What the Future Holds For Search Marketers

Posted By: on October 10, 2012

Early 2012, there was confusion in the search engine optimization world. This was mainly because Google had made a decision to root out sites that were over-optimized. Most people found this ironic; most over-optimized sites started being rooted out and leaving the ones that were not too optimized. In September 2012, Google’s algorithmic change was launched to lower website’s EMD (exact match domain) power. For instance, a site that has a domain name like SanDiegoBest.com has a likelihood of ranking lower in a ‘best of Seattle SEO‘ search as compared to a site with the name BlingRock.com, which talks of Seattle among other cities of the world. This caused panic and havoc amongst people, even after Google confirmed that about 0.6% websites alone would be affected.


What was the aim of these changes?


According to Google, this was a strategy that would even out the playing field to support sites without related keywords in the URL. This actually makes sense. There are numerous EMD sites that were purchased ages ago and lack content quality. The unfortunate part about this change is the fact that there is always the affected innocent party. This is mainly because everyone believes that their content is perfect.


Why algorithmic change is ideal


Inequality is a reality of life; the rich get richer, go to better schools and get better jobs. This makes it hard for the average Joe to get the best jobs, enroll in the best schools, as well as live a full life. It’s virtually impossible to compete with the likes of Richard King Jones III if one grows up in an average single parent home. It is hard to compete for jobs with a kid who attends Philipps Exeter Academy and later joins Yale. One may compete, yes, but it will not be easy. Equating this to Google’s algorithmic changes, it is safe to assume that Google is trying to help the little companies that are putting so much effort into making their websites known to the world.


Does this mean SEO is dead?


SEO will not die any time soon provided people still like and want the easy way out. It is pointless to write multiple posts, which will take long, when one can hire a search engine optimization company to get the same linkback quality. It is only natural for people to want to own the world effortlessly.


Basic search engine optimization is still very much alive. All it takes is a well thought out Meta title, ensure you have a well written post with relevant information, provide links to sources, add a video (YouTube) and improve on your social networking.


What is left to ponder over is whether the search engine optimization industry has room for the little companies. Is it possible for the SEO industry to join Google and build a cooperative project aimed at leveling the playing ground for all? The SEO world is claimed to be a meritocracy. This means that the ones who put in the effort and time are the ones that get ahead. If this is the case, this cooperation between Google and the SEO industry would make a whole lot of sense.

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