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Paul Rudd’s Earlier Career

Posted By: on August 9, 2010

Unless you are born into an acting family, most actors and actresses have to earn their way to the big screen one way or another. And prior to their starring roles they have to hold some less than stellar gigs. It turns out that one of the jobs Mr. Rudd held was a Bat Mitzvah DJ…awesome!

He emceed my bat mitzvah, back in 1992 — months before landing a recurring role the NBC drama “Sisters.” (“Clueless” was still a few years off.) The soft-spoken aspiring actor whom my mom and I met on the hunt for bat mitzvah DJs — I took an immediate liking to Rudd — turned out to be the perfect choice for the event. Rudd, donning a yellow tuxedo jacket, a ruffled shirt, shorts and Doc Martens, ably and energetically led us through all of the bat mitzvah staples: Candle-lighting, Coke & Pepsi, Toasts, limbo, “Hands Up,” Challah-cutting and “YMCA.” And as the “Today” show-themed bat mitzvah party came to a close, he invited my friends onto the dance floor to sing a moving rendition of “That’s What Friends Are For.” – Gabrielle Birkner

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