4 Ways Mobile Devices Are Changing the Health Care Profession

Posted By: on April 23, 2014

The rise of smartphones and tablets has influenced health care sectors with some intriguing results. A marketing research group, Great Call, released statistics regarding the mobile health care industry, and the results are very promising. They predict that mobile health will be a $26 billion industry by 2017. Mobile devices are not only reinventing the way doctors interact with patients, but it is also changing the landscape regarding the hardware and software purchases that hospitals and physician offices need to make. mobilehealthcare

Patient Charting

Nurses and doctors still recall the headache of paper media. If records got misplaced, then there could be a long delay while medical staff  rushed to get a new copy. Electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR) are being adopted by physician offices, hospitals, and other health care organizations at a blazing fast rate. These databases can be accessed on the fly from a variety of mobile devices, which can free physicians up tremendously. They are no longer tethered to paper systems or large computer hardware to do their work.

Decreased Costs

Mobile health care apps have made specialized tools and functionality much more affordable, especially for smaller physician offices. Instead of sinking thousands of dollars into a proprietary computer system, doctors and their IT departments have several app tools to choose from. And security companies are working hard to ensure that these apps are HIPAA compliant, so that patients don’t need to worry about their medical data.

Lower Wait Times

Many mobile devices operate with internal flash drives, which are much faster than traditional spinning hard disk drives in computers. This makes mobile medical tools far more responsive, with less lag than other types of technology. The lack of cords makes it easy for doctors to carry technology with them as they visit patient rooms.

Integrated Peripherals

Companies that make medical accessories are catching on – mobile tech is indispensible now. Scanners and diagnostic tools are being made with mobile syncing capabilities. When you go through medical exams and test at a doctor’s office, they can quickly upload your results to a database or cloud server, which they can access almost instantly from a mobile device.

These mobile medical tools are quickly changing the health care landscape. Apps and mobile peripherals are reducing tech costs, patient wait times, and making operations smoother. Physicians and hospitals should explore their options and see how these tech solutions can streamline their processes.

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4 Ways to Get Back to Your Driving Basics

Posted By: on April 22, 2014

driving basics

There are number of things that demand our attention during this era of gadgets, flashy billboards, and speakerphone systems. Unfortunately, these distractions have been contributing to higher rates of automobile deaths and injuries, due to distracted driving. The federal government has created a department dedicated to researching distracted driving within the U.S. Department of Transportation, and their findings are grim. About 421,000 individuals were injured due to distracted drivers in 2012 alone. You don’t need to be a part of this statistic. Let’s brush up on some driving basics, which can make us safe drivers again.

Use Your Mirrors

Most driving manuals instruct us to make a quick mirror check before we change lanes, turn, or brake. Unfortunately, if we’re fiddling with the radio or checking our phones, then we have less time to check our mirrors. We might even skip these important checks, and blindly trust our own maneuvers. However, this opens us up to great risk, because a car might be approaching without our knowledge. When you first get into the car, make sure that all your mirrors are adjusted for maximum visibility before you start the car. You don’t want to attempt to adjust mirrors as you’re driving. You should be checking your mirrors continually as you drive, but don’t take your eyes away from the road for too long!

Signal Early, Signal Often

Your fellow drivers aren’t psychic. They won’t know your intentions unless you signal. Always signal before you make a turn or move to another lane. Signaling after you start the movement doesn’t help anyone, and only serves to put other drivers and pedestrians at risk.

Look Over Your Shoulders

Many people underestimate the significance of their blind spot, and this can be a deadly assumption. Cars that are slightly behind your front windows and to either side of your vehicle may not be visible during a quick mirror check. It is vital that you check over your shoulders quickly before changing lanes without distraction, so that you don’t accidentally run a driver off the road or collide with them. Shoulder checks are also critical when you’re parking or pulling out from a parking space, since children and pets might be near the vehicle and not visible during a mirror check.

You might have lost some of these best practices after becoming an experienced driver. Getting back to these driving basics can reduce distractions, prevent injuries, and save lives. Just think back to how aware you were during your first year of driving.

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Don’t Worry, I Got Your Back

Posted By: on January 19, 2011

3 Ways Analytics Can Improve Your Business Operations

Posted By: on November 18, 2013

To run a business of any size effectively requires intelligent decision-making. A big part of that process involves taking existing data and using it for tasks like predicting future buyer patterns, determining risk vs. reward, Read On »

Canadian Food Locally Grown

Posted By: on August 28, 2012

There is a wide variety of food within Canada that does not need to be imported from other places around the globe. In fact, each Canadian Province provides its own unique touch from the food Read On »


Late Night Craving, Handled by Oreo

Posted By: on April 16, 2014

Want something completely different for a late night snack? How about Oreos and chicken? In this shockingly good hack from Roy Choi, combining Oreo cookies with chicken creates a delicious chicken tender with an out of this world flavor. Surprise your friends with a flavor they’d never expect. For more hacks from Oreo, visit oreo.tumblr.com.

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2014 Dodge Ram: Great Truck with Nice Innovations

Posted By: on April 16, 2014

2014 Dodge Ram

As with any truck owner, brand loyalty is huge and once a truck owner knows what brand they are going to be loyal to it rarely if ever changes.  This holds true for owners of the Dodge Ram just as much as any other truck and with the release of the Hemi engine a few years ago, Ram enjoyed some serious changes in loyalty from other trucks to theirs.

For 2014, the Dodge Ram has already won the award for Motor Trend Truck of the Year and is still a fan favorite in many ways.  Showing off with the best gas mileage for full size trucks, with the V6 and eight-speed transmission, the 2014 Dodge Ram is a tough truck to beat.  Many of the upgrades were made for the 2013 model year, but the 2014 carries over as a fantastic truck.

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How To Ensure a Healthy Recovery After an Injury

Posted By: on April 15, 2014

When you suffer an injury it can be a life-altering event, whether the damage is severe or not. What can be the most frustrating part about an injury is that it can happen at a moment’s notice, without any warning at all, but the consequences last for the rest of your life.

An injury may occur when you’re playing a sport or working out at the gym. Or it may be a car crash that changes your life. Some injuries can even occur around your home, where you’d least expect something bad to happen. recovery_injury

If you’ve experienced an injury and your body facing the ordeal of recovery, here are a few of the things you should keep in mind to help you get past the situation.

Assess the severity

Bumping your toe on the kitchen counter can sting for a minute and possibly make you shout in pain. But a car accident may leave you with more serious and lasting concerns.

Whatever the event might be, it’s vital that you first assess the severity, as a way of finding out how you should go about resolving the issue.

Seek medical attention

If your injury is extremely serious, you’ll probably want to seek medical attention. It’s also important to remember that sometimes after a car accident or other type of injury event, you might not notice that you’re hurting at first.

When adrenaline kicks in, your body may not let you know that you’re in pain; it may be masked until you calm down. So be sure to pay attention and take extra care when assessing your injuries.

Even in the most mild of car accidents, don’t neglect to get the information of the other driver, so you can contact him or her in the event that a seemingly minor collision turns out to pose pressing issues for your health.

Rehabilitate your injury properly

After suffering an injury and initial treatment, it’s likely you’ll require medical rehabilitation care. In some cases, this process will require you to visit a clinic on a regular basis to work on recovering the muscle, joint, or bone functions that were impaired.

In other cases, you may be able to do these exercises at home and on your own time. This might mean a more expedient recovery process, assuming you do it right.

Maintain the health of the injured areas in the future

You may never feel completely healed after an injury. Some issues may persist for months or even years after the incident.

However, in order to avoid further injuries in the future, you want to make sure that you maintain the health of the recovered portion(s) of your body. This may mean wearing a protective brace of you have joint problems, or stretching more diligently before and after any exercise or other exertions.

The varieties of injuries are vast, but making sure you take care of your health should be a constant.

You can get better after an injury or an accident. However, follow the tips above to ensure that you get back to being as healthy as you possibly can be.

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How Detoxing From Digital Overload Can Restore Your Inner Spirit

Posted By: on April 15, 2014

Ever think of giving up your digital gadgetry for just one day? System overload is almost a borderline disease of epidemic proportions; maybe it’s time to temporarily unplug and take a break.

You can disconnect from the world of technology and reconnect with yourself. Here’s how.

Take small steps

Unplugging from technology is somewhat comparable to an addict starting to get clean. For some, it might feel that intense.

At first, it’s likely you’ll hear your phone buzzing, even though it’s off. The constant sense that something in your pocket is ringing or buzzing may drive you a bit mad at first.

You may have an overwhelming need to get online just so you can still feel that “sense of connection’ to the rest of the world. But you should really give yourself a break.

You probably didn’t realize how intertwined you were with your smartphone, and technology in general, until you shut it off. Admit it: You’re physically entangled with the digital age. Now, stop and consider how it’s affecting you.

This awareness is the first step in the process of cleansing digitally.

Temporary disconnection

You might get a sense of newfound freedom once you break your constant connection. You no longer have to Google every idea that pops into your head, reply to every email instantly, or log onto Facebook or tweet every second of your life.

Your loved ones will support and connect with you in person. Relax. Facebook and Twitter will still be there when you reconnect after your temporary respite.

Disconnect to reconnect

As you disconnect from technology, you’ll find you’re actually reconnecting with family and friends more than ever, since you’re not glued to a device or monitor. Remember when people used to look each other in the eye and have a conversation?

Be present in the moment

Taking yourself out of the digital rat race will allow you to live in the present moment where there’s no past (emails to answer) or future (someone’s texting you). It’s just you with yourself, no one else. Breathe.

Tap into your inner zen

The absence of 24/7 digital connection will help you understand you can’t control everything. When you’re not living on Twitter and checking for updates on a particular situation over which you have zero control anyway, it’s actually quite freeing.

Just let it go. You can’t change things like the weather, airport delays, or other people’s behavior.

Rediscover your focus

When was the last time you read an interesting book from cover to cover? A physical book? Trading in constant bombardment of digital information for quiet time either to read a new book or laugh with your children will realign your focus with the real world.

A relentless data diet is ike eating too many slices of pizza. You’ll be badly nourished yet still feeling hungry for more.

Restore your sense of passion

While you’re on digital hiatus, take the time to rediscover what makes you tick. What are you passionate about? What do you consider fun? What makes you laugh or smile?

Tap into your creativity or do a hobby you used to love. There is a whole world offline. Go out and find it.

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Innovations in Technology Promise to Alter the Business Landscape

Posted By: on April 11, 2014

The latest developments in cyber security, medical technology, and mobile device software are paving the way to higher profits, less waste, and fewer errors across a broad spectrum of industries.

For instance, researchers at the University of Wisconsin have developed technology that prevents hackers from stealing customer credit card numbers. Students at MIT have come up with a mobile-based marketplace for wholesale food.

Medical supply companies are making progress on surgical sponges embedded with microchips that keep track of the number of instruments left inside patients. Take a closer look at each of these technological marvels.

Clever encryption technology keeps hackers guessing

Computer hackers often employ a brute-force method to crack passwords. They build huge clusters of computers that can cycle through thousands of password attempts per second.

Previous cyber security measures kept passwords relatively safe against this type of attack, but hackers could sometimes extract a password from a poorly defended network.

University of Wisconsin researcher Thomas Ristenpart and independent computer scientist Ari Juels may have come up with a security strategy that will thwart these brute-force attempts. The technique is based on the honeypot method employed by espionage agents.

Large databases of fake credit card numbers are set up to lure hackers into an attack. As they attempt to crack the network security by brute force, instead of being denied access for a wrong password attempt, they randomly receive fake data.

In the wake of the “successful” attack, the authorities can be alerted because an incorrect password got used.

Breakthrough in medical equipment may mean fewer lawsuits

Although it doesn’t happen very often, medical instruments left inside a patient can lead to severe medical complications and malpractice lawsuits. Hospital insurance companies refer to this kind of mishap as a “never event”: the kind of mistake that should never occur.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek:

  • One in 5,500 surgeries results in a medical instrument left inside a patient

  • Over the last 20 years, this type of event has happened five times a day, on average

  • It’s the most common type of preventable “never event” caused by human error

  • Other types of “never events” include removing the wrong organ or performing surgery on the wrong patient

New medical instruments with electronic bar codes could put an end to the counting errors that cause these mistakes. Medical supply maker Stryker spent $85 million to develop the technology.

MIT students develop mobile market for food supplies

Although close to 15 percent of all Americans are living with hunger, the country wastes an estimated 33 percent of edible food every year. Massachusetts Institute of Technology business students Emily Malina and Ricky Ashenfelter came up with a way to turn wasted food into profit and feed hungry people.

Instead of sending unwanted food to a landfill, it gets listed on a mobile application called Spoiler Alert. Commercial and independent consumers can bid on the food at prices far below the normal rates. The project is in the early stages of development, but by late 2014 it should be ready to begin a trial run.

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The Web Has Made It Easy to Find Great Skin Care Products

Posted By: on April 11, 2014

From great quality whitening creams to fantastic makeup products, the Internet is becoming the best place to look when it comes to both skin care product recommendations and help with applying them. For people who are new to a skin-care regimen or for those who just want to find a good product to use each day, using the worldwide web can help out tremendously and save you some money in the process.

There are a few distinct actions the Internet is performing in terms of helping people look and feel better about themselves and their skin care routine.

skin care

Finding great products

One way the Internet is helping people find the right products is by allowing them to review what they are using. Do a simple search on a search engine with regard to a specific product and you’ll find a variety of review sites whose contents you can easily absorb right at home.

These reviews are being written by people of all ages who have tried the product in question. Whether it be a specific type of foundation or a cream cleanser that’s hit the store shelves and is getting a lot of attention, you can see how other people like the product before they even buy it for themselves.

The reason this is so useful is that it enables people to rule out bad skin-care products before they buy them. Makeup and skin care are very expensive, which is certainly not going to be news to individuals who buy these products on a routine basis.

Also, most stores have very strict policies when it comes to returning skin care and makeup items. Because of this, you might buy something you absolutely hate but are stuck with it because they are not allowed to return it.

By reading reviews about a product before buying it, you can make up your own mind about whether or not it’s worth buying.

Learning how to apply products

Besides reading reviews and watching online videos about skin care products, you can also use the Internet to your advantage when it comes to applying and otherwise using the products. Makeup tutorial and skin-care tutorial videos can be incredibly helpful, because they allow you to watch another person either do his or her own makeup or apply a specific product to someone’s face to achieve a beautiful look.

These tutorial videos come in especially handy for people who are not good at applying makeup. One person can watch another do her own makeup and then mimic her to achieve the same look. If you want to learn a new makeup application technique, these videos will come in just as handy.

Just pop on a video, mimic the person’s movements, and youll have beautiful skin that’s made up to look gorgeous. The Internet is truly a wonderful resource when it comes to both finding out and learning more about a specific skin care or makeup product right from home.

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E-Cigarettes Gaining Popularity For Quitting Smoking

Posted By: on April 11, 2014

Traditional cigarettes have been a controversial subject for decades, forcing smokers and non-smokers to separate into confined areas based on health concerns. With the advent of the e-cigarette, smokers now have a healthier choice for curbing their nicotine cravings.

Electronic cigarette with parts isolated on a white

Though a heating element warms the nicotine and flavor-infused juice, vaping has become the newest way to reduce a person’s smoking habit and even stop it altogether.

Feels like cigarette

Depending on the manufacturer, e-cigs can look just like a traditional cigarette. Some types even come with a soft filter tip for the same sensation in the mouth. For many smokers, smoking isn’t just about inhaling nicotine; it’s also about a physical habit.

Pursing the lips around an e-cig is virtually the same as doing it with a traditional cigarette, which fulfills that person’s physical need to inhale. You truly inhale a mixture of vapor, rather than smoke, which makes the process easier on the lungs and body.

Cravings curbed in public places

Smoking is one of the hardest habits to break. By using the e-cig as a crutch, the dedicated smoker has a ladder to reduce nicotine cravings. For example, a craving occurs as a smoker is walking through an outdoor mall.

Instead of waiting until a smoking area appears, he or she can simply use an e-cig, in almost any space. The FDA hasn’t regulated its use, making it easy to vape in an open area to reduce the cravings. Once satisfied, there’s no need to find a traditional smoking area where a cessation program is difficult to follow.

Adjustable nicotine levels

The e-cig uses e-juice as its vaping source. Nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavoring all mix in one cartridge. When a user purchases the e-juice, he selects a nicotine concentration, such as 6 or 24mg.

Users can even select 0mg if they only want the physical sensation of vaping. As a result, they can steadily reduce the nicotine levels while relying on the physical action they crave. With e-cig use, there’s no need to fiddle your fingers or find a new hobby.

Enlisting enticing flavors

As users reduce nicotine levels, they can center their senses on flavor. Because of the lower nicotine amounts, vaping will not offer the same effects as before.

Being able to select flavors, from bubblegum to banana, allows the vaping enthusiast to enjoy a new sensation. Choose from dozens of different flavors to make each vaping experience different. Nicotine patches, and other smoking cessation devices, can’t create this alternative sensation.

Cleaner use

By switching to e-cigs, smokers can reduce their trash output as they try to kick the habit. Discarded cigarette butts may still tempt the user to smoke, because of their lingering scent and visual presence.

E-cigs are reusable devices with internal batteries to warm the e-juice. When the e-cig is out of sight, the user can concentrate on other interests rather than the next nicotine hit. With a cleaner environment, smoking cessation is possible.

Some smokers may turn to e-cigs temporarily to quit smoking, or take on the habit as a healthier form of nicotine inhalation. Regardless of the reason, users have more choices to curb their nicotine needs.

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How SEO Can Take Your Website to the Next Level

Posted By: on April 11, 2014

SEO Perfect Company

If you have a website that you want the entire world to see, then you have to figure out the best way to get views and traffic. With so much else going on across the Internet, it can feel like an uphill battle when it comes to getting your voice heard and attracting visitors.

But it’s not impossible. If you know how to maximize your SEO efforts, you can and will climb in the search rankings and start getting traffic to your page more than you ever imagined. Here are some insights into SEO and why it’s vital for the success of your site.

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, refers to the tactics one uses to improve the placement of a particular website on a search engines such as Google or Yahoo. For example, when a person types a specific string of keywords or phrases into a search engine, you want to make sure that your website turns up on the first page of the results, and ideally within the first three to five listings.

It’s a fact of life that not many people take the trouble to look beyond the first half dozen items, and certainly not on the second or third page, for stuff they’re trying to find.

How can you improve your SEO?

There are a variety of different ways you can increase your SEO power. For starters, getting more traffic to your site will automatically increase your presence due to the amount of views you accumulate and the way that that total gets crunched in search engine algorithms.

But another option for SEO optimization is to phrase your website content and keywords with care so that people are more likely to come across them. There are also companies available that will help you increase your standing by applying the information and knowledge they have about the process. These services can be incredibly helpful in getting your page recognized by search engines and and driving more traffic your way.

Why is SEO important?

Without SEO, your website is going to struggle to survive. Even if you have a flood of visitors to your site on a daily basis, the only way to keep it growing, and potentially profitable, is to get new viewers on a regular basis.

While some sites can rely on references and word of mouth, SEO is where the most essential factors come into play. After all, whether someone is on the next block or the other side of the world, when they type in a string of keywords that relate to your specialties, you want to make sure that it’s you they find, even if they’ve never heard of you before.

You can easily increase your web traffic through the use of SEO optimization. But other sites are equally trying to increase their presence, so it’s going to require work and effort on your behalf.

If you incorporate the tactics of SEO, you can start ranking up today. And if you’re lost and don’t know what to do, then seek the advice of a company that can help you maximize your efforts.

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