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Top 5 Casino Technological Advances

Posted By: on November 2, 2012

There have been a lot of technological advances in casino tech in just the last 15 years. These changes have altered how gambling is done everywhere, mostly by making it possible to gamble anywhere!

Some of these advances you’ve probably heard about or use already, like online casinos. Others you may not be as familiar with, but they all impact how people gamble. So, the top five technological advances in casino science have been…

1. The Online Casino

Before the 90’s, this was something that would be completely strange to most people. But these days, so many people sit in front of computers all day long it’s not uncommon to have heard of gambling online, or a great online casino.

This was a remarkable step forward, since gambling online means that people can play from almost anywhere. Even at home, sick, in your bathrobe you can still beat the socks off people playing all around the world – and keep their money too!

It’s also become a very social endeavor. There are chat rooms, forums, blogs, e-mail lists, and other ways that online gamblers stay in touch, share strategies, and tell each other inflated tales about their winnings.

The online casino was the first major advance in casino technology. Even in 2012, this is still a marvel.

2. iPhones and Mobile Gambling

iPhones and mobile gambling are really the second generation of the online casinos. Sure you can play on a laptop, but with mobile casino software you can really play anywhere: on the bus, waiting in line at the grocery store, passing time between meetings and classes, or whenever.

iPhones are even more convenient than laptops. Almost too convenient – you can play them anywhere, and they just go into your pocket.

Still, playing on your iPhone or smartphone is a great way to get more experience. This is especially true for games like blackjack and poker, where skill is a major determining factor and you really need practice.

3. Great Graphics and Faster Game Play

All of the software advancements have made the entire experience much more enjoyable. You can experience the game like never before, and the graphics make it real fun. So, more people go to online casinos and have tons of fun there.

Your own gambling experience is customized for what you want. Which means that you simply have more fun at online casinos.

4. Superior Software

The superior software that has come into use is also a major advancement. Online casino technology has advanced to the point where the very first poker games played online in the early 90’s bear very little resemblance to the fast, flashy, enjoyable game play online these days.

You can play multiple games at blinding speed these days. If you have the skill to keep up with the games, that is.

5. Trust

Trust is a major advance as well. While I know this isn’t really a technological advance, it has come with time and people becoming more relaxed about spending money online.

These days many people have made purchases at, Ebay, or other stores online. So there is much less tension and angst about shelling out money to gamble – they trust that the online casinos will be fair and pay them their winnings. There’s even tons of reputable documentation about casinos online.

This increase in trust is a major factor in the growth of online gambling. Now it’s not questionable – it’s just something else to enjoy online.

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