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The 5 Most Breathtaking Places to Go on Safari

Posted By: on December 13, 2012

Going on safari is on the to-do list of many adventure travelers. The special lure of the safari is often the opportunity for people to see animals that are unique to Africa that they have only seen in zoos. It is also an opportunity to learn about how Africa’s tribal people live.

There are many beautiful places to safari to in Africa, but one of the most popular is the Serengeti in Tanzania. This unique ecosystem in East Africa provides tourists a chance to see prides of lions in their natural habitat, one of the great majestic sights that few other experiences can match. Visitors will get to view the expansive golden savannas, misty volcanoes off in the distance, and the bustling wildebeest herds as well. It is a truly one-of-a-kind vacation.

Another place to safari is found in Namibia, in Southwest Africa. Visitors who travel to this semi-desert land can see the Skeleton Coast, which has a history of shipwrecks especially from the whaling era. There is also a nearby seal colony. Bush elephants and mountain zebras are inhabitants of the coastal Namib Desert, and may be viewed during this safari.

The country of South Africa, a popular tourist destination due to its proximity to the ocean and first-world status, has captivating safaris as well, especially through vuyanilodge.com. Visitors may see leopards, elephants, rhinos, lions, and buffalos, all in the same place when they choose this spot on the globe. Guests who go on safari here often get to see Kruger Park, one of the world’s most extensive game reserves, or Moditlo Private Game Reserve.

One place that is not thought of as a safari destination is West Africa, even though this part of the continent has its own fascinating geography, history, and wildlife. In countries like Mali in West Africa, visitors can look forward to dune camping in the desert and sights such as the Bedouin tribes, salt caravans of traders and camels, and the ancient clay dwellings and mosques of Timbuktu. Cruises down one of Mali’s rivers will reveal an up-close look at hippos cooling off and enjoying the water, one of Africa’s most characteristic sights.

One of the richest lands for exotic wildlife actually lies right in the heart of the African continent, in the Central African Republic and surrounding areas. This tropical hinterland features lazy rivers, mountains, and rainforests, and also provides access to savannas and rolling hills in the northern part of the country. It is also teeming with wildlife that few people not from this part of the world have ever laid eyes on outside of captivity, including elands, bongos, baboons, and warthogs. Tourists can experience some of the most breathtaking sights in Africa watching these fascinating creatures and learning about their habitats.

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