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Scotty Trigg

Top 10 Hottest Female Chess Players

Posted By: on July 20, 2010

If smarts turn you on then you may want to check out a few of these brainy beauties. If you play your pieces correctly maybe she’ll have you mated in no time.

10.) Zehra Topel

Country: Turkey
FIDE Rating: 2132

9.) Zaida Hernandez

Country: Venezuela
FIDE Rating: 2046

8.) Zhu Chen

Country: Qatar
FIDE Rating: 2483

7.) Nishanti Balentin

Country: Netherlands Antilles
FIDE Rating: Not Currently Ranked

6.) Regina Pokorna

Country: Slovakia
FIDE Rating: 2338

5.) Valquiria Rocha

Country: Angola
FIDE Rating: 2107

4.) Mira Dedijer

Country: Bosnia
FIDE Rating: 1987

3.) Sophie Milliet

Country: France
FIDE Rating: 2330

2.) Mariam Mansur

Country: United Arab Emirates
FIDE Rating: 1838

1.) Sanja Dedijer

Country: Bosnia
FIDE rating: 2052

2 Responses to “Top 10 Hottest Female Chess Players”

  1. xScottySevenfoldx says:

    I am severely unimpressed.

  2. fredro says:

    Ugh. This list pretty much sucked. Mariam Mansur? Number two?? Nice unibrow babe!

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