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K. Thor Jensen

The 10 Craziest Public Access Shows In America

Posted By: on March 28, 2010

Before there was YouTube, the best way to expose yourself to the truly insane attention-seeker was through public access TV, those sketchy channels at the end of the cable dial where anybody could sign up for a show. Public access has always been dominated by lunatics, but here I’ll present you with ten of the best.

Astrology Songs – Harvey Sid Fisher’s masterwork started out as a self-released LP of twelve deep cuts, each one corresponding to one of the signs of the Zodiac. But it wasn’t until he took his act to public access, backing his nasal voice up with some of the least appealing dancing girls ever, that things really got awesome. Read the rest at Heavy.com

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  1. The suggestion provided in here are truly amazing…even I personally agree to few of them..during college days we have practiced them.

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