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The Future of Viral Marketing

Posted By: on February 12, 2013

Viral Marketing

As a brand already unrivaled in the realms of hilarity, Labatt Blue delivered a heightened sense of humor in their new advertisement featuring an anthropomorphic bear-crossing. Fun-loving and free-spirited, this bear manages to get to everywhere, but never quite in anywhere. He struggles to find his passport, waiting in line surrounded by traffic trying to enter the United States through Canada.

Impatiently, he bemoans the unusual predicament as if he were not out of place at all. The only possession he has is a six-pack of Labatt Blue. He is not even slightly surreptitious about it. His crudeness is befitting of a drunk bear so naturally he is rejected entry. First, however, he is subjected to a frisking and enjoys it a bit too much. Border security has never been so depraved and entertaining.

The second segment centers on the fuzzy friend being unwelcome at a party in America, after somehow having passed border security. The implications of legality are questionable and laughter inducing. The cleavage of the lady who invited him, however, steals the screen.

Crass, low-budget material has never been so effective. Promotions like these are the future of viral marketing because they are inexpensively produced and have mass appeal to the internet population. The combination of absurdity and taboo deviously caters to the college demographic and can be instantaneously transformed into a meme. A final enticing ingredient, sexual innuendo, is also provided in both sequences of the advertisement. This all assures surefire success for Labatt.

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