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Posted By: on December 23, 2010

This post brought to you by TiVo. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ahh, this is how I feel right now. I just stepped out of the Dark Ages. You see, until this point I hadn’t known the joys of DVR. Thanks to TiVo Premiere I am no longer a social pariah. I can now talk to my friends about the most recent episode of House or How I Met Your Mother. I used to not have the time to catch them…but I’ve upped my game and can now watch them while I’m folding my Superman undies, thanks to this amazing box.

No long do I have to wonder about the Desperate Housewives of whatever trendy city they’re in this year….or the Bama Belles. No I know what’s happening with all of them. I just load up a bunch of all the shows I want and skip all the crap. I know you’ve all been doing this for ages, but I have not had the glory. The cool thing about Premiere, not only can you record up to 45 hours of HD programming with the standard model or up to 150 hours with Premiere XL, but there are a host of other features:

  • It’s Also Your Movie Box: Make every night movie night with Premiere. Because it connects to the Internet, you’re no longer confined to what’s on TV. Watch what you want, whenever you want it, from a universe of on-demand movies from Netflix, Amazon and others. (All subscription services sold separately.
  • Your Web Box: Experience the Web like never before. Premiere gives you thousands more entertainment possibilities than cable or satellite ever could, streaming Web videos right to your TV.
  • Your Music Box: There’s a better way to listen. With Premiere, you can switch from TV to music as easily as you change channels.
  • -It’s the One Box: With one remote and a stunning new HD interface, all of your entertainment — TV shows, movies, Web videos and music — is simply a few clicks away. TiVo Premiere is the one box to finally tap the true potential of your television.

The coolest thing for me is surely the ability to change all my settings and shows from online. If I come across a celeb that I just saw while reading the latest TMZ article, I just hop on my TiVo Premiere account and load it up with any shows they’re involved in. Point is, don’t be a Luddite like I was. Check it out and see how your life will improve.

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