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The 2010 All-Inclusive All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Guide

Posted By: on January 5, 2010


2010 Update: A while back I wrote this guide to help instruct and direct the avid eater on the best possible plan of attack on the ever so amazing wonder that is the All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet. With the New Year upon us all your co-workers are trying to stick to their resolutions (even though they’ll slip within the week) and your gyms are probably packed with all the Oprah watching, bandwagon jumping people who feel guilty about their “Holiday weight.” Well I say we laugh in the face of convention. Let us not celebrate the the New Year with self-abnegation…let us embrace overindulgence instead. Let us celebrate what makes this nation great so great. We are Americans and we must wear that title with pride! Here I present to you an updated version of the most thorough, comprehensive guide on how to get the most for your money. Eat on, my friends…eat on! Oh…and you can thank me later.

This is the definitive guide to becoming a seasoned all-you-can-eat buffeter. If you would like to gain knowledge of each and every aspect that lay between you and getting the most fulfilling meal possible you have come to the right place. You will learn with specific techniques the dos and don’ts that every professional smorgasbord eater must adhere to. Within these tough economic times it is important to make sure our dollar stretches as far as possible. This surely will help the pocket book and keep your belly full. The sections covered are as follows:

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TopCultured Legends

Music Piracy in 1974

Posted By: on July 27, 2011

It might not have been as easy and required more physical effort, but the results were probably more satisfying and less likely to bring about the wrath of the RIAA.

Behold: The Perfect Princess Zelda Costume

Posted By: on August 30, 2011

They got it dead on…even the model looks like her.     (via: Gameranx)

Bieber fever!

Posted By: on June 9, 2011


Heesa Phadie

What Should I Drink? Soda Pop Edition (Flowchart)

Posted By: on January 4, 2010

Soda, pop, Coke…whatever you call it, we all love it and some of us have even been sipping the stuff from the moment we were weaned-off the bottle. There are hundreds of choices out there but how can one decide. This week Top Cultured tackles those though times when you need your thirst quenched by a tasty carbonated beverage. No longer will you stare blankly at the cooler…from now on you can stare blankly at the cashier, drink in had but empty pocket.

You may also enjoy our other flowcharts:
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What Should I Drink - Soda

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Restaurant Review: Cafe Du Monde

Posted By: on January 3, 2010

Cafe Du Monde
Address: 800 Decatur Street, New Orleans, La, 70116
Phone: (504) 587-0841
Website: www.cafedumonde.com
Known For: Coffee & Beignets
What I had: Coffee & Beignets
Price: $4.80
Rating: 7 out of 10 plates

This is an interesting place to me. I enjoy the building and the space but the staff really bring the atmosphere way down. It’s located in the French Quarter right across the street from Jackson Square. It certainly has the old New Orleans charm. I would love to sit here and sip coffee all morning long, seeing that it is a cafe. The odd thing about it is that the staff was so unfriendly and so unhelpful. They act as if it is a privilege for you to even be served by them, that you shouldn’t stay long and you shouldn’t expect anything beyond what they care to.

I was there at 6 AM and there was only a couple other patrons, the rest of the 300 or so chairs were empty. There were, however, a good 5 or 6 waitresses sitting at a table drinking their morning cups of coffee and chatting. I walked in and was told rudely by the counter person to find a seat. I had to search for a menu, which I found on the wall and on the napkin holders.

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Jerry’s Top 20 Food-Related Seinfeld Moments

Posted By: on January 2, 2010

You can see the Top Seinfeld Food Related Episodes and George’s Top 20 Seinfeld Food Related Moments. Here we bring you Jerry’s and next we will look at Kramer’s.

Jerry offers Kramer some pizza.
“The Betrayal” – Season 9 Episode 8

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George’s Top 20 Seinfeld Food Related Moments

Posted By: on December 29, 2009

Last week I brought you the Top 15 Seinfeld Food Related Episodes over at Eating the Road. Seinfeld is chock full of many other hilarious food related moments that aren’t necessarily the entire plot. From Jerry’s love of cereal to their frequent dining at Monk’s food is practically the fifth cast member.

Well now over here at Top Cultured we’ll continue delving-in to all those hilarious moments. We’re going to take a look at some of the all-time best and we’ll start with the top from George (a few from Elaine too). Stay tuned for the best from Jerry and Kramer. Now grab a pastrami on rye, sit back, relax and enjoy.

George eats the eclair from the trash.
“The Gymnast” – Season 6 Episode 6

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What Should I Eat? Produce Aisle Edition (Flowchart)

Posted By: on December 28, 2009

You may have seen Eating the Road’s previous flowcharts:
Fast Food
Chain Restaurant
Freezer Aisle

Well Eating the Road is now going to be posting as Heesa Phadie over here at Top Cultured. You’ll find the same great content just at this new home. This week we bring you the New Years apropos healthy Produce Aisle Flowchart. We get you to the food leaving you only to decide whether or not that cantaloupe is ripe or those avocados are too squishy. Eat away my friends, eat away. Oh…and be sure to add me on Twitter @HeesaPhadie!

[click the flowchart below to enlarge]

What Should I Eat - Produce Aisle

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Dutch Mechanic


Posted By: on December 24, 2009

I love it when life imitates art, or in this case, cheesy 90’s commercials that actually rule. Who doesn’t love the kool-aid guy?

oh yeaahh

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Evol Jess

Now, That’s A Classy Wedding!

Posted By: on December 22, 2009

There’s classy weddings and then there’s CLASSY weddings. This one is right up there with the classiest of all. In fact, it’s pretty practical considering they were probably having McDonalds cater the wedding with a buffet line of chicken nuggets, french fries, cheeseburgers, and apple pies for dessert. Classy!

Thanks to @Bridepop for sending the pic. More ridiculous crap to waste your time with here.

married at mcdonalds

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What Should I Eat? Candy Edition (Flowchart)

Posted By: on December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays to everyone out there. I hope you enjoy it with family and friends. What better thing to have during those endless parties and gatherings but a delicious piece of candy. The only problem is standing in the candy aisle with all those options staring right back at you. Ever since you first set eyes on the row after row of delectable treats as a child you’ve had this problem. Well we here at Eating The Road have taken the hard work out of it for you. Follow this handy flowchart to sweet bliss. The only thing you’ll have to decide now is whether or not it’s okay to flirt with your hot cousin that’s coming over for the family Christmas Eve dinner.

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(click picture to enlarge)What Should I Eat - Candy

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