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Evol Jess

Speakers So Loud, They Blow Women’s Clothes Off

Posted By: on December 7, 2009

The Italian Job is one of my favorite movies, and not just because Mark Wahlberg is in it. There’s also a reference to the infamous speakers so loud they blow women’s clothes off. Now I’ve never tried this… mainly because my boombox doesn’t really get that loud. Anyways, after finding these, I’m thinking about giving it another shot. Pics or it didn’t happen — hey, who said that?

speakers so loud they blow womens clothes off

huge speakers

extreme speaker setup

big speaker setup

car audio hook up

insane car audio

extreme speaker

3 Responses to “Speakers So Loud, They Blow Women’s Clothes Off”

  1. Jordan says:


  2. The Laugher says:

    These would be perfect to protect human beings from the noise machines the pigs use against them.

    Give it right

  3. Kane says:

    The only problem is that the speakers will actually kill you before they blow off your clothes. So unless you have a death wish, sorry to say but your plan isn't going to work.

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