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Top 5 Call Center Blunders

Posted By: on November 12, 2012

An efficient call center handles your customers questions and complaints, and delivers great customer service. It makes your current customers like you, and can turn them into repeat customers.

However, call center blunders will make your customs hate you, build bad press, and lose you money in additional purchases those customers would make. Here are the big 5 call center blunders that most companies make, so you can avoid them.

1. Not Investing In A Call Center

There are some campaniles that don’t invest in call centers at all. This may sound crazy, but they just have phone trees or a recording telling customers to get the information they are trying to find online.

These decisions are just completely unhelpful. They are disrespectful to the customer who paid you money, and you lose money when they don’t come back. In short, everybody loses.

2. Overly Optimistic Salespeople

This is an issue that happens a lot, but is not always addressed. Salespeople are trying to get the sale, and don’t always give their clients the real story about how much effort it will take to get the products to work.

A high volume of calls to your call center agents, or a lot of complaints might not be because of a specific fault with your product or the call center itself. The problems might be created by your sales force building up unrealistically optimistic expectations in the minds of your customers.

This issue is usually hard to pinpoint. But once you do, you can work with your salespeople to create a more realistic perception of the product as well as with your call center staff to address common problems and misconceptions.

3. Intentionally Inefficient Call Agents

This is another ludicrously stupid mistake that some companies make, and really they are just shooting themselves in the foot. Some companies create phone trees that are unnecessarily complicated and policies specifically to inhibit their customers.

This strategy is usually used by companies with inferior products. But really, this is just stupid – your customers will get angry and frustrated with your company, you’ll get bad press and reviews, and the inferior products will underwhelm your customers. This is a strategy for short term gains that will eventually kill the company.

4. Not Buying Call Center Coaching Software

This is one of the most frequent call center blunders, and also the least corrected. Good call center coaching software helps you not only improve your bottom line, but also customer satisfaction.

An excellent piece of call center software will monitor your agents and help them improve the way they handle calls. For example, if a call center agent has a high hang-up rate with customers who use a specific phrase, a good piece of software will give that agent special training for dealing with customers who use that phrase. This not only means more money for you, in terms of less returns and rebates and increased follow up purchases, but also means more satisfied customers.

5. Blaming Poor Call Center Performance Just On Call Center Workers

This is easily one of the most common errors, blaming poor performance at the call center simply on the workers. While your call center agents may be to blame, lack of management support, training, and/or the right software can be major determining factors in their failure rate. You need to address this issue by looking at the whole call center, not just the individuals who are failing.

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