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Top 5 Internet Service Providers in the US

Posted By: on December 14, 2012

The world revolves around the Internet. People rely upon it to conduct business, communicate with friends and family, shop, and socialize. In order to perform these essential things online people need a fast, reliable Internet provider.

There are over 20 different major Internet service providers in the United States. While they all provide Internet connections to people, they don’t all provide fast, reliable Internet service. The following is a list of the five Internet services providers in the United States.

Comcast Cable Internet

Comcast is considered the largest Internet service provider to people in the United States. According to a recent press release from the corporate offices, Comcast provides Internet to over 17 million people.

While providing Internet to 17 million people might be impressive it is the speed of that Internet that makes Comcast a top Internet service provider. Comcast provides Internet speeds of up to 105 Mbps. In addition to these top speeds, Comcast provides several email accounts, Internet security software, and other features that attract customers to their services.


CenturyLink is quickly becoming a contender in the Internet service provider world. They are providing Internet to over 6.4 million subscribers. These subscribers range from Internet San Francisco fanatics to people in Florida.

CenturyLink is a contender in the Internet world because it offers Internet service at speeds up to 40 Mbps. In addition to these fast speeds, CenturyLink provides affordable plans and numerous features.

Cox Cable Internet

Cox is a regional cable Internet provider that proves to be a national contender in the Internet world. This regional cable provider provides service to over 16 different states and 4 million customers.

This regional cable Internet provider is a staple in many households for a variety of reasons. Cox provides Internet at a variety of speeds, which makes it great for people who have flexible Internet needs. Speeds can range from 3 to 50 Mbps. Other great features of this provider include a fully paid security software package, multiple email addresses, and a customer service team that was voted one of the best in the nation.


Many people struggle to get Internet out in rural areas, but Frontier steps up to the challenge. This ability to get Internet to people in remote areas is why it is one of the top Internet providers in the nation.

Frontier currently has approximately 3 million subscribers. These subscribers can receive Internet services at speeds up to 50 Mbps. In addition to the swift Internet in rural areas, Frontier provides customers with parental controls, security software, and the ability to choose between dial-up and DSL services.


When it comes to DSL or dial-up Verizon is one of the largest Internet service providers in the nation. Verizon provides service to over 2 million customers in a number of northeastern states, in addition to Texas and California.

Verizon is known for using top of the line technology to provide customers with a variety of Internet speeds. Customers can receive Internet speeds between .5 and 1 Mbps, which is relatively fast in the DSL/dial-up arena.

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