Slide Into Home with Windows Phone

Posted By: on July 10, 2012

Are you a huge Major League Baseball fan? Then this is a dream come true for you. Steve Gebhardt and John Tramutolo – editors from The Roosevelts – are making their way around the country to fulfill the Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List. What kind of a list is this? Glad you asked. The editors have compiled a comprehensive list of adventures and misadventures that huge MLB fans have, including such feats as:

– Sneak down from cheap seats to the front row
– Take a picture with the Pipe Dog at the entrance of the LIRR at Citi Field
– Meet Cow Bell Man at Citi Field
– Conduct the post game interview
– Take a ride on Bernie Brewer’s slide at Miller Park

Check out the video below, then submit your own ideas via Twitter (@RSVLTS) using hashtag #WPbaseball or on Facebook. Also, check out these beastly panoramic views of 6 of the top MLB stadiums, all shot with the HTC Titan II.

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