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Women for Guns is Becoming a National Trend

Posted By: on January 10, 2015

The National Shooting Sports Foundation conducted a study in 2009 concerning the purchase of firearms. Results indicated that three-fourths of gun shop owners claim that females outnumbered males in gun purchases. The most common reason given involved self-protection. Of the women volunteering to complete a survey, 80 percent shared that they bought a gun for self-defense, according to reporters Rachel Dubrovin and Tony Nguyen. Little more than one-third planned on using a weapon for target practice and one-fourth purchased a gun for hunting. Nationwide statistics suggest that between 12 and 15 million women in the country own guns. Some expect this number to continue rising.

Female Gun Owners Represented

Though the National Rifle Association and the Gunowners of America are traditionally all male organizations, during the 1990s, Women Against Gun Control emerged. Armed Females of America is another organization that represents women owning firearms. The organization entitled Second Amendment Foundation created the magazine “Women & Guns,” which features articles written by and for women. Within the pages of each issue, information includes gun reviews and female-oriented gear. The publication also offers information concerning shooting related sports.

Increasing Female Interest

By 2009, the National Sporting Goods Association noted that the number of women participating in hunting or recreational shooting increased by 20 percent. The National Rifle Association developed the “Women on Target” program that offers women the chance to learn about and use firearms in a clinic-based environment. By 2010, the program noticed a 20 percent increase in interest. The number of women attending clinics across the country was recorded as being more than 10,000.

Self-Defense Factor

Overall, the objective of females making gun purchases remains self-protection. Some make the purchase to have at home in case of break-ins. Others conceal carry in purses or on their body. Previously, women relied on pepper spray or knives for self-defense. However, many believe that firearms offer more protection against a male attacker, especially in preventing rapes.

One Size Does Not Fit All

While men may be tempted to make the purchase for a spouse or significant other, gun purchases should be made by the individual intending to use the weapon, according to this article at The Well Armed Woman. As the calibers and styles vary, women must feel comfortable with the overall design, size and function of the weapon. The gun must not have extreme weight and fit well in the hand. Instructor and shop owners report that women traditionally prefer .22 or .38 caliber handguns. These models are easily carried in a pocket, a purse or concealed in specially crafted holsters. If interested in learning how to shoot, before making a purchase, women should make arrangements to complete a shooting and safety course.

Marketing Trends

In addition to the many styles and types of guns available, manufacturers are also attempting to appeal to potential female gun owners by creating weapons and gear designed especially for ladies. Virtually every type of hand gun is available in pink. Holsters allow for carrying guns concealed within bras, around the waist or on the thigh. There are purses featuring quick access pockets. Women may also purchase jewelry, clothing and accessories advertising their interest in firearms.


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Make the Most of Your Next Trade Show

Posted By: on January 9, 2015

Exhibiting at a trade show can generate highly targeted and lucrative business leads. It is an opportunity to greatly expand your customer base because the people who attend trade shows are already motivated, or they wouldn’t be there. The average business-to-business cost per lead from a trade show is about half that of sales calls depending on the industry. You may also have the opportunity to meet the management of your targeted companies.

A custom trade show display will set you apart from the rest of the ho-hum basic displays. Companies that have a unique trade show display are often talked about long after the show is over, according to professionals at Best Displays Online.

How a Custom Display Helps

Whether it’s outstanding or hum-drum, you will have a display at your next trade show. A custom display will make all the difference because it will not only attract customers it will impact their thinking later. An important question to ask, according to Tim Patterson, VP of Sales and Marketing for Interpretive Exhibits, is, if you invest your time and money presenting your business at a trade show, why not make an impression on attendees?

Trade show displays are not one-size-fits-all. There are various booth spaces and other different demands according to the venue and location. Each show display needs to be thought through with the aim of catching the consumer’s attention. Your design may change if you are right in the entry way or way back in a corner.

You can make use of technology to make your display stand out. With streaming demonstrations that are attractive and interesting, people will stop more often to watch than just pass by.

How to Get Ideas

You may have attended several trade shows in the past and can remember displays that made an impact on you. It’s worth taking the time to go to any type of trade show to look at the various displays and see which ones work and which don’t. Some things to note are:

  • Which booths attract the most attendees?
  • How are prices and special offers displayed?
  • What are the most effective sales-person interactions?

You can also get a look at most of your competition in one place and see their latest products and how they are promoting them.

A Modular Display System

A modular display system is the easiest to customize and can be adjusted to suit any type of space. Some tips for your display are:

  • Try to be close to the top companies in your industry. This will enhance your brand.
  • Have good graphics on your banners that are eye-catching and recognizable so customers will notice you.
  • Make sure your social media information and website are prominently displayed on your banner, so, even if people walk by, they can access you online.

There are a huge variety of ways you can display your product or service at a trade show. It’s worth taking the time and making the investment to have a spectacular display, because it will attract more people and give you a chance to interact with prospects, learn their requirements and offer solutions.

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TopCultured Legends

15 Eggcellent Easter Wallpapers

Posted By: on March 29, 2010

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2010 Midterm Election Infograph

Posted By: on November 16, 2010

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5 Ways to Make Relocation Easier on Your Kids

Posted By: on December 26, 2013

When times are tough, employers often tweak operations and shuffle assets in an effort to remain profitable, and flexibility becomes an important attribute for any employee who wants to remain essential to business. In the Read On »

Supply and Demand Affects the Shipping Industry

Posted By: on January 8, 2015

As the Internet expands exponentially, the shipping industry has seen a surge in profits and volume. It’s not just the large corporations shipping bulk orders, but everyday people ordering items from across the globe to middle America. According to the Economist, however, there is an increasing supply of freight ships with a smaller shipment demand arising. The Internet boom can’t sustain heavy shipments every quarter, making some freight companies concerned about their asset investments and possible loss in the coming years.

More Containers and Vehicles Available Today

If you’ve ever driven cross country, you probably saw countless freight trucks lining the roads. As the economy grew in the 1990s and early 2000’s, freight companies put their profits into container and vehicle purchases. The business growth was perpetual, giving companies ample funds to expand quickly. Business forecasts may have been too generous, however, because shipment volumes slowly decreased. From global issues with other countries to a slowdown stateside, freight companies suddenly had too many vehicles and containers for their volume.

Gas Price Consideration

When the United States economy took a major hit in 2008 with the Great Recession, gas prices were a big factor in global shipment volume trends. Gasoline affects product pricing at every turn, from the manufacturer’s cost to freight driver’s tank fill-up charges. All of the fuel to move an item had to be incorporated into its final cost. This shipment slump continued for several years after the initial recession jolt. However, today’s gasoline prices are beginning to abate. In the coming years, the gasoline cost alone could spark more shipment volumes again.

Companies Shipping Smarter

Freight companies are seeing smaller shipment volumes because of intelligent customer shipping strategies too. Customers are using containers perfectly sized to an item instead of filling a huge box with filler and a small product, for example. They could ship in bulk to a centralized distribution center instead of piecing out the shipment from a difficult location. Freight companies must move with the times and create intelligent shipping strategies on their own to survive an ever-changing industry.

Manufactured Goods Altered

Every product has a specific shape, but it’s not always ideal for shipping ease. Product manufacturers are actually researching and implementing different item shapes. For instance, a grape juice container could be rectangular instead of cylindrical. This shape makes packing easier and can increase the number of bottles in one box alone. Manufacturers save on shipment costs this way, passing the savings to direct customers. With more product sales, shipments increase and benefit the freight companies with more volume and profits.

Freight carriers will find a way to balance out the flow of goods and services, but bumpy times must be met with innovative ideas and strategic accounting, according to FreightRun. Working with several client types will shore up the bottom line, such as large corporations mixed with small businesses. Global trade will always be necessary so freight carriers do have a positive outlook in the long run.

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Is Private Health Insurance Worth It?

Posted By: on January 7, 2015

No one disputes the benefits of private health insurance. The cost of medical bills is one of the biggest causes of bankruptcy, and when you need medical care, you want it fast. It can be confusing to buy any kind of insurance product, and health insurance is no exception. The terminology is intimidating and unfamiliar, and you may feel stressed because the stakes are high. If you’re in the market for private health insurance, it’s worth taking the time to research several options and visit some comparison websites, according to professionals at HealthCorps.

Some Things to Consider

Private health insurance will give you choices and provide peace of mind. During your research, there are some considerations you should keep in mind. According to Consumer Reports, some questions to ask before you choose a plan are:

  • What is the timeframe for treatment? You are usually seen quickly, but it’s worth asking when you’ll be treated.
  • Where does the insurance company provide treatment? It will most likely be in a private hospital with en-suite rooms.
  • What physicians will see you? You can ask who will be treating you.
  • What treatments can you expect? Private health insurance provides a wide variety of treatments and drugs, and you need to know what they are.

A health insurance provider should be able to explain the coverage in terms that anyone can understand. The brochures and websites often use words only understood in the medical profession. This is required because these words accurately define what is covered. However, you shouldn’t be in the dark about your coverage because of this, and the insurance agent or broker should be able to make everything clear in every-day language.

How does it Work?

When your doctor recommends tests to aid in his or her diagnosis or to determine the best treatment, they will give you a referral letter that you take to your insurance company. Your insurance provider will check your coverage to determine your eligibility for different treatments under your policy. They will then approve the claim. With private coverage, you should be seen quickly by the specialist therapist, doctor or other consultant.

Different Kinds of Coverage

There are several different types of private health insurance. An individual policy will help you get treatment quickly for an illness or injury. There are also policies that cover a whole family as well as policies tailored just for growing children.

Many people tend to favor the cheapest plan. However, this is not recommended because the cheapest plan may cost you the most when you need it. Most policies require a monthly premium for coverage that the policy will pay according to the cover limits for each type of treatment. In some cases, the cost of cover can be reduced if you prove that you lead a healthy lifestyle.

There are cash plans that contribute towards regular healthcare costs. They will pay a cash sum when you visit a medical practitioner including a dentist, chiropodist or optician.

The most important thing to do when considering private health insurance is to compare coverage and price from several different providers.

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4 Signs Your Relationship Survived the Holidays

Posted By: on January 6, 2015

The big winter holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean your relationship is intact just because you’re technically together. Traditionally, it’s considered “rude” to break up from the holidays through Valentine’s Day since you don’t want to leave someone hanging on February 14. Are you sure your relationship made it through those family gatherings, office parties and gift exchanges? Did your work holiday gathering bolster or bust your relationship, and how can you tell?

It’s natural to have some ups and downs in any relationship, and that post-holiday haze doesn’t necessarily mean there’s trouble in paradise. Here are a few sings that your relationship is stronger than ever, and that summer romance is around the corner:

  1. You had a fight, spat, or non-rosy day

Contrary to popular belief, a lack of fights or arguments doesn’t mean a relationship is perfect. In fact, it probably means you’re avoiding bigger issues. You need to know how to fight fair, perhaps with guidance from Dr. Phil, and do so at regular intervals. Unless you’re in a new relationship/honeymoon stage, surviving the holidays with zero rifts is cause for concern.

  1. You’re both already talking about summer plans

The easiest way to tell your paramour is in it for the long haul is when they’re making plans down the road. Have they already mentioned a trip for spring break or summer plans together? If so, they’re fully in the relationship and thinking about the future. It might be time to sit down already with tips from Forbes and plan your hot weather vacation.

  1. The big issues are being laughed about already

There are some things you might not be able to get past, like realizing your huge religions difference just won’t mesh in the long haul. There are others, like that nightmarish weekend where you were hosting ten people, that are just part of a relationship. If you’re already laughing about the “worst” of the holidays, it shows you can both roll with the punches.

  1. You’re thankful to get back to a routine

The holidays with all the parties, booze and travel can be exciting, but nothing compares to your comfortable routine. If both you and your other half happily got back into the swing of things, that’s a good sign. However, if one of you realized you’d rather embrace the wild party nights like it’s 2014, maybe a relationship isn’t on the docket for the New Year.

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5 Reasons to Invest in Optimization for Your Rehabilitation Facility

Posted By: on January 6, 2015

Search engine optimization helps businesses and individuals attract visitors to websites in order to enhance its productivity. After all, the whole purpose of a website is to provide information for others. Optimization helps you connect to those individuals in need of your specific message find the content they are looking for. Whether you have a New York or a Phoenix drug rehab center, the urgency for developing a strong online presence may be more grand than what you may realize.

More People Use the Internet

As mobile devices and computer technology flood the marketplace, more people have instant access to the Internet than ever before. This puts a world of information in the hands of virtually anyone that wishes such. This also provides a platform that can help those that need drug assistance quickly find therapeutic information.

Reputation Building

With proper SEO practices, you can enhance the reputation of your facility by getting noticed. This helps facilitate a reputation within the local community increasing your rehab center’s exposure online. Improved SEO practices can increase the knowledge of your treatment center throughout the state giving addicts a viable method for seeking help. Your online presence can become more synonymous with search results for “drug rehab” than it is now.

Local Search Results

Most search engines utilize location-based results on many different kinds of terminology. Implementing SEO practices can help local people find your facility quicker by simply putting in a search term. As more people are using mobile technology to find information, information of your rehab facility can be readily available regardless of the location of the individual.

Cost Efficient

As opposed to many other forms of online marketing, proper SEO techniques are considered cost efficient. According to this post, SEO can be incredibly versatile allowing a more efficient method while offering a way to alter strategies much quicker than traditional print campaigns. As technology for ads offer a way to market to a geographic target audience, the prospect of SEO for specific locations is much higher than in previous years.

Helping the Community Heal

The more people you’re able to inform about your practices, the quicker you can help those that need treatment. Too many are afflicted by various addictions and the information regarding how your facility can help shouldn’t be buried within the confines of the Internet. It should be readily available for anyone to access in order to enhance their chances of recovery. In a sense, SEO implementation is directly responsible for saving the lives of addicts that are on the brink of oblivion.

As thousands of brand new sites are created on a daily basis, search engine optimization practices is one of the most profound tools to set your site aside from the competition. When it comes to the health and wellbeing of people looking for rehabilitation therapy, you want to make sure your site is seen above others. Examine the possibilities of what SEO can do for you and help others find the treatment they need.

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4 Things Distracting You at the Wheel that aren’t Your Phone

Posted By: on January 5, 2015

Somehow “distracted driving” became synonymous with “texting and driving.” While texting behind the wheel is certainly a form of distracted driving, it’s one of many and they can all be equally dangerous. Don’t forget that it’s also (unfortunately) common to check social media feeds while driving, or even check out a favorite app or game. However, when it comes to distracted driving, one form isn’t any better than the others.

There’s certainly such a thing as phone addiction or other bad habits that can make you on par with a drunk driver. The best bet is to remove distractions, even if this means keeping your bag in the trunk so you’re not tempted to reach for your phone. Here are a few other things that might be taking your eyes off the road that have nothing to do with your phone:

  1. Eating

Eating behind the wheel can be even more dangerous than checking a text because it requires your eyes as well as balancing, dexterity, and avoiding spills. This often isn’t seen as distracted driving, with The Fiscal Times recently reporting on the best fast food in America (and they often have drive throughs). However, the point of a drive through is to take food to go, and then eat it (parked/inside) somewhere else. Don’t dine in the car.

  1. Music

Rocking out to the radio, your iPod, or even getting too caught up in a book on tape can be just as distracting as texting. However, with sources like Crutchfield offering advice on maximizing your car’s stereo system, the allure of the “moving studio” is getting stronger and stronger. Your car isn’t a karaoke station or the place to practice your chair pop and lock.

  1. Other people in the car

Obviously it’s distracting to talk on the phone (even hands free), but what about others in the car? Turning around to give your kid “the look,” laughing with friends or trying to hold hands with your passenger isn’t a good idea. You may have to institute new car rules with your family, but it can truly be a lifesaver.

  1. Primping

The rearview mirror is for keeping an eye on approaching cars, not doing your makeup, shaving (seriously), or otherwise grooming. Get it done before you get in the car, or plan to finish the process when you arrive.

In the driver’s seat, there’s only one task at hand: Driving.

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Booking Sites vs Search Engines

Posted By: on December 28, 2014

When you start planning a trip, you may be looking online for visas, cheap flights, hotels and car rentals online. There is a huge choice of sites, and it isn’t always clear where to find the cheapest prices. Many travelers don’t realize there are travel search engines as well as travel booking sites, and they are different. Online travel agencies have toll-free numbers where you can speak to an agent if you want to change flights or other travel arrangements. Travel search engines don’t have people to help you, and they don’t sell you anything. They find the information online from hundreds of sources and will direct you to the best deal.

When to Use Search Engines

Travel search engines scour hundreds of sites including travel booking sites, airlines, hotels and other travel related information. They consolidate this information according to the criteria you have entered and they give it to you in a few seconds. This is a much easier way to find tickets and reservations because you don’t have to visit site after site to find what each one offers. It is estimated that most people search at least 20 travel sites before they make a decision. With a travel search engine, this is no longer necessary. Most search engines can also weigh cost and inconvenience of multiple stops and long layovers. They offer different rankings for the results they find such as cheapest, best and quickest.

One Drawback

Even though travel search engines search more sites than booking sites, they can only offer you what they find. In some cases, airlines don’t put their best prices online especially if they are special offers. Because of this, many search engines have extended their reach to search small travel providers as well as the big international companies. If you have the time and inclination, there is a chance you could find a cheaper ticket than is offered on a travel search engine. However, you need to decide if the few dollars you save are worth the time and effort it takes to find them.

The Benefits of Booking Sites

Booking sites are the merchant who is selling you the product. You are their customer and they treat you as such. You’ll talk to a human agent who will be available 24/7. Booking agents can also get discounts and other good deals that may not appear online because travel agents have working relationships with airlines, hotels and car rental companies. A travel search engine may or may not find these discounted rates.

There are several travel search engines available, and travelers should look on two or three to see which one is best suited for their particular travel needs. It is also recommended to compare like with like. Some discount tickets have surcharges or additional fees that bring the price close to a regular-priced ticket. However, in general, travelers can feel confident that they have an accurate picture of what’s out there before they choose.

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5 Ways to Bring In Money From Unused Office Supplies

Posted By: on December 27, 2014

Many businesses often accumulate a great deal of supplies and equipment that often goes unused. In some situations, these items are placed in storage in case they are needed. Instead, these items could be sold in order to improve other aspects of the business to increase revenue streams or marketing strategies. What can these businesses do with surplus items that are just sitting around collecting dust?

Lot Sales

If you have a parking lot or another area that you can use, setting up a lot sale can be beneficial in a few ways. Like a yard sale, you can advertise that your selling various pieces of furniture bringing in potential customers. This could help raise awareness of your company while offering a chance to market your other goods or services as you unload the surplus office equipment.

Selling Unused Ink and Toner

If your office utilizes printers and copiers, you may have a surplus of ink and toner from devices that you’ve replaced over the years. Instead of these things sitting in a storage closet somewhere, you could sell them to put a few extra dollars into other office needs. According to this page, you can sell a wide range of unused ink and toner cartridges even if the devices themselves are discontinued parts.

eCommerce Page

Setting up a small eCommerce area of your website is easy to do as it could give you the potential to sell surplus supplies to online consumers. Using open source solutions could keep the costs down. Attaching the pages to a subdomain of your primary website shouldn’t cost you extra money depending on your hosting provider. In less than an hour, you could start displaying surplus office equipment while using social media to inform local customers of what you have for sale.

Sell it On eBay

Many people have taking yard sales and surplus selling to eBay since it’s inception. Although the fees can be a bit high at times, it offers you an excellent method for connecting to buyers from around the world without further expense into online marketing. According to this post, there are many attributes you can control when selling on the famed auction site.

Offer Equipment In-House

Sometimes, businesses will offer equipment and supplies to in-house employees at an incredible discount. This can be anything from computer monitors to reams of paper depending on what you would like to get rid of. Not only can this help reduce the risk of office supply theft, but it can allow the employees to help the business that keeps them paid and working.

Collecting assets doesn’t help the organization if the money could have been spent towards various improvements. Thanks to the power of the Internet, nearly anything can be sold through various channels in order to enhance the budget or afford upgrades to equipment. There is such a thing as too much surplus especially when the funds can be put to better use. Take a look around your establishment and realize the potential for sales.

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The Internet Is My Doctor

Posted By: on December 23, 2014

With the advent of the Internet, people have grown accustomed to having quick, easy access to the latest medical information. This state of affairs has encouraged doctors to use their own websites to educate the general public about a variety of health-related topics. Unfortunately, the Internet is filled with websites that offer a lot of questionable medical advice. Sometimes this results from the website author simply lacking an education in medicine and health. In other situations, the information being offered up is clearly outdated. New research and findings are often overturning older medical views. Unfortunately, it is difficult for the average person to determine if they are getting their hands on good ideas or just a bunch of bunk.

Does Peer Review Help

One of the ways the scientific community tries to ensure that the good medical science makes it into the prestigious medical journals is to subject new findings to the peer review process. Unfortunately, no one putting up a website with medical advice online is required to be subjected to peer review. This means that anyone can write anything they want on a website, and they might even believe what they are saying, but this does not ensure that it is sound medical advice. According to an article on webMD, around 59-percent of all adults search for medical information online. However, it is still trendy for people to ask their doctor’s advice in most cases, before proceeding with questionable medical advice. Though it is true that doctors do not always provide the best medical advice themselves, they will usually serve a good function as a second opinion. Often, even a mediocre doctor will be able to explain why certain treatments are risky or dangerous.

Improving Online Searches for Medical Advice

While it is certain that people will always turn to the Internet for medical advice, there are definitely ways to improve their search efforts. For starters, it is a good idea to look to see if the author providing the medical advice has any type of credentials. Though anyone can claim to be an MD, it is usually the case that such credentials are possible to verify. It can also help if the author on a medical advice blog or website lists a physical location. Many physicians and clinicians are happy to state the location of their medical practice, which makes it easier to determine if they are legitimate or not. An article’s date is also useful information to check out, because advice that is older than ten-years may be significantly out-dated. It is also a good idea to search to see if other contradictory information exists on the same medical topic. Contradictory information generally exposes that something is amiss and that deeper research is warranted to reach a proper understanding of what is truly the case. Using a little caution and common sense, you should be able to weed out the good advice from the bad. If not, your doctor is only a phone call away.


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