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Oral Adams

The Coolest Twitter Avatars Ever

Posted By: on January 30, 2010


Artist Ape Lad has designed some of the coolest Twitter avatars based on pop culture. So far he has made 38 of them from the awesome version of Link to the several Star Wars themed versions, I’m sure there is one for most anyone to enjoy. Head over to the artist’s Flickr account to see the entire set.








9 Responses to “The Coolest Twitter Avatars Ever”

  1. Johnny Watts says:

    WOw, that is like amazingly cool dude!


  2. legit says:

    Sorry but these are stupid. All but a few seem forced into the theme. Go make some anime avatars on DeviantArt and get some emo and goth 12 year olds to review your crap.

  3. legitsucksarse says:

    These are really nice. It's cool to see an artists interpretation of some cool characters with the twitter logo.

    Legit, sorry you're such an ass..

  4. Alben Barkley says:

    Legit, learn to criticize in an intelligent way. He hasn't forced anything into a "theme" – he's worked these familiar character into a form – the whole point, here, is to see what can be done with the original, incredibly limiting, boundaries. It's called art.

  5. Earl Tavella says:

    Goth style is even a nice way to live the darkness around us. Don't turn always a light on you couldn't miss the beauty of the stars…

  6. Germaine Vesperas says:

    Hi! I love your website but I'm having issues getting it to show correctly in the Konqueror browser. You might want to check your css stylesheet. Word! :)

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