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The Genesis Of Family Guy

Posted By: on September 13, 2010

We all love Family Guy but it wasn’t quite always the show you’ve come to know. Here you can see Seth MacFarlane’s original idea of a man with his talking sidekick of a dog evolve into what the show is now.

It all started with McFarlane’s original creation “The Life of Larry.” This was presented to networks in 1995. It stars Larry (an older, skinner man than Peter), his talking dog, unattractive wife Lois, and their son.

If 1996 Seth created this pilot, “Larry & Steve.” It’s a bit more polished then the previous one but there is a lack of “family”, no Lois, no Chris…just a little story about a man finding a talking dog and their adventure.

Here we see “Family Guy” really take shape with all the main characters, even Cleveland and Quagmire make an appearance (too bad Charlie didn’t catch on).

This the first episode of what we now has as “Family Guy”, it is called “Death Has A Shadow” and aired January 31st, 1999. Since that time MacFarlane and his crew have been pumping out the shows and are currently at 147 episodes.

Here is Seth talking about the creation of “Family Guy” at the University of Texas.

4 Responses to “The Genesis Of Family Guy”

  1. XingWoo says:

    This actually makes a lot of sense dude.


  2. Kirk says:

    My fav Peter Griffin quote? (@ Sperm Bank) "ehh, I'm here to banish a white Russian from my Kremlin"

  3. groovyspaceman says:

    …and here was I thinking that the "evolution" would cover the transition from funny to unfunny.

  4. Disagree says:

    You are incorrect: we do not all love Family Guy. It has become a shadow of its former self. The humor has become crass and seedy to the point where I find it unwatchable. "Hey Quagmire… I fu$ked your Dad." Oh, the hilarity! And the Star Wars spoofs: Blue Harvest was ok, Something something yadda yadda was for $hit, will not wach the third installment or any other episodes. Good riddance!

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