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4 Ways to Make Moving Cheaper

Posted By: on February 19, 2015

Moving isn’t something most people look forward to; it can be both a hassle and a big hit to the wallet. People time and time again make the same mistakes regarding their move and often end up paying for it, whether it’s in time, money, or stress. The process, however, doesn’t have to be difficult if people avoid moving mistakes and take some simple steps to save some money.

Throw Away Unnecessary Items

Everyone has items piled up in their house or apartment that they don’t need any longer. Packing those things up and moving them along with the rest of the house is a big mistake. Prices for moving are often determined by the weight of the load, so there’s no better time to lighten up. Not only is moving the unnecessary junk a waste of money, it makes the unpacking process a huge headache. The best piece of advice is to get rid of it. Throw all those unnecessary items away or, better yet, have a garage sale, recycle or donate the items you no longer need.

Rent a Storage Unit

Renting a storage pod is a simple way to cut costs and a good way to incorporate a bit of DIY into the move. The storage unit company simply drops off the unit at the desired location, at which point the client can take their time loading it up at their convenience. When they’re done, the company picks up the unit and delivers it to the new location. It’s a great way to balance low cost with a low-hassle moving process and convenience.

Get the Right Timing

The price of moving changes during different times of the year. Moving tends to be most expensive at the beginning and end of the month as a natural extension of when leases tend to end. Certain times of the year, like the late spring and summer months, also tend to be busier and many movers get booked early. Taking plenty of time to plan for when to make the move is important so that everything will be ready and packed up, the house cleaned, and any necessary arrangements made. Allowing for plenty of time in the moving process is one of the best ways to keep things under control and stress free.

Research & Get Quotes

Moving isn’t simply throwing all the boxes into the truck and getting happily on one’s way. One of the mistakes many people make is forgetting to do thorough research on legitimate professional movers. Making sure to get a licensed mover with experience who can do the job efficiently isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Don’t just settle for the first company that comes along, either. Take the time to compare movers, getting price estimates from each one, and finding out if the contract is binding or not. Pricing is determined by many different factors including the distance being moved and the size of the house, and a company may even charge special add-on fees for additional services if they run into something unexpected. Getting all the details in place and letting the company know about them and shopping around is the best way to get the cheapest price.

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Sympathy Flowers and Their Symbolic Meanings

Posted By: on February 2, 2015

sympathy flowers

In times of grief and mourning, it can be hard to lessen the pain of losing a loved one. Flowers can show compassion and provide comfort to those experiencing loss. While any floral arrangement will surely be appreciated, different flowers also have different meanings. While each culture attributes different significance to each type of flower, the following are some of the most commonly accepted symbolic meanings for sympathy flowers.


A plant that represents the blossoms of spring, the hydrangea is an excellent choice for either indoors or outdoors. Hydrangeas are hardy flowers that will stay alive for a long time, as long as their soil remains moist. They represent heartfelt thanks, and can be sent in gratitude for the life of the deceased.


Appropriate for many occasions, roses of different colors have different meanings and can be a beautiful part of arranging a funeral bouquet. White roses symbolize reverence and humility, while reds and pinks convey love. Yellow roses for friends of the deceased evoke a sense of strength in close relationships, while deep crimson roses express sorrow. Choosing a bouquet of multiple flowers with a single rose communicates ongoing love and appreciation for the deceased person.


Lilies are often associated with funeral services because they evoke a sense of innocence and grace, symbolizing the restoration of the soul of the departed. White lilies are most common in their expressions of sympathy and purity.

Peace lilies offer similar meanings. For those of the Christian faith, they symbolize the Virgin Mary. Because they “die” in the winter and are then reborn again come spring, they also symbolize purity and resurrection.


Gladioli also come in multiple colors and generally comprise the basis of funeral flower arrangements, because they can be positioned in a fan spray. Regardless of the color of the gladiolus, it can symbolize sincerity, strength, and integrity. This flower evokes both the character of the deceased and the strength and love of those who are grieving.


When choosing between orchids, it’s best to err on the side of whites and pinks, which are traditional sympathy colors. The orchid also represents love. While these plants have a reputation for being a little finicky, they’re actually not difficult to care for and can prove to be a robust, long-lasting gift for the family or friends of the deceased.

Speaking Without Words

The grieving process can present times of difficulty communicating. When words aren’t enough, flowers can say everything you need to express. If you’re not sure what you want to say, it’s always a good idea to talk to a florist to learn more about the meaning of each flower and how they speak to each other when arranged in certain ways.


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Posted By: on August 28, 2011

To the ladies who think you look cute or sexy or whatever when taking pictures making the duck face, please take note. This picture is adorable and completely acceptable. Yours, however, are not.

Amazing Parkour Doggy

Posted By: on October 22, 2010

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Your Childhood in 94 Seconds

Posted By: on September 18, 2010

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6 Solutions to De-Clutter Your Home

Posted By: on January 27, 2015

Are you sick of trying to find specific items amid a lot of household clutter? Get rid of the excess that is making it difficult to access other items when needed. Thinning out your belongings is the first step to de-cluttering the home, and developing systems of organization comes next. Try some of the following six solutions to better organize your home:

The One-Year Rule

A great way to begin paring down and de-cluttering your home is to consider what items you haven’t used in the past year and discarding them, as explained by Deb Lee of the Unclutterer. This allows for items that you may only use annually, such as holiday decorations, but gets rid of things that aren’t used very often. Give these items to friends, family or donate them to an area thrift store for an excellent tax deduction next year.

Circulate Your Keepsakes

Fill a tote with your most prized collectibles and keepsakes. Pull out a few to display, later swapping them for other items in the tote. This contains the number of collectibles that you have and prevents them from becoming dust catchers when you put them all out on display at once.

Give It Away

So many times people come across items that they want to give to somebody special, one day. Why wait to give these treasures away when they could be enjoying them now? Furthermore, this lightens the load of sentimental objects that take up space around the home.

Create a System

A really smart approach to de-cluttering the home is to get organized. You may want to invest in clever organizers to optimize the space that is available, giving you compartments and tools to keep your items visible, accessible and convenient, according to industry experts. Many of the racks and rods found are the same type that are used in retail venues, when space is at a minimum and businesses want to optimize their retail displays.

These organizers, racks, and rods are particularly useful in a complete closet makeover. Transform a regular closet and optimize the space inside with some of these devices that will make the most of every inch of space. You should first empty the closet out completely to evaluate the space and determine the best configuration and tools for your task.

Bags of Balls

Real Simple explains that sometimes the best strategies are the simple solutions for storing things that are inexpensive and versatile. One such trick is to buy mesh laundry bags for bulky balls and sporting goods. Filling these bags with balls will help you streamline the number of balls that you currently have, and keep them all together in one place.

Put Pegboards Everywhere

Pegboards are exceptionally useful tools when trying to organize and de-clutter a home. These can be used anywhere, including the garage, to give every utensil, device, and tool its own place, keeping them visible and accessible at all times. These can line a wall and are super-easy to install. These are great in kids’ rooms, and when you buy special pegboard hooks, they will be able to easily hang clothing, toys and other belongings up and off of the floor.

There are many clever tricks and techniques to effectively de-clutter the home, and these are merely six of them. Try these tactics when you want to thin out or pare down your belongings, and then implement a more organized, convenient storage system in the home. Invest in a few basic tools, such as organizers, laundry bags, and pegboards, to keep your things tidy and your home clutter-free!


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4 Legal Careers That Don’t Require Law School

Posted By: on January 23, 2015

Four Different Law Careers to Pursue Without a Law Degree

While becoming a lawyer without attending law school is only legal in five states, there are a variety of professions for those interested in being a participant in the legal process without a J.D. Some of the most fulfilling jobs in the legal field don’t require a law degree at all, though some do require at least some form of specialized education. This article will discuss the four most common legal jobs that don’t require a law degree.


The paralegal is someone who acts outside the basic tasks of a lawyer: in short, they don’t go to court. However, paralegals prepare briefings for filing, assist lawyers during trials, search out and research laws and judicial filings, and take part in investigating the basic facts of cases. Whereas lawyers present their cases in trial, a seasoned paralegal provides the information needed to make the outcome of the case successful. Unlike lawyers, however, paralegals usually only require a degree in paralegal studies, which can be of varying length. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics has helpful information on the requirements for paralegals. Paralegals are prohibited from giving legal advice, acting in trial or accepting legal fees.

Forensics and Crime Scene Investigation

Forensic and Crime Scene Investigation careers are incredibly important in the legal field, but are usually more related to police work and the criminal justice system. Their role is indisputably important for the success of cases at hand. Most forensic scientists have a four-year degree in biology or another scientific field, along with other requirements for forensic scientists, according to the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Ultimately, the role of the forensic scientist or the crime scene investigator is related more to determining what happened in a particular circumstance as opposed to prosecuting or defending. In this, they are usually impartial participants in the legal process, but play an important role in the outcome of a case.

Legal Assistance Groups

For those interested in more technical aspects of law but not committed to a legal degree, legal assistance groups offer an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people who are not capable of defending themselves in the legal system. There are special interest groups that always need help in making sure that those who come to them for adequate representation receive it. This is extremely common in civil court. Oftentimes, people needing help with things such as repairing their financial history and credit need the help of debt and credit law specialists like the experts at Park View Legal. While some education is required to join a legal assistance group, it is uncommon for such groups to require a law degree.

Legal Secretary

Legal secretaries are primarily administrative assistants or secretaries, but handle a lot of the paperwork related to cases. Whether preparing summonses, responses, complaints, subpoenas or much more, the primary task of the legal secretary is to ensure that everything drafted for the court is properly prepared. In general, the legal secretary operates under the aegis of a paralegal. Often, legal secretaries will assist with legal research. Unlike the other professions above, training to become a legal secretary does not require even a two-year degree. Vocational programs are often available, even at the high school level.

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4 Tips to Planning a Same-Sex Wedding

Posted By: on January 22, 2015

With more states legalizing same-sex weddings, providing equal rights and recognition of all other married couples to LGBT couples, many are heading down the aisle. Whether planning a more traditional ceremony, or a unique wedding that is a customized expression of love, there are many factors that same-sex couples must consider when planning their wedding, as outlined by Huffington Post blogger and event designer Susan Holland. The four tips below are designed to help same-sex couples start planning their dream wedding.

Bachelor or Bachelorette Events

While a same-sex marriage will have two bachelors or two bachelorettes, the engaged couple must consider if they want all of their pre-wedding events to be hosted together or separately. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. If the couple have mostly mutual friends, or those participating in the ceremony are mostly mutual friends, then a joint event may make the most sense. For couples who choose to have separate bachelor/bachelorette parties, they may want to consider having them on different days, so that friends of both engaged can attend. When it comes to day-of and hair, makeup, or grooming, the members of the wedding party are likely to divide in two so that the engaged couple can maintain the element of surprise when walking down the aisle.

Consider Who Pays For The Wedding

There once was a time where the bride’s family traditionally paid for the wedding, but this is becoming less common even with couples of the opposite sex. Many find this belief to be a bit dated, and the families or the couple tend to split the costs. This does not always mean the costs are split evenly, but often divided between the two getting married, and their family members who are able to chip in. Even more traditional same-sex couples may find it challenging to divide costs, with fewer long-standing traditions upon which to base the decisions, says Mickey Rapkin for New York Magazine. More often than not, it all comes down to who can afford to foot the bill.

Consider How Traditional A Ceremony

Even if both engaged envision a fairly traditional ceremony, there are a few things that must be taken into consideration, will the betrothed wear two wedding dress, two tuxedoes, or one of each? How many will be in the wedding party? These questions aren’t much different from “traditional” wedding planning, and many decisions will still be based on the unique personalities of the couple. Some may want to go over the top, while others want to stick to the script and have spiritual or religious-based ceremonies. The venue can also determine how “traditional” the ceremony will be, depending on whether it takes place at a church or at a special event space for both the ceremony and reception. These factors are determined by how all-inclusive they would like their space to be, or if it is small and intimate or large and elaborate, according to the Grand View Restaurant.

Consider What Last Name To Take

Another thing engaged same-sex couples must take into consideration, is whether both take on a hyphenated name, if both keep their current last names—or do both take a shared last name? If taking a shared last name, whose last name? Think long-term and consider how legal documents can be more challenging for any married couples with differing last names. Also, consider what last name prior or future children will take, and also the challenges parents and children having different last names arise—which sometimes requires parents the hassle of providing proof of guardianship.

Couples, no matter what combination of gender or sexual orientation, should begin planning their wedding by considering the factors above, along with all the other factors that must be taken into consideration when planning a wedding—such as guest list, venue, invitations, flowers, and catering.


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3 Ways to Engage Customers on Their Mobile Devices

Posted By: on January 16, 2015

Advances in business and marketing have hugely shifted the way owners run their businesses, most notably with the advent of the internet, and that shift is only continuing today. As of 2014, 90 percent of American adults had cell phones, and of those 58 percent were smartphones, according to the Pew Research Internet Project. With the release of the first iPhone and the following proliferation of the smartphone and mobile devices, a whole new field of digital marketing arose. The rapid acceptance, adoption and growth of this technology, as is often the case, has left many businesses struggling to keep up and adapt to the consumer’s needs. There is, however, no denying that smartphones are here to stay, and companies that can adapt to this new consumer preference give themselves an edge on the competition.

Design for Devices and Environments

The first step toward satisfactorily engaging customers via their smartphone or mobile device is choosing the environment and devices to support and creating a dedicated mobile website. Understanding the various devices from which users can access a site or application, and the limitations of each of those devices, is absolutely essential in this process given that apps will function and display differently depending on the device in use. For this reason designers must either build multiple versions of the company’s web page specifically optimized for different devices or employ responsive web design, through which the page will automatically adjust to the size of the screen on which it is being displayed.

Another important aspect of mobile design is understanding how and when users are accessing information on their smartphone. Unlike a traditional desktop space, the limited screen size and ability to browse from any location mean users are looking for the easiest and quickest web navigation possible. The fewer steps needed for a visitor to complete their goal, the better. Simple sites that put the user on the desired path statistically have the highest likelihood of making a sale, as cumbersome desktop or poorly designed mobile sites quickly frustrate and drive users away.

Incorporate SMS Text Messaging

Expert product managers are finding that SMS is a useful gateway to mobile engagement, according to Andy Shirey of OpenMarket. It is one of the most popular entry points for mobile engagement, among users because it’s already so familiar and ubiquitous and among smartphone and mobile users in general for very similar reasons. Thus, it offers a point of engagement that doesn’t require users to learn a new skill or become loyal to a new platform. Another great benefit of text messaging as a mobile engagement launching point is that it requires very little commitment. Customers can opt in and opt out of SMS campaigns very easily and quickly without having to download or uninstall a mobile application.

Finally, SMS is a simple way for companies to up-sell products by slowly building trust and compelling users to take advantage of further functionality or get a richer experience. Text messages can include links to mobile websites or download links for apps, thus taking the smartphone engagement to a new level with stickier services.

Let Users Be Social

Social networks and users of smartphones contribute twice as much social content as desktop users, as was recently reported in a white paper by Oracle. Integrating social content is an excellent way to allow visitors to add content and promote products. Customers are much more likely to trust the advice of their friends and family rather than a company and social content is the easiest way for them to share. Adding plug-ins for such large networks as Facebook and Twitter is a relatively simple process that can pay off in a big way. Additionally, making social content searchable and navigable throughout a businesses mobile site is a big boost to traffic and engagement.


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3 Better Ways to Manage Your Revenue

Posted By: on January 14, 2015

Corporate revenue management today runs at a different speed and level of personalization than ever before. The key for success in revenue management today is strong integration of engagement both between departments and with clients directly. Making sure that the company has the tools in hand to ensure a unified whole from the customer level all the way to accounting is a daunting task, but in today’s business climate, it is essential to survival and success.

Fully Integrate Revenue Management At the Sales and Service Level
Successful revenue management means that at the point of interaction, having control of offerings, income, pricing, and reactive service can help predetermine a successful outcome later. While revenue management was originally a focus of airlines and hotels using pricing leverage to mitigate loss, today revenue management is used across industries so companies can have a deeper connection with their customer base.

With social media, clients have more direct access to the companies they do business with than ever, and smart companies leverage that customer data to ensure that they give an offering that exceeds their clients’ expectations. That increased level of customer data, for its part, can give analysts better predictors of client behavior, allowing them to adjust offerings accordingly, say Yuri Levin and Jeff McGill in Analytics Magazine. More importantly, clients connecting with the brands they trust on platforms they often see as personal can make better assessments of how a company can better serve their needs in the future.

Integrating Revenue Management At the Back-End
Revenue management is by nature front-facing (in dealing directly with clients), but its data collection aspects need to be successfully integrated at the back-end for it to work, says CSG International. Making sure that the sales force or service group have access to the wealth of data and flexibility needed to satisfy their clients is something that has to be dealt with in real-time. The difference in time could be fatal to a client interaction.

For this reason, using an integrated back-end revenue management system connected to policy management allows a company’s front-facing groups to impart information to their clients while ensuring that they also collect data which can then be analyzed and reviewed for potential negative or positive effects. In short, making sure that the front end has access to information that clients need to make an initial purchase or additional purchases is essential, and customer reactions to that data are vital in figuring out how successful individual processes are in relation to the whole.

Automate Billing Processes And Integrate Into Revenue Management
The single most important part of the revenue management process (next to offerings and data collection) is revenue collection itself, according to CRM Magazine. Automating this process actually further personalizes the customer experience, as a majority of clients prefer electronic billing. Whereas billing is often the least pleasant part of the customer experience, automating the process while expending human capital to directly enhance the customer experience makes the overall experience one where clients feel more engaged with their companies. Automated billing will not only improve brand image, but make billing, and ultimately accounting, far easier.

Integrating automated billing into the overall revenue management system not only improves the bottom line, it leaves the customer feeling that their personal experience was more engaged, making them more likely to stay loyal.


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How to Compare Home Heating Systems For Cost and Efficiency

Posted By: on January 12, 2015

Homeowners looking to reduce their heating bill should compare different systems for cost and energy efficiency. Selecting a heating system is not an easy task. How long will the heating system last? Homeowners with an eco-friendly bent often have a difficult time finding a heating system that will warm the home without leaving a major carbon footprint. Here are some things that will assist in selecting the best home heating system.

Natural Gas

A natural gas heating system is one of the most popular with homeowners. A home with a gas furnace can be kept warm day and night while still using relatively clean, renewable energy. The furnace serves as the engine of the home and pumps hot air throughout the space. Modern systems that are Energy Star certified and are designed to reduce the amount of energy and fuel needed to activate the system and heat the home. A standard furnace is roughly 80% efficient. New systems come with even higher efficiency ratings, sometimes upwards of 95%, according to Laurent Belsie of the Christian Science Monitor. There are rebate programs available to reduce the amount of money homeowners spend on natural gas furnaces.


A geothermal heating system is one of the best selections for people seeking a green heating option. The geothermal system is one of the most energy efficient systems available. One of the main benefits to a geothermal system is the way it stays consistent year-round. The geothermal system taps into the temperature below ground, since it stays constant even while the air temperature fluctuates. This natural, sustainable heat source is a great way to heat the home without spending a fortune.

An extracting loop system uses polyethylene underground pipes to transfer the heat to the home year-round. Homeowners will see the same traditional furnace inside the home as the pipes are hooked up to existing duct work. This helps to create heat that doesn’t end up costing an arm and a leg and doesn’t drain the earth’s natural resources.

The cost of the geothermal system varies based on the size of the home and the amount of work required to install the system. The geothermal system itself typically costs $10,000 or more, and a heat pump can run $3,500 or more. Operating costs are much lower, though, and homeowners often see a significant decrease in their home energy bill. Average savings for geothermal systems are around 50%, according to the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association‘s FAQ. The other benefit of geothermal systems is how quiet they are and how effectively they provide consistent heat in the home.

Heat Pumps

The air-forced heat pump route provides a beneficial option for eco-conscious homeowners, according to Washington Energy Services. A heat pump is twice as efficient as most gas furnaces. A standard heat pump is found outside and has a compressor and two copper tubes. Heat from the outside coils is extracted from outside and it ends up heating the home. Air-forced heat pumps will require a source of power, whether gas or electricity, to provide backup heat during extreme temperatures. Heat pumps will cost $2,500 or more to install the equipment, but they can last 12 years or more. Modern heat pumps are 150% – 200% more energy efficient than older models. The air-forced heat pump is by far the most energy-efficient model on the market, and will be able to save homeowners hundreds of dollars on yearly heating fuel and utility costs.

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Make the Most of Your Next Trade Show

Posted By: on January 9, 2015

Exhibiting at a trade show can generate highly targeted and lucrative business leads. It is an opportunity to greatly expand your customer base because the people who attend trade shows are already motivated, or they wouldn’t be there. The average business-to-business cost per lead from a trade show is about half that of sales calls depending on the industry. You may also have the opportunity to meet the management of your targeted companies.

A custom trade show display will set you apart from the rest of the ho-hum basic displays. Companies that have a unique trade show display are often talked about long after the show is over, according to professionals at Best Displays Online.

How a Custom Display Helps

Whether it’s outstanding or hum-drum, you will have a display at your next trade show. A custom display will make all the difference because it will not only attract customers it will impact their thinking later. An important question to ask, according to Tim Patterson, VP of Sales and Marketing for Interpretive Exhibits, is, if you invest your time and money presenting your business at a trade show, why not make an impression on attendees?

Trade show displays are not one-size-fits-all. There are various booth spaces and other different demands according to the venue and location. Each show display needs to be thought through with the aim of catching the consumer’s attention. Your design may change if you are right in the entry way or way back in a corner.

You can make use of technology to make your display stand out. With streaming demonstrations that are attractive and interesting, people will stop more often to watch than just pass by.

How to Get Ideas

You may have attended several trade shows in the past and can remember displays that made an impact on you. It’s worth taking the time to go to any type of trade show to look at the various displays and see which ones work and which don’t. Some things to note are:

  • Which booths attract the most attendees?
  • How are prices and special offers displayed?
  • What are the most effective sales-person interactions?

You can also get a look at most of your competition in one place and see their latest products and how they are promoting them.

A Modular Display System

A modular display system is the easiest to customize and can be adjusted to suit any type of space. Some tips for your display are:

  • Try to be close to the top companies in your industry. This will enhance your brand.
  • Have good graphics on your banners that are eye-catching and recognizable so customers will notice you.
  • Make sure your social media information and website are prominently displayed on your banner, so, even if people walk by, they can access you online.

There are a huge variety of ways you can display your product or service at a trade show. It’s worth taking the time and making the investment to have a spectacular display, because it will attract more people and give you a chance to interact with prospects, learn their requirements and offer solutions.

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5 Ways to Bring In Money From Unused Office Supplies

Posted By: on December 27, 2014

Many businesses often accumulate a great deal of supplies and equipment that often goes unused. In some situations, these items are placed in storage in case they are needed. Instead, these items could be sold in order to improve other aspects of the business to increase revenue streams or marketing strategies. What can these businesses do with surplus items that are just sitting around collecting dust?

Lot Sales

If you have a parking lot or another area that you can use, setting up a lot sale can be beneficial in a few ways. Like a yard sale, you can advertise that your selling various pieces of furniture bringing in potential customers. This could help raise awareness of your company while offering a chance to market your other goods or services as you unload the surplus office equipment.

Selling Unused Ink and Toner

If your office utilizes printers and copiers, you may have a surplus of ink and toner from devices that you’ve replaced over the years. Instead of these things sitting in a storage closet somewhere, you could sell them to put a few extra dollars into other office needs. According to this page, you can sell a wide range of unused ink and toner cartridges even if the devices themselves are discontinued parts.

eCommerce Page

Setting up a small eCommerce area of your website is easy to do as it could give you the potential to sell surplus supplies to online consumers. Using open source solutions could keep the costs down. Attaching the pages to a subdomain of your primary website shouldn’t cost you extra money depending on your hosting provider. In less than an hour, you could start displaying surplus office equipment while using social media to inform local customers of what you have for sale.

Sell it On eBay

Many people have taking yard sales and surplus selling to eBay since it’s inception. Although the fees can be a bit high at times, it offers you an excellent method for connecting to buyers from around the world without further expense into online marketing. According to this post, there are many attributes you can control when selling on the famed auction site.

Offer Equipment In-House

Sometimes, businesses will offer equipment and supplies to in-house employees at an incredible discount. This can be anything from computer monitors to reams of paper depending on what you would like to get rid of. Not only can this help reduce the risk of office supply theft, but it can allow the employees to help the business that keeps them paid and working.

Collecting assets doesn’t help the organization if the money could have been spent towards various improvements. Thanks to the power of the Internet, nearly anything can be sold through various channels in order to enhance the budget or afford upgrades to equipment. There is such a thing as too much surplus especially when the funds can be put to better use. Take a look around your establishment and realize the potential for sales.

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