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Top 5 Futuristic Cars

Posted By: on November 6, 2012

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Popular car shows such as the Paris Motor Show and the North American Auto Show are a chance for car manufacturers to introduce new concept vehicles which show off a new type of styling or technology. Such shows are designed to capture the attention of attendees but they also give glimpses into the automobile of the future. The following are 5 of the top futuristic cars..

1. Cadillac Aera Concept

While manufacturers are making the combustion engine more fuel efficient and with electric vehicles setting a new trend, the Aera Concept from Cadillac challenges all that with a compressed air propulsion system which can theoretically go 1,000 miles before having to refuel. With a powertrain that uses compressed air and an exterior polymer skin optimized for aerodynamics, this vehicle could completely revolutionize the automotive industry..

2. Mercedes Benz Biome

Mercedes Biome is made completely from biodegradable components and produces zero emissions. In addition, the body panels are constructed with organically grown trees. With this concept, Mercedes hopes to make it one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles in the world. Car manufacturers that can advance this technology stand to benefit tremendously.

3. Nissan iV Design Concept

This vehicle from Nissan is engineered towards making use of renewable energy through its regenerative technology. As the vehicle is braking, the energy spent is recovered and then reused. The design itself is made with maximum efficiency and to be extremely strong using lightweight materials. The concentric hub-less motors help to steer the vehicle and they also act as a suspension system. This vehicle completely changes how vehicles can be more energy efficient while also being innovative in the process.

4. Toyota Nori Concept

The Nori Concept from Toyota features cutting edge technology in which the entire vehicle is one component. This vehicle is bold not only its design but with its efficiency as well. The body panels are actually designed to produce energy by harnessing solar technology to generate additional power when needed. Using bioplastics with a carbon fiber weave, the body is made even stronger and more lightweight.

5. BMW GINA Concept

When this vehicle was first unveiled, it captured the attention of the world not because of its innovative design but with what it was designed with. The exterior is made from a highly advanced fabric material which literally changes its shaped based on exterior conditions and speed. BMW hopes to challenge conventional principles on automotive design and how cars can change their exterior shape to be more optimal. Getting cheap car insurance for this vehicle may be a challenge as the design offers little protection for its passengers.

While none of these cars are actually on the road yet, you can bet that these manufacturers will be pushing to implement them as technology progresses. The insurance rates for these vehicles are yet to be determined but the future is definitely bright as advancement in technology mean not only increased fuel efficiency but also better safety for everyone as well.

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